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Need To Lose Weight Before Wedding, Dress Does Not Fit!!!

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I got my wedding dress in and my wedding is 6 weeks away.ITS TOO SMALL!! i argued with the lady to order a 14 ( i just ordered a dress for my friends wedding and that the size i got) and after the mesure ments where taken shes like no ill order the 12..

Well its too small, i havnt gained any weight since i ordered it and it does fit:(

Please can some one tell me what i should do daily for the next 6 weeks to lose some inches and shed some pounds?

 Im 5'1" 150 LBS

My BMR is 1481.4 ( dont know what that is)

 At home i have a elliptical and the slim in 6 videos ( combines cardio with resistance)it does everything from stretcing to crunches to lunges to squats.  i am not near a gym and i walk every day with kids for 30 mins

 PLEASE HELP!! ive been trying to lose weight forever and now with not being able to fit into my wedding dress im so depressed.

I tried to take it back and they will not help me.Seeing i already took it home. I have found a seamstress, who has delt with problems from the same place ( ordering wrong) and is willing to do the owrk for free. She is going to give me 4 weeks to lose some weight ( because either way i would like to lose even a few pounds) Thank you all for your help in this and ill keep everyone posted through my Journal.

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My advice is to start counting your calories, have a daily deficit.  Add some more cardio...and this is just a thought: I have heard that the low carb diets work well in the short term to shed weight.  I really hope this works out for you.  Keep us posted please.

If you advocated for a 14 and the person who ordered the dress got a smaller size, make her order you a new dress at her expense. Even if your wedding is just 6 weeks away, they can do it. It's her mistake and she needs to make it right.

Low carb and high cardio will probably help you to become smaller quickly. But... do you want to take that risk?

yea deff. cut out the carbs for the next 6 weeks. I am about the same as you for stats. Im at 1338 cal in take and deficit of at least 700, work out at least 5 days a week, burn about 300 cals on your eliptical and then you can add in your 30 min of walking which is 100-150 is think. If you eat 1300 cals a day you should have another 400 cals that will burn off naturally from your normal daily routine. with having a deficit of 700-800 a day, you can lose 1-2 lbs a week.


eat veggies and fruits for your snacks (lots of them b.c their very filling and low cal)

breakfast make it filling w. egg white and veggies (if you like egg whites) and  a low carb bread (thomas's makes a 100 cal light multigrain english muffin its pretty good)

keep meats lean like chicken and fish

I would recommend Atkins or South Beach.  There are some health concerns with both of these plans, but short-term they won't hurt you and both plans are proven to cause you to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time.  I think that you probably gain most of it back when you quit the plans, but if fitting into the dress is the only issue, and you do your CC program afterwards I think you would be ok.

I agree that it's not worth the risk. Your wedding is so soon that you really don't need any extra stress. That said, it might still be a possibility for you to lose the weight if you work at it aggressively.

Try cutting your calories down to 1400 a day and work out for an hour every day on your elyptical machine, drinking lots of water. Basically, you want a 1,000 calorie deficit per day in order to lose 12 lbs in 6 weeks.

Good luck, and congratulations on your wedding!

All this advice is good, what will be important is calculating the calories you are eating and burning and keeping a deficit, which means eat less than you burn.

Your BMR is was you burn doing little to no exercise during the day, no elliptical, no walking.  So, if you eat around 1300 or 1400 calories a day and exercise and drink lots of water, as suggested, you should be great.

Make sure not to go below 1200 calories a day because your body needs that to funtion, and if you eat below that you may just hold onto fat and not fit in your dress! 

Also, I don't know how fit you are but if you can add a little more strength training into your routine you will drop inches faster.  If you don't have weights you can use milk or water jugs or do push ups etc (I'm also not sure whats in slim in 6)

You can do it! Good luck!
Oh, and if you use this website to count calories, and you have never really counted calories before, make sure you measure what you are eating.  If you don't you may underestimate and end up eating more than you think you are.  If you find that you are hungry a lot while trying to lose weight make sure you are getting enough fiber, drinking lots of water, and piling on the veggies.  All of that will keep you fuller longer.
Original Post by laurdie11:

Your BMR is was you burn doing little to no exercise during the day, no elliptical, no walking.   

Actually, BMR is Basal Metabolic Rate and is the amount you burn doing NOTHING - not even getting out of bed - more like being in a coma.

Sedentary burn (the lowest burn rate you can calculate on this site) is what laurdie described.

I stand corrected, thanks! It's been a while since I actually used the terms haha.  Thats good news, that means you are burning even more throughout the day!

You should not accept that dress.  You told the lady size 14, just wore a size 14 and the size 12 doesn't fit.  I'm sorry but I don't agree with the quick fix advice here. 

The customer is always right and I certainly hope you haven't taken that dress home and paid for it. 

What about a tailor? There is often as much as an inch or two in the seams. A skilled tailor may be able to add material where you need it. If you're like me, there are probably parts where it fits, and parts where it doesn't.

You might even want to try confronting the seller and offering to get it tailored at her expense (to make it right) rather than re-ordering.

