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How many minutes to finish a mile?

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How many minutes is the average time to finish a mile? I would like to know, I get on the treadmill & finish a mile in 14 minutes walking/running. I am not sure if this is good or I am being too slow.

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I know there are people out there that are WAYYYY faster but I am proud to say I've been bringing mine down and am currently at 13 minutes.  I also walk/run but have been trying to run more and more.

Not sure but CC says you should be able to do 3.5 miles per hr on a brisk walk on a firm level surface.  That equals 17 min per mile!

Today I ran 4 miles in 34 minutes...which includes my 1 min walk warm up.  That is my all time best so far!  Then I treated myself to a 500 calorie chunk of cake after! :-)

I run a 9.5 to 12 minute mile.  I bump up my speed as I go.  Sometimes running slow is so much harder than running fast.  In speeding up as I go, I get an extra burst of strength and I resist the urge to stop.

Thanks, that gives me a better feeling that I am doing good.

I am on pace for a 12 minute mile, but I do not do enough laps to finish it. My best split was 3:07.

Usually I do a 14 or 15 minute mile while I do C25K runs, and I'm proud of them. Don't worry about what other people are doing. :)

14/min mile is totally fine. Don't worry about your speed! I'm by no means a distance runner but I'd someday like to be! I find you have two choices when starting to run... a) you pick a distance (say a mile) and work on doing it fast or b) you pick a time (say 20 minutes) and work on going farther!

I'm a HUGE fan of walk/runs. I set the goal time (or distance) longer than I know I can run and I focus on taking that first walk break a little later each time until I cut out a break all together. Before you know it I don't need any breaks! The important thing is not to walk for too long and keep your heart rate up. The cardio comes from your heart rate being up, not just because you're running!

My biggest accomplishment was this past sunday. I ran a 11.5min/mile pace for 4.75 miles. It was 55 minutes total, almost a full hour of running! This from someone who used to aim for run/walks of 20 minutes long.

I run a mile and a half in about 13:30. I do a mile and half because that is what is needed for my PT test for the Air Force. I am trying to get my time down for a better score. It takes a while to build endurance not to stop and then start on working on speed.

I'm a very slow runner.  I'm short, and my legs are very short.  And I'm still 11 pounds overweight (was 20-25 over when I started running).  It's taken me six months of run/walking to get from dying running 1/10 mile, to running a mile in 11:15 Wed night -- definitely my best time ever.  My second mile drops to 12:45, and by the third mile, I'm walking every other lap and it takes me 18 minutes! 

Just keep at it, and you will get faster with time.

I think it depends on how fast you can run a pace at. I can run a paced mile at about 6mph which equals a 10 minute mile.

I usually start at 5.5mph and work my way up to 7.5-8mph depending how fast I want to finish lol but I'm usually around a 8-9min mile.

I can run 6 miles in 55min though, or 1 mile in 7 min.

Start wherever your comfortable and track progress. No matter where you start, simply getting better is reward enough!!

I walk/run and 11:30 is my fastest so far. 

If you run the entire time, you should be able to get at least a 10 minute mile. I think the treadmill slows you down, as people usually get in a rut (I know i do!) of going a certain speed that they are comfortable with. I am trying to get out of my 6.0 rut, since when i run outside i get a 9 minute time. I work for distance though, not for speed, so I usually do a 30 minute 5K (3 miles) and I'm sure if it was only one mile it would be faster since pacing yourself is the key to long distance runs :)

On a level treadmill (ie no incline) I can maintain a 9 min mile jog for probably 5 for my fastest 1 mile time?  I think I've done it in 7.5 minutes, but I barely made it, haha.  I prefer to increase the incline a little and run a little slower.  When I started running 2 years ago I could barely finish 1 mile at 11 min mile pace.

But really...don't compare yourself to other people.  What you need to do is compare yourself to yourself.  As in, work on improving your time, or distance, or both. 

i run a mile in about seven mins, but i sprint at the end.

The only person you are trying to beat is yourself.  No matter how fast you run, someone will ALWAYS be faster. I personally go for  time and have found that I peroidically need to increase my distance.  Also just my two cents,  I hate to run on a treadmill.  I just feel better when I run outside, plus I get to see different things.  I find that I can let my mind go and think.  The cool part about this is that I'm not watching numbers count up on the tredmill, it make time pass too slow.  Also, make sure you have a good pair of running shoes as running outside is harder on your joints.




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On days that I really feel like running, I run an hour at 8:00 miles.  Most days when I run just to get the excercise in for the day, I do an hour of 9:00-9:15 minute miles.  I always do at least 7 miles a day.  Whatever I don't run of the 7 miles in an hour, I finish by walking it. 

Just want to share with you guys. Yesterday I did my lowest. On the treadmill I did mile in 12 minutes. In 30 Minutes I did 2 1/2 miles. I am excited. That means I am getting better. Wooohoo!

When I run 5 miles or less I finish a mile in just under 8 minutes if i use an incline or about 7 and half minutes without an incline.

For more than 5 miles I average about 8.2 mintues per mile.

It takes me between 18 to 20 minutes to walk a mile :(

7 minutes. I have done it in 6.75 but that is rare

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