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can you lose your period from running?

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if i run 8miles in 1 hour 6 days a week (average) can i lose my period - i'm not trying to lose weight i just like running

if i maintain my body fat can i lose it from the stress i put on my body?? my bmi is currently 18.5....want to get it up to 19 or act as a bit of a buffer....just wondering if it's the stress/the fat loss/or both.

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I dont' believe you can lose it from running but you certainly can lose it from stress and also from losing too much weight.  When you get too underweight or aren't getting enough nutrition your body can shut off your period altogether and it won't return until your weight and nutrition improves.

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okay good to long as it's not from the impact of the last period was a lot lighter than normally so i'm making a concious effort to gain a few pounds this month...but i'm training for a marathon so i'm still running the same amount

I blame my loss of period on running.  I almost never get the darn thing!  I eat really well and I am not a very skinny gal, 5'9 and today I weighed in at 151 (within my healthy range).  The only think I could think of to blame the loss of my monthly visitor on is running.  I run almost every single day between 4 and 10 miles mostly...once in a while I run a few extra on top of that 10.  My doctor didn't seem concerned and he said it's probably due to running as well.

I lost mine for several months back when I used to run 3-4x a week.  I was already fairly thin and I lost a good 10+ pounds when I started running just because I wasn't eating back those calories on a regular basis.  My period came right back when I started eating more/richer food and put back on the weight I had lost.  I think everybody's body is a little different (as far as what bodyfat % your body is happiest at).

If you're going to up your running, just make sure you eat enough to accomodate it.  I would err on the side of deliberately overeating for a while since you're trying to put on a little "buffer" weight.

it is not just about body weight.

if your body feels deprived in any way, your mind will be triggered to hold all nutrients in and you will therefore lose your period.

if you're not losing any weight, really the only other thing that could trigger you to lose your period is deprivation of any sort.

Yes, you can lose it from running. It is a problem that many female atheletes have when they compete strenuously. It does depend on how hard you train and how well you eat. I will note that anytime amenorrhea happens you should be concerned, so see a doctor.

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