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Need to say Goodbye to the Belly

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Ok, I know that there are many, MANY people out there with this problem...I just hope one of you (or many of you) can help me with the necessity to get rid of it, and FAST!!!!

I carry all of my excess weight around my midsection. I truly have a spare tire, it bothers me so much. Does anyone know of any work out regimes that I can do to ensure that this thing goes away? I'm starting on a line of situps (how I hate them) but I know that there's no point in having tight abs if there's this bulge of fat on top of it.


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Pretty much everyone on the Fitness Board will point out that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to "spot reduce."  You will need to lose weight (fat) overall, not just on the belly.

Although, to me, it seems that the fat often collects more in the belly area for men, and for women, often, in the butt and thighs, still, when it comes to reducing those areas, we have to lose fat throughout the body.

(1) Eat less
(2) Exercise more
(3) Do some cardio to aid in weight loss (outdoor biking, power walking, elliptical, spinning, jogging, etc)
(4) After losing a decent amount of fat, include some strength-training in your exercise regimen
(5) Consider doing other exercising in place of doing sit-ups.  If you only have so many minutes in the day to devote to exercising, I would suggest that doing sit-ups is wasting your time.  Frankly, I would not recommend doing exercises that you "hate."  Find at least one that, if you don't enjoy, at least you don't mind doing.
(6) You might want to measure your "belly" a couple of times a week and record the results.  Measure at the same time of the day in the exact same place.  The point of this is that you will be pleased as time passes and you find that with healthy eating and intelligent exercising, you have shrunk your belly.
(7) Find a pair of jeans that have a waist size that you want to fit into.  Buy those jeans (or dig an old pair out of your closet) and periodically try them on.  The day you can comfortably fit into them is the day you lost your belly fat.

Ok, you said "FAST."  There is not going to be a healthy way for you to lose belly fat fast, unless you opt for surgery.  

Good luck!

I have the same issue with my belly...despite appearing quite tall and lean. Turns out, I wasn't eating enough calories each day and the calories I were eating were garbage. It is difficult but I am trying to change my ways and make sure that I exercise more often as well. Any support is helpful...want to motivate one another?

Mixed up number 3 and 4 in your order, Shane - other than that, spot on.

As a point of interest, it takes approximately 6 hours of performing sit-ups to burn as many calories as you would during 30 minutes of jogging. Which means skip the sit-ups and go for a jog, then you'll either have 5.5 hours to do something more interesting, or you can go for another jog and have a 10-hour lead on the poor person on the floor crunching gamely away.

 But before you start either, do a bit of strength training to make sure you counteract the negative metabolic effects of dieting and make sure your muscle isn't tagged as "surplus to requirements" and recycled for energy. Strength training makes sure that you'll be losing mostly fat as opposed to a mix of fat and muscle, cardio is important for health reasons but doesn't have an effect on body composition independent of its contribution to a calorie deficit. Which means you can either jog and burn 500kcal or just not eat them in the first place and you'll have the exact same effect on body composition.

 You can always start cardio  later on when your calorie deficit from dieting alone doesn't cut it anymore(take a nice walk), the muscle you'll lose from not starting strength training immediately is gone forever and building new muscle takes a dreadfully long time.

Use this system to track food and do a diet.  Make sure you still eat healthy.  Exercise on a regular basis and track your activities in the system.  The more you exercise, the more you can eat that day.

melkor: You could be correct about that juxtaposition.  What I did was list exactly the steps I followed in losing my "beer belly" or "old man pouch."  I lost 45 pounds in around 3 months -- and, I readily admit, that was probably too fast.

At the time I began my weight loss 3 years ago, I wanted to lower my BP and cholesterol.  I substantially did both.  A 3rd thing was that I found out I had to loosen my 36" waist jeans to sit comfortably at the computer.  So one other specific goal I added was to use an old pair of 32" black jeans as a monitor for losing my belly fat.  I eventually went from a 36" pair of jeans that fit slightly tight to a 32" pair of jeans that fit slightly loose.

silvernightstar : There are a lot of people on CC, such as Melkor and others, who can give you advice and encouragement to lose your belly fat.  Although, none of them are going to tell you that it will be easy.  But YOU CAN do it!  And you will be so dang proud of yourself after you do it!


For a beginner, bodyweight-based strength training and random heavy objects from around the house is quite sufficient strength training for at least the first 2-3 months, and can be extended to 6 with a bit of ingenuity.

 After that you're in a situation where a pure bodyweight-based regime will take more time than most people have to spend on training, so incorporating free weights will be more time-efficient at that point.

 Well, you can start with the weights straight away, but it's only completely necessary in a few specialized circumstances with either rehab training or the very overweight who are too heavy to use body weight, and given your description of yourself Silver, well, you're not in that class of people.

 Oh, and walking is always good for you, the minimum cardio workout prescription is 30 minutes of brisk walking 3 times a week - doing more as time goes by is also good, but just getting in the minimum baseline is an excellent start.

 'Course, as your fitness level increases you may find that you're interested in performance in a specific sport; that's a different kettle of tea from general fitness ;)

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