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I NEED to gain weight...bigger booty, thighs, legs...Please Help!

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I am 5'5" and weight 117 lbs, 26 years old.  I have been attempting to gain weight for some time now.  recently, I purchased a Weight Gain powdered shake mix from GNC.  I gained weight alright...I now have a flabby tummy that I did not have before.  I gained 90% of the weight in that one area.  Since I lack an ability to committ to exercising (to work on my flabby abs only) at my own will, I went to a personal trainer consultation.  I wanted to concentrate on my ABS ONLY.  I told the trainer that I wanted a bigger booty, thighs, and legs and that I had been drinking a weight gain shake but the weight only went to my tummy.  He said that he can help me get a bigger booty, thighs, and legs by doing certain exercises with me along with the ab exercises.  I explained to him that I do not want to appear very muscular, just a little thicker in those areas. 

Now, my question is...If exercising burns fat and builds muscle, how will exercising those areas make me bigger/thicker in those areas WITHOUT looking muscular?  I am totally clueless (as you can see)when it comes to fitness since I have always been so slim.  I just dont understand how this would work.  I am supposed to start training in 2 weeks.  I wanted to make sure this trainer is not just after my money and will tell me anything to get me to pay him.  I keep envisioning myself skinnier with muscles LOL.  Please help...

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Well, building muscle is really the only way.  But don't worry, if you've got some excess fat, it'll cover the muscle up for the most part anyway.

My question is..why? lol

But for the record, being that you can't spot-reduce fat, you can't spot-increase fat on your body either.  It just doesn't work that way

the infamous question of "why?"

Anytime I tell someone that I am trying to gain weight, they look at me as if I have 10 heads.  Than they ask "why?"

Basically, I am not happy with my weight.  In some way, I feel that I am in the same boat as someone struggling to lose weight.  We look in the mirror and we see that we are not happy with our body image and we try to change it but nothing works.

Except, there are countless programs, diets, support groups, and pills to assist people in losing weight.  There is nothing for us folks who are trying to gain weight.  Most people just tell me to eat.  I eat all day long, everyday and nothing happens.  I have even been to the doctor to test my hormones, metabolic functions and everything.  He said I am completely healthy.  He said that I probably just have a very high metabolism.  I wish I could slow it down.
I am 5'5", and I know that if I weighed 117lbs I would look completely anorexic, I have a medium-large build.  So I can understand why you would want to gain weight.  I can tell you that women don't bulk up like men... so if you are picturing yourself with all these vein-ey muscles after training, that won't happen.  I think you need an EXTREMELY low BMI and you need to power lift, and you'd need to take steriods (so don't do that)!

I would give the trainer a shot, if after a couple of months you don't like the results you can change your game-plan.  Keep experimenting and you'll find something that works.  Also, use the tools on this site to make sure you are eating enough, you might feel like you're eating all day long, but still not consuming enough calories.

I hope this helps, I'm trying to lose weight, so maybe my advice sucks...:P ...

Actually, I totally understand. Alot of guys go through something similair to what you're doing. They want to Bulk Up their muscles, so they do the following. They eat. Alot. Enough to make sure they have no deficit, none, than they start working on muscle training.

My question for you is... you're looking to gain weight. Are you looking to gain fat or muscle? I'm not sure if there's anything short of implants that will necessarily make "The Girls" bigger. You can gain fat, but your body decides where that fatwill go, not you.

Your trainer probably thinks you want to gain muscle, so is suggesting to you what boys who are trying to gain weight do.. eat plenty and work the muscles that will help lift your breasts and butt.

There's nothing that will make your butt and boobs be bigger, but having more muscle underneath acts as an extra internal layer and juts them out a little. :)

I hope this helps :)
Thanks everyone


I do not want anymore boobs.  I am a C cup and that is fine with me.  lol

Ideally, I want fat, but it seems that I cant get it. I just dont want to start going to the trainer and start to look muscular. 

I am still clueless...If exercising burns fat, why should I do it and my goal is to gain more fat/weight? I dont want to burn off the amount I got.

I want to be be bigger, by any means necessary.
Okay here's the deal: You cannot gain muscle, without gaining some fat along with it. (And it works in reverse too - you cannot lose fat, without losing some muscle along with it). This is simply how the body works.

So if you follow the trainer's program, increase your protein intake and weight train, you will be gaining BOTH fat and muscle. It's IMPOSSIBLE to gain muscle without gaining fat.

Also understand this: the only possible way to reshape one's body is through weight training. Dieting to lose weight or to gain it will only get you a smaller or larger version of the body you already have.

