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Ok.  I've really upped my exercise routine over the past couple weeks.  Why?  Its like my body wants to do it, its weird.  Anyways, the scale has slowed down however I refit three more pairs of pants that would not fit 2 weeks ago.  How is it possible to lose inches and not weight.  It just will not compute in my brain and my fear is that I will just give up if I don't see the scale move.  Its frustrating!  I know individual results vary but I still weigh 214 and  1st goal is 175.  I stay within my calorie intake and eat back the ones I burn.  Any advice would help.
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Muscle weighs more than fat, but it is leaner on your body. You can weigh the same amount, have a higher percentage of muscle, and fit smaller clothes. The number on the scale is irrelevant, you should be watching your body fat %.
DON'T PANIC!  This is a good thing!  Your body is burning off the fat and building muscle.  Muscle weighs more than fat, so you can be the same weight and still be smaller.  Also, muscle burns more calories/day so you'll actually be able to (eventually) eat more and still maintain your weight. 

Hope that eases your fear & confusion!
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Stay with it.  Remember muscle wieghs more than fat does.  So as you build your muscle your weight might stay the same, but if you are losing inches you are on the right track.  Besides if you drop a few sizes, who cares what a number on a machines says, you will look amazing even if it does not budge. :) 
I hope so, cause I wouln't want a digital being to determine how well I am really doing.  Thank you I will update in a couple weeks.
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