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What muscle group is fastest to develop?

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OK, so I was stupid and didn't take any measurements before I started weight training over a month ago now.  The only measurement that I know has changed in the last few months since reaching maintenance is my waist (it went down again another inch!). 

so I was wondering what muscle groups seem to develop easiest?  I have just the slightest hint of a 4pack (only guys get 6packs, girls gotta settle for wine coolers.)  I think maybe my arms have gotten a lil bigger.  Like I said, I should have taken measurements!

I've been doing regular weight training for over a month now.  Prior to that my weight training was more irregular as I was developing my routine.  I've been lifting since November now.  I'm seeing results, they're just not very well documented!
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ive read that womens arms tone up fastest out of the muscle groups
As you probably know, the bigger the muscle group, the easier it is for them to develop. So you're more likely to see muscle gains in your back, chest and legs than your arms or abs. :)
I think the largest muscle show the first changes, so your quads, and back (hard to measure). Your arms are pretty small compared to your legs, so they will not show changes as soon as most would like (me included!).
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I'm going to bet it's the one least used or worse shape before hand. Most people may not have massive thighs but you use your legs to haul your body weight around. How many people lift even a fraction of that with arms etc?

Hmmm... it's interesting how none of us can agree. :)

Now I wonder which muscle groups DO grow the fastest :)
I had thought the largest groups would be the most difficult just cuz of the complexity of the muscles.  Look at abs for example.  It's hard to get a real hard all over work out for upper abs, lower abs, and lats.  you're not going to develop ripped abs over night.  so I 'think' my arms have gotten bigger, but they were weak before.  I still have troubles doing good curls, but they've gotten better.  I really wish I had taken measurements or at least better pictures back in November!
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Abs are more getting the fat covering off. Mine are hard but hidden -)
ive read in tons of magazines to get motivated when you see the quick tone of the arms!!! and for me.. its pretty noticeable after only 2 weeks of weight lifting 2x a week
My arms and tummy tend to tone faster than everywhere else but I guess it depends.
For me, it's always the upper-legs: quads and hamstrings.  I think that has to do with them being involved in cardio as well though, since I jumprope.
I also do cardio 3 days a week.  So weights Mon - Thurs and straight cardio Fri - Sun.  I guess my legs are looking good, except my thighs! 

May this be a lesson to you all to take pictures and take measurments!
It's all abut genetics some peoples arms grow like weeds while another person's legs will grow faster. It all will very depending on the person.
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