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100 miles in July 2011!

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100 Miles: Round 4!Typically RunnerGal5 creates this topic but I believe she is having some internet issues, so I am taking on the thread for July!

Copied from June:

"For those of you who are not familiar with this group, this is basically a place to share your fitness goals for the month, whether it be to bike, walk, lift, row, or run. Feel free to post any progress, motivation, stories, etc!! Good luck everyone... I know we can do this!"

Ok guys, here is round 4! My goal is to run 100 miles in July.

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I will start us off:

I ran 5 miles on the trail today so....

5/100 Running miles in July!

My goal is 100 miles (run + walk), and 15,000 ft. elevation gain. I think that I can make it this time.

Thanks for starting the thread, themachine.

Goal: 150 Miles running, 150 Miles bike (no elevation, Siem Reap is flat like a pancake).


1st of July:

6/150 running

Goals for the month:

-115 miles walking/running

-strength train 3x week

-improve running pace

On 7/1, I walked 4 miles and ran 2 so 6 for the day!

6 of 115

07/01 = 5.0/100 miles

...still "fighting" an abductor injury, so those were "power walking" miles...but I MISS running!!!!!!!!!!  So hopefully back to it this week!


...anyone know how long it takes for a "stressed abductor" to heal?

i'm still pretty new to running - just completed week 6 of c25k - so i'm going to pick a nice, attainable goal of 50 miles (run/walk).

7/1 - 2.4/50

Sorry, Dani, I don't know how long it takes. Rest and icing it should help. :(

I ran 9 this morning and it was just gorgeous out!

14/100 running miles for June.

2nd of July:

Biking: 18.95 Miles

3rd of July: 

Running: 10 Miles

Biking: 19.6 Miles

16.48/150 Running

38.58/150 Biking

Original Post by themachine:

Sorry, Dani, I don't know how long it takes. Rest and icing it should help. :(

Thank you, machine...  It's getting VERY frustrating -- I ended up with less than 100 miles in June because the last week or so I was trying to "rest" it...and I found myself MISSING my jogs!  ...that's new to me.  Now I miss jogging...tried to go again this morning, and I started off okay but about half a mile in I could feel it...and by a mile in I had to walk :(  Ughhhh


+2.67 = 7.67/100 miles for July...hoping to get s'more on the treadmill -- that seems to be easier on the abductor than outdoors.  :( :( :( UUGHHHHH

dani: are you talking about adductors (pull leg towards center), or abductors (push leg to outside)? Maybe take a look at the exrx website, where they have the muscles all named (good pictures).

July 2: 5 miles, 1270 ft. ascended.

oldguy: I guess it's the adductor (men usually refer to it as a "groin pull")... 

Just bought a brand new bike that I started riding yesterday.  Instead of recording in miles tho I'm going with kilometers.. so:

7/2 21km + 7/3 19.4km = 40.4/200km for July 

I'm so excited to be riding!  :)  

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Count me in! I'm training for my first half marathon in September, so having a goal of running 100 miles in July will help keep me on track.

7/2: 2.5 miles

7/3: 7.4 miles

Total: 9.9/100

just finished the first day of week 7 of c25k :)

7/4 - 2.54 miles

total: 4.94/50

Thank you SO much for starting this thread the machine :) I meant to do it but my apartment JUST got internet... finally!!!! 

July 1: 3

July 2: 3.5

July 3: 4

July 4: 3.75

Total: 14.25 miles

+1 = 8.67...trying to let my "groin pull" heal...still hurts...trying to rest it, but no gym membership = limited options :(

5th of July: 6.95 Miles

23.4/150 Miles Running

dani: Sorry about the groin pull. They take a while to heal, and the area is hard/impossible to use a roller for therapy (great for abductors and IT band on the outside though).

prinpowr: I think that I’ve read you were from CO? I hike a lot in the San Juans, and use to do mountain races there. Do you get down that way?

July 4: 9 miles, 2650 ft. ascended (trail to fire lookout tower @10,400 ft).

Totals: 14/100 miles,  3,920/15,000 ft ascended.

Runnergal - No problem! I hadn't seen a post from you in a while so I figured we'd better hop on it ;). Glad your internet's back!

Ran 3.1 miles up and down Mt Tabor Sunday night - this was a BEAST!

Also...Just got my bike fixed up and now I'm starting to rack up mileage. I also started to bike-commute to work for the summer. Thought I'd add it as well!

17.1/100 Running miles for July

23/100 Cycling miles for July

Always wanted to join this thread...

Jul 1 - 5.0 miles

Jul 3 - 6.2 miles

Total 11.2 miles

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