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20 minutes in the AM and 40 minutes after work ????

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If I am only able to walk for 20 minutes in the morning on my treadmill at 2.5 mph at # 2 incline and then 40 minutes after work at 3.2 mph up to #3 incline, am I going to get any benefits from the 20 minutes in the morning or should I just do the 40 minutes at night?


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Absolutely you get benifit from 20 min. You are burning calories and moving when you otherwise woudl not be that is always good.


You're definitely burning more calories. Keep at it.

You definitely get benefit from the morning workout.

The two different speeds/inclines are different enough to provoke different adaptations. I'd guess that you could increase the speeds though. Try going up by 0.1 mph every fifth workout day. You can probably achieve that rate of increase for a couple of months.

increase the speed or incline if you want to make the most of it.. if you're going to workout for only 20 mins you might as well make it an actual workout. 

what you are doing right now is the equivalent of walking a normal pace around a park-- the 2% gradient only really accounts for slight variations in ground level and wind resistance if you compare to outdoor walking. 

try upping the incline as high as you can go so that it feels challenging, but not impossible

perhaps throw in some interval work too (ie walk uphill 2 minutes, jog 1 minute.. repeat till you get to 20 mins-- you'll burn way more calories, and the time will go by faster)

Only do what the above poster suggested if you are physically able. If u r just starting work up to more as u go. I like the reasonable increases suggested by an Op. but jogging is not necessary depending where u r starting weight wise.
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I tried the couch to whatever plan but my joints did not like it. After consulting a Dr., I will no longer try that program.

I will however try to pick up the pace in the morning.

Thank you all for your suggestions!!!!!

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