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losing weight and shrinking boobs?

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i've been working out for the past 4 years, 2 of the last years was when i really started to get focused. But i've noticed that my boobs have shrank!!! I've lost a total of maybe 6-8 pounds in the last two yrs...and i swear its all from my boobs! I've always been a decent A cup...and now well my boobs dont even fit into some bras anymore...i'm realy looking into getting some implants!!
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My wife had the same problem.   You know what, she wasn't eating enough.   Since eating more they've blossomed back.

So my question to you is...

Did you eat atleast 1200 calories + what you burned exercising + some more if you were on your feet much of the day?

If not... then undereating is the cause.
In my early 20s I was a B cup but after my marriage I gained weight and they ballooned (no pun intended) to a D. Then this year I started seriously exercising, lost 11 lbs. and they've gone back to a B. I've been bemoaning the fact ever since...I didn't realize how much I loved my D boobs!
Ha! I'm 17 and I'm the only one of my friends who has, like, no boobs. I've had to dip into my old stash of training bras from when I was 12!

Same thing happened to me. I was a nice B cup. Lost 12kg and lost my boobs completely even though the rest of my body only lost a few inches. We are talking asprins on an ironing board!

Had implants 9 weeks ago. Now im a lovely C cup.
...aspirins on an ironing board, now that's funny!

I have the same result from weightloss, too, but I think of it this way: gravity has less to drag down and my skin isn't stretched out.  Before implants, have a look at That site is enough to make anyone have a re-think.
I happen to like small boobies!!
I had nice boobs and ass. and ive lost them both. im really sad about it. REALLY sad. but i worked really hard for the past year to get where i am and i dont wanna give up.
HAHAHAHAHA...I'm so glad I'm not the only one!! I've only been doing this for two WEEKS and my boobies are gone and I was wearing a 40D with super cleavage!! I mean, it's like they deflated after only a 10 pound loss!! On the bright was a good excuse to buy a new bathing suit!!! That's ok though...I have a waist again and when I lose the other 70 or so lbs that I plan on, I'm going to buy a nice new set as a reward!!
I have lost about 8 lbs since January, only 1-2 lbs to reach my goal of 110. I have been very pleased so far that the weight loss has not really affected my breasts (except for reducing the ugly flabby bits under my armpits and reducing my band size enough to make my bra more comfy).

Until this past week... call me crazy, but it truly seems "all of a sudden" I have shrunk this week!!!!! Can it really happen that fast???

The weird thing is that my weight loss has been more or less stalled most of this month, yet I have lost several inches during this time. And it seems just this week the inches have started to shed off my breasts. :-(

I think back to my high school & college days, when I weighed 103-107, and I had an A cup. I suspect if I go too much below 110, I'll be back in an A cup. I had been contemplating going down to 105 just to give myself a cushion, but now I'm not so sure that's a good plan, not if it means I lose my breasts!!!! I like them!!!!
IT SUCKS!!!!!!!  I am happy because I look better in my bikinis, but mad because my boobs don't fill any of them out anymore!!!!!!  Went from a D to a B...... :(. sigh.........
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i'm am SOOOO glad im not the only one! Everyone tells me to eat more, but i've worked so hard for the past 2 yrs to get to where i am now that i realy dont want to give it all up just becuz my boobs have gotten majorly small. But what really makes me mad is being at the gym and seeing very skinny grls with big boobs, i really wonder to myself "how do they do that?!!"

and as for implants...i am considering, but after learning about all the things that can go wrong i'm not so excited about the idea anymore.
You all are crazy!  <<just kidding>>  I love my A cup - mine may be small, but I am in my 30s and they look great - no droop. ;-)  Plus, I think I look thinner than my actual weight b/c I am so small on top.  Also, I can wear sexy backless dresses, no problem.  Honestly, I have never had any guys complain!
mY wife has the same problem, i started to include more incline bench in her chest workouts. it gives the illusion of having more cleavage. mix that with some proper support(Victoria secrets) you you will be good!

Granted, I am starting out bigger with a hefty D that is definitely shrinky, but here are some great things about losing a bit in the girls: 1.  Button-up shirts actually stay closed without a safety pin.
2.  They aren't as sore after running because there isn't as much to jiggle around.
3.  Bra straps are so much more comfortable because they aren't keeping as much pulled up.
4.  I don't catch as many guys leering at them instead of looking me in the eye. 
5.  Smaller boobs generally mean much prettier bras.

Bad things: 
1.  I feel like they look a little deflated now and I'm scared that they are going to be pretty saggy looking with too much else lost. 
2.  I'd really rather lose the weight in my thighs and butt.

I am almost 16 and a 32a. (Yeah, i know small!) But I wiegh 97, so. I Really wonder if there is a way to be skinny with a full bust! Is there??? I would really like to try it, lol.
The only way is with implants or to be extremely lucky genetically. We can't have it all, ladies, however much we might want it! There has to be a trade-off somewhere. Breasts are largely made of fat, so if we lose weight, we lose a cup size, or more.

I am small- the very low end of a 32B I would say, but I am also in my 30s with no droop, no trouble with bouncing when I exercise, and my husband prefers small breasts (or says he does anyway). Luckily I live in Japan where most women aren't any bigger-chested than myself! ;-)

By the way, #15, if you are 15, 97lb it's likely you don't need to lose any more weight. (Just posted on your thread re: having trouble eating enough calories) Please try to stay at a healthy weight so that you don't do long-lasting damage to your health.
Mine have gotten smaller, too.  Fortunately, they're still in proportion with my body, so I'm not very worried.
Me too!

I think I was the only 10 year old with size C boobs. I weighted 150 then and was 5'3''.(yeah very "Matured" 10yrold) When I was 230 my boobs were still a C. Now at 166, they're down to a B but a small one. Some of my B bra dont even fit!! Its horrible.
Ok, everybody, gain all your weight back so you can have some boobs again ... and maybe your life will be shortened ... all in the name of a couple of pieces of fat.
I'm kinda happy about my loss :)  Went from a DD to a D hopefully will get to a C. Only problem is one is getting smaller than the other :) But on my 5'7" frame, they finally fit my body!! :)

ah well, just some of the sacrifices we need to make to lead a long, healthy lifestyle! :)
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