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I lose everywhere except my stomach

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I hate working out because I love having a thick body. I used to play fast-pitch softball and all the running got me skinny and I really dont think skinny and/or muscular is good anymore. Everytime I find a regular workout plan I see my thighs deteriorating. I have thick thighs, a big butt, 34 D's, but my stomach isn't as flat as i'd like it. How can I tone my stomach or lose fat in it without losing it everywhere else?
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unfortunately, you can't. It's not possible to spot train/lose. I wish it were so because I am worried about losing my curves too, but unfortunately a belly is one of the last things to go. You can't get rid of it without cardio and overall fat burning. There have been several of us who have posted about this you might want to search the forums for some of the other answers too :) It seems to be a concern several of us share.
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hey body types has to do with where you lose the weight too....
i have pretty heavy legs...i wish we can be mixed together!!haha
well maybe try sit ups and hullahoops...
actually hullahoops makes such a big difference...
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hmm hullahoops huh? My husband can do the hullahoop forever, but I can only use the ones with the weights so everytime we go in wal-mart I'm always tryin to keep goin. I need to just buy one!
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The best thing that worked for me is Pilates it really works on your core and you can see dramatic difference in a couple of weeks
I started doin yoga about 2 months ago, and i have lost about 3 inches in my gut. I worked out with weights and some cardio for about 2 yrs. and nothing, but yoga has really opened my eyes. Now I do power yoga 3 days a week sometimes 4, and at least 30 minutes on the elliptical 5 days a week and finally I am seeing results...
Stress also plays a role. If you're stressed out, somehow your body tends to store more fat around the middle. I read about that a couple of days ago.
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I just started yoga today and it seems that it is much better than other exercises. I think it is something I will be able to stick with. I will post in a couple of weeks with my results!
Frenchy I started taking Yoga in Feb and I swear I lose a pound after every class!  I go every wednesday for an hour.  ITs my wednesday exercise so I take a break from cardio and weights
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