Don't believe me? Go visit the Body for Life challenge and study all the Before and After pictures. You'll see a very interesting pattern: all the Before's come in a wide variety of shapes. Some started as Apples. Some as Pears. Some as rectangles. But look at the After's.... they all have the same type of shape!!

Now these people were all following a very specific regimen. Your trainer will work with you to develop your own personal regimen, to get the body you want.
Ya know If I were you I would start weight training. I know You are afraid of it, but really it is the only way to put bulk where you want it outside of plastic surgery.
I know you want to gain fat in those areas, but targetted fat gain (or loss for that matter) doesn't work.  Your body is genetically predisposed to deposit fats in certain 'sweet spots'.  Yours is apparently not where you want.   If people excercise their abs all the time they aren't more likely to lose abdominal fat.  You'll lose fat from wherever your body decides to take it, but you will build muscles in your abs. 

The only real option to add bulk to where you want (short of implants) is to build muscle.  If the trainer knows what he's doing you should be able to build some muscle to give yourself that fuller look you want without looking like a professional bodybuilder. 
Reading this thread actually made me smile. No offense, I hope - but there is something very funny, indeed, ironic, in the fact that nobody is happy with what she or he has got.

What I mean is: OK, if you are BMI-wise underweight AND it is through extreme dieting or illness AND you are unhealthy because of it, you should gain weight. If you are BMI-wise overweight AND it is due to bad eating habits AND your health suffers because of it, you should lose weight. But if you are naturally thin, or naturally curvy (at the middle or at the upper end of BMI range) and there is nothing wrong with you, why fret???

I would suggest that before gaining either fat or muscle, you should try to gain some self-respect and self-acceptance. These will be very useful to you once your body is facing a major challenge like pregnancy or menopause - both of which can make you either thinner or fatter.

Sure, you want to improve your looks - who wouldn't? But to improve means making them better, not making them good. They are very good already. Tone and do some muscle building if you like, but accept the fact that you cannot fight nature.

Long post - sorry.
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I would take the trainers' advice for a while... if you don't like him, get another. But i must say this from experience... lifting weights will put on muscle mass making you appear more thick, especially if you keep your repetitions below 12 (ask your trainer). now if you combine this with an hour of strenuous cardio (cycling, sprinting, etc), then you'll cut fat too. so if you stick with it and find you also want to get rid of your tummy then gradually build up cardio sessions to about an hour. as for the weight gainer...their full of junk (most weightlos/gainer supplements are). try eating better foods such as veggies and fruits, and dont forget your protien sources! theres a reason why bodybuilders eat so much protein.. to rebuild the muscle broken down by exercise! Lifting weights also lifts your spirits too!
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You want a bigger booty, thighs, and legs, but you don't want any more muscle. Thats easy. Lay down on your couch, don't move, and call for pizza delivery for every meal for the next month. If you don't have a fat ass by then, I can't help you.

i have the same problem! i wear a size 00 and xs in shirts and jeans and i hate it i wanna gain wieght in my legs and butt also stomach and i dont wanna look muscular just curvy. ask your doctor about a blood test for your thyroid and if its overactive then your doctor will give yuh medicine to slow your thyroid down and it will increase your me!!! i have an underactive thyroid which is when you are soppose to be faat. but im not fat!

I have the same problem. can you give me the weight shake drink formula that you bought from GNC? i seriously need help,i am underweight and i hate my body image. please help!

The original question is normal and easy to fix .

The best gain weight /muscle program are the 5 to 6 mini meals .

The best movement to target legs (total) and butt area is the lunges .

Bar none , I have been bodybuilding for years , and when I go from squats and leg presses to lunges I see an immediate change in the back of my legs .

Lunges will give you what you need , its easy and dont get discouraged , anyone can change there body

Original Post by royals60:

The original question is normal and easy to fix .

The original question was posted in 2007.

wow , this must be very seriuos problem to have continued for three years Cool

*wonders if tooslimlady has reached her goal of not being slim*

I like your avatar royals60.

Thanks rosieblue , I try not to take myself to serious ,

yours is cool as well Cool

I like this website but I am trying to figure out how to adjust the weight loss goal . I workout a ton and really only interested in cutting down  . However because of height and fact that I have worked to build muscle it has me at a goal of 51lbs loss lol , I would be a stick .

Is there way to adjust weight loss goal ?

To change your weight goal, go to your account settings (under the "my account" tab) and adjust it there.

Thanks for the tip , I am a newbee Cool

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