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lost the weight, how to tone abs?

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For all of my "weightloss journey" I have been doing about 30 minutes-to an hour of a workout and I have lost 20 pounds. Now I am at 130 pounds and I need to lose more because I have flab on my stomach. (ok I'm gonna go into detail here cause I really need help!) My stomch doesnt fold in places, it is smooth and not round but like a small bump. My upper body down to my mid stomach is fine, but its the lower that wont tone up! I KNOW I have abs under there because I can do sit-ups and hard ab excercizes that I never used to be able to do! How do I get a flatter stomach? I aim to eat 1500 calories a day, but I am ususally around 1350 a day and I figure I am doing ok except for the stomach. I am in 10th grade now and since the 5th grade I have struggled with trying to adjust my eating habits. I used to eat snacks and binge eat from being unhappy with myself and anxious and have grown into an overly conscienious (sp?) person and I judge myself unmercifully. If I go one more summer crying just to find a bathing suit, I don'y know what I will do with myself. PLEASE help me reach my goal of looking good before June 20th of this year. You probably understand where I am coming from and doesnt everyone need a little bit of guidance sometimes? Thanks for any advice I recieve!:)

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What type of workout?  Weight lifting?

It's amazing that at your age you are taking control of your weight, congrats. Just don't be too critical of yourself!

First, you should be sure you are doing plenty of cardio; running, dance, swimming anything that keeps your heart rate up for more than thirty minutes at a time. It sounds like you are doing this!

Next, sit ups are good for you, but will only take you so far. You need to vary your workout from day to day, even if it is just switching between two workouts. You should try the exercise balls (they usually are cheap and come with a short book of workouts to start) and also isometrics. (have you heard of pilates, 7 min abs?)

The one that really works for me is lying on my back, I raise my feet a foot off of the ground. Then I put my arms under my neck and touch my right elbow to my left knee, then the left elbow to the right knee. I started with two minutes a day and worked up to 10.

Good Luck!

I do 20 minutes dance, which is hip hop and jazz, which really makes my heart rate go up. Then, lately I have started back up doing free hand weights with a DVD (The Biggest Loser, The Firm, and The ABs diet 2). These are about 30 minutes long for both The biggest loser and Abs Diet. The firm is 4o minutes long and its weights and cardio. They have a little ab stuff, but after doing the same stuff, my body won't change any more. I do work out with Tae bo with Billy Blanks DVD too and I think that might help, althought with my old person back, I have to stop every 15 minutes for like 2 minutes so my back doesnt crack. I think I'm doing well, but obviously I need to do more.

Also, how often should I excercise, do ya think, to lose 15 pounds by June 20th and for how long? Thanks for your response by the way:)

Mar 20 2008 09:50
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Try this:

Lie on your back, raise your legs at a 90' angle (so you look like an L shape), place your hands just under the side of your bum (or small of back, just to support your lower back). Then lower your legs as near to the floor as you can without touching it (keeping them almost straight, just slightly bent at the knees), then raise them back up to a right angle. Then, lift your legs and hips off the floor using only your stomach muscles, and return to starting position. This should all be one slow but smooth movement and will work specifically the muslces on your lower abdomen, whilst keeping the rest of your core stable too.

And yes, I think it is definitely possible to lose 15 pounds in three months. After all, that's approximately 24 weeks so to lose between 1-2 pounds a week, you should be able to get there. However, it will probably get more difficult the nearer you get to your goal, so I would suggest keeping your body guessing by altering your exercise workouts and perhaps even zig-zagging your cals.

Good luck!

Also as girls develop into women we tend to hold on to a little extra weight around the belly in preparation for child birth.   Most men find a slightly softer stomach very sexy.   It's natural and doesn't mean your fat it just means your a woman.  Don't be so hard on yourself and do some jogging, and make sure you still eat enough for your growing body!!   

Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.  In other words, your diet is the most important thing.  You mentioned how many calories you eat, but didn't fill in the other half of the equation, how many calories are you burning?  Also, how good is your diet? just getting a certain number of calories doesn't mean you are getting enough nutrients.

In terms of what exercises to do, weight lifting is the most effective for burning fat (see article below), followed by high intensity interval training (HIIT).  Long, slow, steady-state cardio is actually the least effecient way of burning fat.

If you're going to lift weights, focus on compound movements (squats, deadlifts, bench press and rows) and use heavy weights (3 sets of 8-12 reps).  Forget about direct ab work, its pretty much a waste of time because it won't help burn fat on your stomach and can actually increase the size of your waste. 6539

Original Post by floggingsully:

 Forget about direct ab work, its pretty much a waste of time because it won't help burn fat on your stomach and can actually increase the size of your waste.

 YES. In fact, things like squats and deadlifts directly target your ab muscles as floggingsully already mentioned.

i always hate how he tells you lot to forget just doing stright ab work... it really is the difference between a scrub who just wants to look good and someone who wants a body that can actually do something and take punishment.... so pick which type you want to be ^_^

You seem to be really enamored with being able to take a punch to the stomach, do you get beat up a lot?

I get the impression that most of the people on these forums would rather look good than be able to fight in the UFC.

haha I dont get beat up alot thank goodness!! Well, I dont necessarily need defined abs, just a flatter stomach! and for whoever said it, I didnt know that squats and deadlifts help with your abs! THATS COOL! Thanks for the fun fact of the day!!:)

Original Post by floggingsully:

You seem to be really enamored with being able to take a punch to the stomach, do you get beat up a lot?

I get the impression that most of the people on these forums would rather look good than be able to fight in the UFC.

giggle_puppy is enamored with the idea of trolling threads

That and im into boxing, and its always fun when some gym rat scrub wants to learn to box and gets put in his place with one shot to the stomach lol.  But like i say its up to your goals, if you want to give the false impresion of a good body then you dont need to focus so much on certain muscle groups and just worry alot more about BF %s, which i will admit is most people, but to those that wanna go beyond and be better than that...
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