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how do you make your protein shake?

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I bought protein powder and want to make my own protein shake.

I know that bodyscience drinks it with orange juice, I bought orange juice 100% pure orange from Tropicana and actually it has tons of sugar. :))) 22g.

ok. I would like to know how everybody makes their own protein shakes. Any ideas?

Oh. Another question, do you have to drink another protein shake after your workout?? it is like 2 servings a day... is that only with weight lifting or with cardio as well?
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am i the only one here who mixes it with ice cream instead of milk? c'mon guys! i usually mix it with 1/3 carton of breyers natural vanilla ice cream (my fave flavor; i also like the strawberry and so does my daughter, and my son claims to like chocolate ice cream, and really used to eat quite a bit of it, so i'd buy the choc-van-straw boxes, but right now we have about four boxes of them in the freezer with just the chocolate left, so looks like i'm gonna have to switch to chocolate ice cream for a few days, which i can't stand. or i can just consolidate the boxes and buy some more - yeah, that sounds better!)

i find that the more crap i throw into it, the worse it usually tastes (like the protein powder isn't enough to ruin perfectly good ice cream).  one exception to that is my oatmeal cookie flavoried ice cream smoothie.  i don't do it often b/c i don't tolerate fiber very well, but i cook some oatmeal (before the workout) - not quite to completion, al dente if you will but still cooked (it would come to about a small breakfast bowl's worth), and throw it in with the vanilla ice cream + protein powder (3-6 scoops, depends how much i'm willing to ruin the taste), add about 3 teaspoons of cinnamon (i know, it sounds like a lot), a bit of nutmeg, about a tablespoon of molasses (uh, don't actually use a spoon to measure it if you try this at home - you'll never get it from the spoon to the blender!), about 3/4 cup's worth of crushed walnuts, and, if i think my stomach will take it, some pieces of apple (only a few - gotta chop them beforehand).  i should mention that this is a smoothie that basically has to be eaten with a spoon, not a straw.  i still think it tastes better plain but the extra crap is extra nutrition + calories = muscle.

the best thing i've found to do with protein powder is add it to russian pancakes (like crepes but a bit spongier); i can add it to dry cake recipes, but i once tried to put just the tiniest bit in the lava cakes i was making, and it totally ruined them.   
This is a link to the English Insitute of Sports homemade protein shake recipe. It also has some guidance on when and why you may need extra protein.

Hope it's useful and saves some money...
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i went 2 GNC and the salesman sold me wheybolic extreme w/ 60 grams of protein per serving, whats the difference between this and regular 100% whey. Also, my guy at GNC seemed like he knew what he was talkin bout and he told me 2 drink half a serving before and half a serving after, what should i do, and do you think its a better idea 2 drink just regular 100% whey???
usually during the week I replace my breakfast with a protein shake.  except this am I spilt mine all over my porch chair trying to get out of the house on time with my little one in this disgusting heat ugh!  but I like to mix it up from day to day...

1 scoop of vanilla w/ 1/4 cup fozen blueberries and 8 oz or water

or 1 scoop of vanilla, 8 oz water, w/ 1/4 cup of canned pumpkin with a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, and 1 packet of slenda

or 1 scoop of chocolate, 8 oz water, 1/2 fozen banana!

I guess milk could be substituted for water if you want a creamier version!  :)
Mine is simple but good, but is more of a smoothy. I take one scoop of powder (chocolate or vanilla), one cup of skim milk, one medium banana, 6-7 ice cubes and blend it.

31 grams of protein
310 calories
and very yummy!
I'm intrigued by these protein shakes, they all sound so good! I've never tried protein shakes. Could someone explain (or does someone have a handy link to) their advantages? I remember my mom used to make drinks with protein powder to increase her energy...does it help with that, because I could definitely use an energy boost! Haha, sorry, I feel a little ignorant here!
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usually i go to the weight room and then just add water to the whey powder right there so i get the best effects, could i make a whey shake before i left my house and then drink it once im done weight lifting at the weight room
My newest way to do a shake is the following:

2 scoops GNC vanilla whey protein @ 20g protein a scoop

chilled coffee

I whip the 2 together in a blender so its nice and frothy and pour it over is just like a iced coffee but I am getting my protein as delish!!!
protein with coffee?? that is a new idea?? interesting.. how does it taste?? do you have to use the blender? can't you just add the powder to your iced coffee ?
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I'm really basic.

I put 1.5 scoops of whey in 16 oz of cold water from my gym's water cooler into my shaker cup, as soon as I'm ready to leave the gym.
soy milk - 200ml




30g whey protein powder - 1 tbsp

1 tbsp beanut butter

carrot shavings - from 1 small carrot


I think the coffee with the protein powder tastes great....its just like powdered creamer!  I guess you could just mix the 2 but I like my shake nice and smooth so I blend would either way though:--)
Here's my recipe packed in a single serving blender in this order:

  • 8oz of fat free lactose free milk ( = 8gms of protein)
  • 1/2 a scoop of Vanilla Spiru-tein Whey protein powder ( = 7gms of protein)
  • 1 scoop of Banana Spiru-tein soy protein powder ( = 14gms of protein)
  • About a cup of frozen chopped mango
It comes to about 300 calories and half a gram of fat. 
Then I eat it with a spoon over a minimum of 15 minutes. 

2 scoops whey protein (double chocolate) GNC ON Whey Protein

8 oz skim milk

1 Tbspn ground flax seed

4 Tbspn Walden Farms calorie free chocolate syrup

1 cup raspberries or strawberries or 1 banana

3 cups crushed ice...

Fills my entire blender and me!  I have it every night after my workout...

wow these are all great tips.. I need to start drinking my whey powder again.. ! thanks guys
Wow these are all great recipes. I wish I could just have smoothie and protein shakes the whole day:) The only time I tried to make a protein shake, it tasted terrible:)

I am wondering if I can just have a smoothie as a meal replacement? has any one done before? Maybe it could be a pre-workout morning meal??
I use whey protein powder, 1 scoop a day, because i can only eat so much meat........

can you buy flax seeds at the health store?
flax seed, yup. even at larger grocery stores. it must be ground or boiled well though - people can't degest it fully otherwise.

when boiled it thickens like an egg white.

adding ice cream, peanut butter, fresh fruit, oatmeal or cookies seems odd to me. fresh fruit is better fresh, ice cream and peanut butter? the fat really defeats the purpose i think, but to each their own i suppose.

i love protein shakes and sometimes make enough for my neice to have a little too ~

2 scoops (14 grams protein) vanilla soy protein
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup water
a big handfull of frozen berries
    (cranberries or strawbs usually mixed berry if i have to buy them)
2 tbps fat free vanilla yogurt.

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