Weight loss can be unpredictable. It also can make you cranky.

just another vote for a new dress or a tailor. don't set yourself up like this, please girls~

 Yep, change the dress, not yourself. While it's potentially possible to make some positive changes in your body in 6 weeks there's very little chance that you can diet and exercise your way into fitting into a specific dress; weight loss is unpredictable that way.

 There's no diet/exercise regime that can guarantee you a good result the way a competent tailor can - a skilled tailor can make the dress a fabulous complement to your body's strengths and good features while a crash diet and exercise regime will leave you looking hollowed-out and frayed on your wedding day. Don't do that to yourself to make up for someone else's fault - get the dress changed instead.

 Your wedding and honeymoon will be a better experience, and you will have a better chance of establishign a healthy pattern.

This is nothing to panic over. You can easily lose enough body fat to fit your dress in 6 whole weeks.

It will take some concentrated effort on your part and you will have to cut out all the extraneous junk that people typically eat. Soda, juice, margaritas, buttered popcorn, chips, hot dogs, burgers, fries, burritos, gravy, white pasta, white bread, etc. GONE GONE GONE.

Walking with kids doesn't even count. Unless they are big kids and you guys are hoofing it, that is just another leisure activity. You need to be MOVING in order for it to count as a fat burning activity. I suggest you do the following 3 to 4 days per week, making sure you do cardio twice per day even on days you don't weight train:

AM: Weight Training Workout:

  • 25 squats - body weight
  • 15 push ups - from knees
  • 15 lunges to the front - body weight
  • 25 jumping jacks
  • 25 split squats with dumb bells
  • 15 shoulder presses with dumb bells
  • 15 biceps curls with dumb bells
  • 15 leaping lunges body weight
  • 15 bent over rows (for back)
  • 15 bent over reverse flyes (for back)
  • 25 triceps bench dips (can use a low table or stair)
  • 25 jumping jacks
  • 15 lateral raises with dumb bells
  • 25 reverse curls (for abs)
  • 25 long reaches (legs straight up in air, try to curl up to touch toes
  • 25 side to side bends with hands behind head

Should take about 20 minutes. End with elliptical or a jog or rope jumping for 20 minutes.

PM:  Cardio - Elliptical in target heart range for 30 minutes.

Exercise will help with the pre-wedding day jitters and stress.  You should also see the fat melt off if you eat as listed above.  It's just for a few weeks -- you can do it!!  Your dress may even end up being too big!

Another vote for exchanging the dress or having it altered. Speak to the manager of the shop you got it at, and explain that you were talked into ordering the wrong size. If you want, follow the exercise plans anyway, to shape up before the wedding - you can always have the dress taken in a bit before the wedding. And most brides lose a bit of weight naturally during the last 6 weeks, just due to the stress. But don't add to the stress by forcing yourself to be a specific size.

You know, if you didn't deliberately order the dress too small, and you haven't gained a ton of weight in between your measuring session and now, then it's the seamstresses job to either replace the dress or to MAKE it fit you! It's not your job to change to try to squeeze into it... that's probably not realistic with this little lead-time anyway. You really want to look HEALTHY come your wedding, not pallid and sick from crash-dieting.

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You can drop the dress size in 6 weeks, drink lots of water, don't eat any red meat, salmon will work well, and brussels sprouts, or other leafy green veggies, and definitely stay away from fried foods. Exercise for 90 minutes a day....stay away from cake, pies, and cookies, eat a lot of bran.....OR take the dress back and let her put in a panel....Good Luck you can do it!!!!! Oh yes and definitely do the calorie deficit...when I first started my deficit would 800 calories per day and that would be it....I lost weight fast....before I knew I was down from a size 20 to a 16 within 2 I know it is possible but you will always be hungry so you will have make wise choices......I know you can do this...

I agree that you should change the dress. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try to eat healthy and work out before your wedding, since that alone will give you a great glow on your wedding day, regardless of your weight.

However, if you opt to keep the dress, do everything right, and you still don't fit.....then what?? You're hooped! Weight loss is too unpredictable, I wouldn't risk it when it comes to something as important as your wedding dress. Plus, who doesn't have a million things to do in the last 6 weeks before her wedding? It's very possible that you just aren't going to be able to work out every day, regardless of your intentions.

Let us know what you decide to do, I'm curious now how it all works out. Good luck! :)

Is there a reason you can't send it back and get the dress in the size you wanted? It would seem to me that you have the right to have your wedding dress in the size you want not what someone else says.

Original Post by dlcooper:

Walking with kids doesn't even count. Unless they are big kids and you guys are hoofing it, that is just another leisure activity. You need to be MOVING in order for it to count as a fat burning activity. I suggest you do the following 3 to 4 days per week, making sure you do cardio twice per day even on days you don't weight train:

I tend to disagree with that.. I've lost 5 lbs in the last three weeks and that's all I've been doing.. walking either by myself or pushing my son in a stroller for 4-5 miles everyday.


Otherwise, you're dead on and so are the rest of the responses! I think you'll be fine.. just cut out the unnecessary. Extra pop, juice, fattening foods, etc, should be cut out immediately.. lots of water and fibre rich foods! Use this website as much as you can.. there are a lot of helpful tips and tools that will help you achieve your goal! The Calorie Counter is very beneficial as is the Burn Meter.. Good luck with your situation, I hope to hear a success story very soon!!

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