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losing weight and shrinking boobs?

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i've been working out for the past 4 years, 2 of the last years was when i really started to get focused. But i've noticed that my boobs have shrank!!! I've lost a total of maybe 6-8 pounds in the last two yrs...and i swear its all from my boobs! I've always been a decent A cup...and now well my boobs dont even fit into some bras anymore...i'm realy looking into getting some implants!!
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small boobs are the sex!
I have been working out for 5 months and lost 5 inches in my chest.  Yippee Yia Yea.  I am now down to the triple D's but am worried about a slight loss of perkiness.  I have always had full breast but they have been a pain in my shoulders and back all my life.  I am down to 160 in weight and hope to get down to a D or C at my goal of 140. 

Fat comes off your body the same way it goes on.  I usually get a fat butt and then I know I am over weight - that is the first place I lose.  My legs second my neck third and my waist fourth etc.  I find that my body uses fat from areas in rotation.  So, I wouldn't worry about the weight coming off in areas you aren't happy about as it will change and it is much better to be healthy than have big breast.  Don't get me wrong, I loved my breast but I would rather be healthy.
i'm 18 with bigger boobs than any of my friends-I'm a DD. Last year after running I lost about 2 sizes, but then I gained all my weight back and they got bigger (size D). However, due to hip problems I've had to find other ways to work out and I've gotten thinner (not as much as I'd like) and yet they've increased a size. I think it might depend on peoples build and gene make-up or something.
GOD! You know, no one ever mentioned all the bad things that come with big boobs. Even the lady that said she was a G, didn't mention the back pain, and all the acheing. All of the guys oogle at your chest, and it makes you feel gross, and there is nothing you can do to hide them. The women always glare at you like your trying to take their boyfriends or husbands away, or like your just DYING to flash you boobs to them JUST because they are so big. ALSO, I can't sleep on my back because it feels like my boobs are crushing my rib cage and I can't breath properly. You can't jog/run, or do any kind of vigorous jumping activity unless you have the perfect sports bra because you might give yourself a black eye or your boob might pop out to say hello. It's not our fault if that happens. Seriously, we don't do it on purpose.

I had 36 C's when I was 12. Now I have 42 DDD's, and I'm 24. Well, now they are a little bigger because of my weight gain, which would explain why my bra's don't fit as well as they used to. My boobs have been shrinking too since I started to lose weight (thank god), and I can't wait until they fit right into my bra's again.

 The reason they don't make pretty bra's for us big chested women is because we need all the support we can get. Women with considerably smaller breast's just need the support in the shoulder area where the straps are, but we need it in the shoulders AND the back. To be able to do that, the bra cup has to cover the entire breast...not just the bottom half.

Ok, now lets look at some of the good points about having big boobs. We don't need padded or push-up bra's. We ALWAYS have the best clevage. OK, I am sure there are other things, but I will need some help figuring them out. I hope this helps most people.
I am worried about this as well because I had a 34B when I was at 140 and then I gained my weight and I got a 34C which my boyfriend loved... He always tells me don't do any workout that will make me lose my boobs...but I don't think I have much of a choice..
I'm actually looking forward to losing some band size -- I'm a 38C right now, and have been for a while, but I notice shirts are getting smaller and smaller.  :(  Like someone mentioned up above, it would be nice to be able to wear button-up shirts (my favorites for work) and not have to worry about my bra peeking out from between the buttons!
For those of you looking to keep your boobs.  I've noticed that if I include weights in my workouts my boobs don't shrink, in fact, by strengthening the chest muscles underneath the boobs it keeps them from sagging which actually makes them look even bigger.  I learned this from using "The Firm" videos.
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I've lost some weight and noticed that there are more room in my bra then there once was..naturally!

But over the weekend, my friends and I pig-out on all natural peanut (thats all we and I noticed that my boobs got fuller and I didn't gained any weight (we all made sure we were eating good, apart from the ton of peanut butter we consumed). So I theorized that healthy fats, keeps the boobs...sure there may be some confounding variables taking part...but hey you never really

I'm glad that my breast size have gone down after losing 38 pounds.  I use to wear a 42 DD and afer losing 38 pounds am currently wearing at 36 C.   I love my breast size.  I have a more toned chest now and my breast are the right size for my body now. 
Im 20 years old and my boobs are a 38 DDD
and trust me its a lot to carry around

I started working out and eating better, I started yesterday so no change yet.
But I want to know if they will go down, cause by god I would love your A cup =)

~big and loosin it
 Hm. I've had a c cup since the fifth grade. 36c to be exact... I went from 113lbs to a whooping 186lbs in the last couple months of pregnancy, which they said was due to ' water weight. ' That caused my boobs to barely fit into a double d.  Since I've lost all of my baby weight, done to 105 lbs now. Mine went right back to a c cup. The only difference is my band size is now a 34. So the band is downsizing ... not the actual cup size.

I think you just get the cup size you were meant to have. You just didn't realize it before now, but you're so much healthier now. The grass is always greener on the other side. Don't worry about the size. Just make 'your girls ' work for you. I suggest Victoria Secrets. It doesn't matter if you're more or less endowed. They will find a flattering bra for your body.
After losing some weight this year, my cup size went down from a 44c to a 38c. I'm sooo happy. lol 44c is soooo hard to find at wal-mart... I had to go to lane bryant. Not anymore. Now I can find my size anywhere. In the future I do want to get smaller. Maybe a 34c or in the Bs.
yay! i have been praying that with my weightloss i can lose these things im a 38 DD i cannot find any bras to fit me and i hate them!!! im looking forward to losing them!
Yes... i've lost only 5lbs and my boobs have def gotten smaller!

But i've gained the weight back recently... only in the belly not in the boobs.  Pretty crazy. BUT i did lose weight right around my waist beneath my boobs so it looks nicer.

but no you guys are not crazy
I guess my question would be where does natural breast size come in, and where does bigger breast because of fat build-up come in? Right now I'm at a 36DD, I"m 20 and in 7th grade I was a C, and I weighed 145 I wonder what my natural breast size is at a healthy weight. I dont want to lose all my breast...I guess being make at a C would be okay, but I"d be highy pissed if I went any lower than that.
I agree with a few other posters in that when you have big boobs, there are NO cute bras! They all have like four hooks, and have no decoration at's so sad! >=(

I used to be a 40D, and now that I've lost 25+ pounds, I only lost weight in ONE now I'm a 38D with one boob that thinks it's a C.

When I was skinnier, I was a solid B, so I'm kinda hoping I'll end up as skinny and a solid C :).
azhangie sounds like me. I was a decent A now barely A XD

The thought of getting implants crossed my mind. And I might do it eventually. I took care of my mom for hers so I know what involves.
But as for now, I am enjoying the less weight in front while I jump around kicking and running during exercise :)
LOL!! evaecho I loved your post...sooo true.  I'm so hoping that I lose a cup size or two!  I'm currently 36DD, so being at a C would be lovely.

The other thing I hate...I can't do yoga so well :(  All that bending and folding...boobs just get in the way! :(
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implants are def. going to be something to look at later on in the future. As of rite now, i think i'm just frustrated to be at the gym and seeing these really skinny grls walk by with big boobs (maybe theyre fake? i dunno?) and i look down and see my flat chest. Sometimes it's a little embrassing because its soo flat and you cant wear a bra to the gym, so not support at all!!!!
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so im not fat but i would say im a little chunk chunk. I am 17 years old and got pretty big boobs i guess- c cup. but well i have this little problem. some of you may think of it as a big problem. I want to lose weight just as all you others and i want to di it without losing my boobies or my butt. any suggestions?
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