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Which muscles do crunches work on please ?

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Hi I have only started exercise other than walking and swimming in the last few weeks.I started to use a gymn for cardio work-rowing machine,tread mill etc.On Monday I did some exercises to work on my abdominal muscles.I found that I  feel like I have also worked the muscles in my lower abdomen where the scar from having 2 caesareans is.I had my younger son 9 years ago.Does anyone know if crunches work all of the abdominal muscles and is it usual to feel a bit sore.It is not a bad dicomfort-just like my abdominal muscles have done work they are not used to.Karen
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Rectus Abdominis is one big muscle.
Depending on what kind of crunches you do will work different abdominal area muscles.  To help work the lower abs try putting your feet up on a chair or a small step stool.  YOu can also put your feet up like you are sitting in a chair.

Chances are you worked those muscles near the scar tissue and thats why its sore.  Keep at it and soon it won't hurt anymore.
All crunches will work the rectus abdominus, as zeke said it is one long muscle.  Because it is so long different types of crunches will stress certain fibers of that muscle more than others.  All crunches will also work the internal and external obliques, to an extent, because they act as stabilizers during a crunch.  The only other abdominal muscle is the transverse abdominus, which doesn't really get worked during crunches, but then, it doesn't really get worked intentionally during much exercise.  It's the deepest of the abdominal muscles, and it's fibers run horizontal across your abdomen.  It functions to hold in the organs of the abdominal area.  If you forcefully exhale while lifting weights, you are working that muscle.

Oh, and yes, it is normal to feel a bit of soreness, especially if you haven't worked your abs in a while.  If you are concerned about the c-section area though I would definitely check with your doctor!
Thanks for the advice.I am not concerned but was just a bit puzzled as to why I felt a bit sore.I understand now.Karen
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