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Why do I lose weight when I do not go to the gym

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I find this weird... Maybe I am just not very smart about all this but why is it that on the days I workout....cardio and or weight training I do  not see any loses(the next day) but on the days I do not go to the gym I can lose pds?????I have not gone in 4 days and I am down 3pds. Usually I workout @4-5 days a week and I maintain...Which I do not want to do???


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Keep in mind when you do not work out at the gym you are relaxing your muscles.  After some time of not going to the gym you may begin to start losing muscle mass.  On the scale it may say you have loss some weight, but there is a greater chance of you gaining more body fat.

I have the same experience. I was working out with a trainer twice a week and doing cardio on my own 3 days a week. My weight and the scale were driving me nuts. My clothes were fitting differently but the scale was not telling me what I wanted unless I didn't work out for a few days.

Now, I take my measurements and do body fat composition to judge my progress. I rarely get on the scale unless it is need to do the body fat comp measurements.

Do you think that after only 4 days that the muscle would be starting to be lost???  To me it seems unlikely.

Couldn't the weight loss be due more to the muscle no longer retaining water?  If  she lifts as much as she says she does, then wouldn't there always be some muscle trying to recover? But after 4 days or so of not doing anything, it's done it's recovery so lets lose of the water and things needed to repair?

Try not weighing yourself more than once a week.  Anyone's weight varies a lot each day, a lot of it due to hydration levels.  If you weigh yourself daily you're only seeing the natural fluctuations.  Weighing once a week or once every 2 weeks lets you see the real trend more clearly.
I agree with krzylittlecara about the muscles no longer retaining water. I know that I feel heavier on days when I work out, but on days that I don't work out my legs look thinner.

I don't think you are losing muscle unless you are really undereating - and even in that case, you wouldn't lose 3 lbs of muscle in 4 days.. :)
Yup - the loss of muscle protein from not working out doesn't even start until about 10-14 days after your last workout. It takes a while for your body to "believe" that the muscle is no longer neccesary - assuming that you're at or near a calorie balance.

 In a deficit the rules change, but even then the process isn't that fast.

 What you're noticing is most likely the effect of decreased intramuscular water retention and decreased muscular glycogen storage - probably more of the former than the latter. It's one of the variables that can drive you nuts, if you let it - the important thing about a weight loss regime is burning fat and getting leaner, not neccesarily reducing scale weight. 

Thanks everyone...I know people always tell me not to go by my weight but by my clothes. It is just hard because I do weigh on the heavy side and it just does not seem to be budging but my inches are coming off.

I do know that I do drink more water obviously whenI go to the gym....Thanks again for the info. 

I notice the exact same thing. If I skip a workout day, the scale will drop a bit; however, as others have said its just that your muscles aren't holding on to as much water and glycogen. Don't sweat it!
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