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Need advice, please!

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Hello all! let me explain my situation, and see if I can get some helpful advice :) I live in an apartment with my fiance (and 2 other male roommates) and I find it so difficult to work out! I take online classes, and my fiance is gone most of the day with college. Since I'm a college student I have VERY little money, just enough to buy food (Not very healthy either, but I try to watch calories) so I can't go to the gym (I also don't have a car, moved here from another state) I'm stuck in this apartment constantly! The only time I can get a lot of exercise is when he isn't busy with homework and we can walk to the store, which isn't even that far away. And he doesn't want me out walking by myself because it's dangerous around here.

I'm kind of stuck. I really don't know what I can do to exercise. I know I need cardio, but that seems pretty much impossible. I know situps, pushups, etc can only get you so far. Anyone have any advice for me? :(

Thanks so much!

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try jump rope, if you have the space,

do you have stairs? up and down those always gets me

i'll keep thinking
If you take on-line classes, are they from home?  If so, take 30 mins when everyone is gone and tune in to a TV workout show or try DVD's from the library.  A card is free at a public library and they have workout videos for free so if you can squeeze out the 30 mins, you're all set.

I also 2nd the stairs - I did this as a broke single mom with zero cash.  10 minutes in the a.m. and 10 mins in the p.m. and I was pooped!
i have been wanting to get one of the large "balance balls" and a video to do at home. i don't think they are very expensive (i could be wrong). there are calinsthetics you can do too: crunches, leg lifts, and the like.

i initially suggested jogging or walking, but then re-read your post -- that is a tough situation! my husband doesn't like for me to go out alone after dark, either. maybe its safer in the early AM?

also, i of course don't know if you subscribe, but netflix has a great selection of workout dvds!

my mom recently told me she was using soup-cans as weights. (guess now i know what to get for her birthday!). good luck!
Get out during the day and walk or if it is dangerous as you said then run. Also, you might tell your fiance to get a job so he can buy you a car and a gym membership. If he can't you may want to find a new fiance who can.
Hey love the name LOL -- Don't see too many of us with that spelling.

I agree with others go to the local library and check out some dvd's.  Things to do at home  jumping jacks jump rope - heck in my cardio class we jump rope without the rope so just pretend you have one and have at it -plus you never miss LOL

I don't agree with Troy either - don't break up with a boyfriend just because you are all broke.  Its people like that who get divorced at the first sign of trouble instead of fixing the problems.  Just my 2cents.
I think you need to find a place that you can get out to by yourself and be able to work out.  Sometimes your city will rent out school gymnasiums for certain hours at night or on weekends for free public use.  You should call your city to find out.

You can also try applying for a job that gets you to be more active like landscaping or bike messenger.  That would be a great way to exercise AND get some extra cash to buy healthier food.

Staying cooped up in a small apartment with three men and little or no money isn't healthy for your physically or mentally.
Thanks for the advice everyone! I'll definitely try some of this stuff :) I think the stairs is a great idea, though I'll try to do it quietly to not disturb the neighbors lol! Thanks again!

(and yes, I believe we spell our name the right way! lol)

Check out  They post video classes every day that you can download for free!  They are fantastic and a great workout; I really like the ones led by Adi Amar.
Jump rope is my new best friend! you should try it!
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