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I have a bike path close to where I live. It is 4 miles 1 way. I plan on doing 4 round trips for a total of 32 miles. I've roped some pals into coming along so I won't be cycling alone. At a moderately fast pace, this shoudn't take more than 90 minutes, (right)?

My question is, should I eat anything special to help me out? Or is the ride too short to require extra carbs/cals? I don't think I should eat 1200... maybe 1400?

I'm 5-1 and about 116-119 pounds.
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Rule of thumb is bring food and sports drink if you're going to ride more than two hours.  You should be fine with water only for a 90 minute ride. However, 32 miles in 90 minutes is a very fast pace for a recreational rider (20 mph ave.) even with a couple of friends to share the work. But if you ride often you should be able to do it in under two hrs. (15 mph ave.) and at that pace you could burn 1500 cals or more so eat well before you start and refuel after.
if you ride alot then what you are going to do shouldn't require more than a little something to eat about one hour before you go.

If you have never done 32 miles )its farther than you think), then i would make sure you eat before you go and have something to eat with you or money so you can fuel up if you find you need too.

30 miles in an hour and a half on a bike path, I think 2 1/2 is more likely.

let us know how you did.
OK, so this is the plan-

Early A.M.- ease into the 90-120 minute exercise experience by doing a quick 2-mile run.

Eat 1200-1400 calories for the day to reap the weight loss benefits (group food around the ride to sustain energy)

Eat a Luna bar or some nuts pre-workout, and maybe a banana (?) postworkout

Today, I biked for 90 minutes, but sadly my odometer broke last week so I don't know my mileage. I don't usually exercise more than an hour per day, so I found it weird that my appetite was so suppressed that I could only hit 1100 calories.

I've won medals in a few 30+ mi. events, so I'm not worried that I'm not fit enough. I was only asking about cals because on race day we usually go out to eat (free day!), and I don't usually do "long" rides on regular cal. counting days.

Thanks for the advice! Keep it coming!
I realize that you're a lot smaller than me but I can easily burn 1000 cals on a 90 minute bike ride at pace.  I'm no expert, but it seems to me that you would be better off eating more on days that you exercise, especially the long ride days.

Let us know how the ride goes.
The ride was so great! I felt so energized. I love it so much. This past week, it's been a challenge to limit myself to 60-90 minutes a day of regular workout biking!
marconi686 wrote:
The ride was so great! I felt so energized. I love it so much. This past week, it's been a challenge to limit myself to 60-90 minutes a day of regular workout biking!
So don't. :-)
but my parents are getting worried... they say that more than an hour a day (unless it's an event/race) is too much. is there any truth to that?
Hell no!!

  I go on rides of 100+ miles and anywhere from 6- 8 hours on the bike.

I average 30 miles a day!

Let me tell ya you can eat anything  and as much as you want when you do that!
I ride 6 or 7 days a week and never less than an hour.  Weekends I ride 2 to 3 hours but as summer gets here the ride will be 3 to 6 hours.  I don't have any idea what their reasoning would be to say you shouldn't ride more than an hour.  Maybe they want you to do your homework.  It is a good idea to vary intensity from day to day.
Well, tomorrow my plan is to do a quick 2 mile run, then about 1/2 hour of strength training, then break out the bike for 30-60 minutes... then on Tuesday maybe just a simple 90 minute ride.

This is in addition to my 200-250 modified twist crunches and 25-50 diamond crunches.
I rode 34 miles this past saturday on our local paved bike trail (17 miles out and 17 miles back).  I took along some energy bars and tons of water.

Don't neglect the water.  1 water bottle isn't enough and 2 barely got me by and it was an overcast day with a moderately cool (but light) breeze.

It took my 2&1/2 hours not counting the 5 min break I took at the 17 mile mark to eat some energy bars and drink some serious water.

Unless you're a serious biker on a seriously light (15 pound) bike... I doubt you'll even manage a 15 min mile.   I have a nice road bike and I only averaged 13.4~13.6mph and I didn't have anyone distracting me ... but just good music keeping me pumped up.   If I had friends along I would have been going a lot slower.   Expecially at the points where I was headed slightly downhill and going 20+mph.   The uphill points counterballanced it all... but given you'd ride the whole thing a ton of times then you'd get the ups and downs unless it's just perfectly flat.
my boyfriend is on the cycling team at his college and he bikes 30-40 miles all the time. his coach always tells him to eat a ton when he gets home because you burn a LOT of calories biking.
According to I burned just over 2000 calories on my 34 mile bike ride this past saturday.   Yeah... it's truly a LOT of calories which is why I took energy bars for the half way point and two bottles (bike style bottles) of water... though I could have used a third water bottle at the car for when I finished.
I did 100 miles yesterday and 30 the day before. I ate a large breakfast of pancakes, you should eat lots of carbs because thats what the muscles need for cycling and then carry food for eating on the fly. I drank five large 750ml bottles yesterday in cool weather on a 15 mile an hour average. Big steak when I got home for the protein, helps with muscle repair. -jiggles
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