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looking for a good yoga dvd

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I don't have time to go to yoga class, so I'm looking for a good dvd to do at home hopefully one that is going to tone me up a bit and burn some cals like power yoga, any ideas appreciated, thanks

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Have you done yoga before?

I could say a lot about my opinions on yoga vs other kinds of exercise, but if you are new to it, regardless of your goals, I think it's important to have a live instructor, since form is quite important.

no I've done it for a couple years, I'm no pro or anything. I run everyday and I'm just looking for something to stretch and tone and have fun at home since I can't get out now for a class

Ok - my warning only applies to beginners. Which I would be considered, if anything, so I don't have any suggestions :)

Original Post by mellybean1:

I'm just looking for something to stretch and tone

 what does 'tone' mean?

I love Denise Austins Fat blasting yoga it is a great DVD with great instruction on getting the right form. I also like Ellen Barretts DVD's I have all of them. Sculpt and Slim yoga is great!

Biggest loser makes a really good yoga dvd, i'm sore for days when i do it and i feel like i can see a difference and that it helped with toning

There is a member on here named grassdress who posted some online power yoga workouts.  She's my guru.

I use the Netflix on demand service - they have a few different yoga videos and it's ALWAYS available. You don't have to see the screen after you get the hang of each one, and so I can just queue up my computer and get to yoga-ing on the floor near my desk.

I really like the Candlelight Yoga one - good basic stretches ... I use it right after running and never end up sore the next day.

Thanks for the ideas,  I love the yoga work out type stuff so thanks for those suggestions Karrebeaar.

I tried the biggest loser cardio max dvd and liked it (until I got bored of it) There was a cool down yoga thing on that with Bob and I found it pretty cheesy but maybe a whole dvd devoted to it will be different.

Rosieblue I have done that 4 part workout a few times and some others by Sadie Nardini and thought they were ok, so thanks for that suggestion.

That's a good idea to look on netflix, I have it, and use it all the time, it never crossed my mind to get exercise dvds on there

thanks everyone


Netflix is a great idea to try out fitness DVDs.  It's how I discovered Rodney Yee's Total Body Workout (power yoga).  I liked it so much, I wound up buying it.  Used to be free, now they charge for membership.  Whatever.

Their weekly class is still free, but yea if you want to see something different or more options on any given day your have to pay :(

Original Post by santonacci:

 It's how I discovered Rodney Yee's Total Body Workout (power yoga).  I liked it so much, I wound up buying it.

 I am a big fan of this DVD.  It is serious yoga and a good workout.  When I first started it made my arms/shoulders so sore! 

I recommend it.

Rodney Yee

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