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Measure Distances with Google Earth

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Have you ever wondered the distance you're running/jogging/walking? Sometimes it can be much of a hassle to figure out, sometimes people resort to their cars which can sometimes give inaccurate or imprecise results. Well, as few may know, Google Earth has the ability to measure distances along a line or path.

First, download and install Google Earth.

Second, find the location you'd like to measure. I suggest you type the address of your home or some place near the location and then manually find the place.

Third, on the top menu, click on Tools > Ruler. A small window will come up.

   Measuring a Line: You can now simply click in the beginning point and then click on the end point. The small window will tell you the distance, and you could change the measuring unit with the drop down list.

  Measuring a Path: In the small window that pops up, click on the Path tab. Now you can click to add points and create segments. If it is a circuit, then when you are ready to close it, click near the beginning point and then click on the newly added point and drag it on top of the beginning point.

By the way, you could click on and drag added points.

Anyways, hope this helps some of you! I thought it helped a bit so I thought I'd share it with you.
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Check out too.
you can also go to which is excellent (uses google maps)
I put a $10 odometer/speedometer on my bicycle (I checked it's accuracy on a paved bike trail  with mile and half mile ma rkers) and can measure distances (including off-road) pretty easy.   It's probably overall more accurate than google maps since it's truly the path I would take when walking/running o r just when bicycling around.

Still this is probably a good way to do it as well... but does it let you go off-road?   Does it let you put what side of the road you are on... and so on?
Try this website!

It uses google maps and you can save your runs ... it's seriously awesome!!
Sweet thanks! I figured you guys would have some more ideas :)
Thanks for the info!!

I sometimes go on google maps to plan new jogging paths and I always hoped there would be someting out there to track the distance.  I don't like wasting time checking the distance with my car!  Can't wait to check this out!
There is also Bikely, for cyclists.
OMG! Thanks you guys! This has been driving me crazy for awhile now. There's a prairie path I use with no mile markers and I'm trying to train for the Chicago marathon. ARgh! I'll let you know how these sites work for me.
OK, I tried it and it's the most wonderful thing ever!!!

Turns out I'm going a little farther than I thought I was! Actually, I thought I was cheating and the opposite is true! Woo-hoo!!! Now I know I can get to my next goal - I was part way there already without even knowing it.
I've always preferred to mapmyrun, but they are so similar I think it's just a personal preference.

For any tech junkies, the best gadget I have is my Garmin Forerunner 305.  It's a HRM plus it tracks your distance, pace per mile, can convert from running to cycling and back, and you can download all the info off of it onto your computer and get a good feel for your averages and pacing.  It's not inexpensive, but it's without a doubt my favorite running toy.  And now cycling, too.  I can go on any route without having to remember what streets I was on to be able to log later, and I can run any path in Forest park I want to.  :)

If you don't care for the HRM portion, the 205 is the same thing without that for a bit cheaper.
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