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Looking for a buddy - Skinny Fat Body re-composistion

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Hi there,

Im 5ft3 and 119lb's and i working example of skinny fat, who is looking to look leaner. I currently have a body fat rating of about 25% and my aim is to get to about 18% and look toned.

Im looking for a buddy who is roughly in the same position as me exact stats are unimportant height weight etc .. but im looking for someone who is skinny fat like me so  i thought the fitness forum was a better place to look as wieght loss is't exactly the primary focus, while fat loss and muscle gain is.

Anyone fancy buddying up?? to help each other with idea's motivation, support perhaps swap diet / exercise plans etc ... keep us both on track??



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I'll do it!!! Im 5'1" 118 I'm 22% body fat and i'd like to bring it down to about 18-20% and to take it all out of my hips and lower belly. wishful thinking : ( lol

But yeah I'm at a healthy weight or whatever but I still look flabby in certain areas so Im looking for fat loss and muscle gain as well.

And me! I got my body fat measured last week, and it was 23%. Hoping to get it down to about 18% as well! (:

I'm 5'7" and 120lbs.

I can totaly feel your pain!

Im also at 25% body fat :S damn junk food lol Im considered skinny but I know I barely have muscles my "skinny" is mostly fat tissue...

I bought an elliptical last week and Ill be getting on the fitness road tomorrow

Im also hoping to get down to an 18% for my height and weight...

good luck! -xo


I am 5'5.5 and 125.

Body fat of 20%

I would like to have body fat of 14-17%

I'm in the same boat too(ish)

I'm 5' 3.5" and 129

Bodyfat is about 26% (am due for an assessment shortly so not 100%, so hopefully it has come down a bit)

Would def love to get my body fat down to 20%

Am about to try start a new weights program I saw on another post - hope I'll be able for it!!  Also hope to do a sprint triathalon in September.

me to!

I'm female, 5'9" and 145 lbs. I think my body fat is around 23% but that's from an online calculator so it's probably inaccurate, I would love to be around 18%. I'm looking to tone and get stronger.

I just started weight training with a personal trainer at the gym and I also spend about 20 minutes on the elliptical after weight training. In addition to that I also take kung fu (the reason why I want to get stronger).


Count me in, I started in January at 119lbs. (5'2") 27% Body fats. I started working out and gained 15 lbs of muscle, losing 2 inches around the waist and gaining muscle in my arms and legs. I am currently at 24% body fat but I am trying to get down to 18% as well because that is the lowest to be considered healthy, although I'd love 15% if possible:)

Sign me up too!  I'd love to pick up some good tips for this stage of my journey.  Losing the weight was easy for me, making it look good is hard!  I'm 5'9" and 145lbs with a body fat calculated around 18-19% (I'm male).  I don't have any fat on my arms or legs, but my core is a soft mess.  After losing the weight I stayed locked into my calorie goals, but got lazy and took in more fat and less protein than I wanted to.  I'm refocused on where my calories are coming from and looking for the right set of exercise routines to tighten up my core to match my limbs.

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I'm in the same boat.  I'm 5'2" and 126 pounds with 23% body fat.  I want to tone up a lot and get down to 20% body fat.  I have been doing some strength training and have started to see my muscles get more toned.  But the progress is slow and painful.


It's been 8 months and I've probably lost around 40 lbs. of fat, but at least 20 lbs. of LEAN MUSCLE MASS!

I'm an 18 years old male, weigh 171 lbs. and I am officially "skinny-fat" with 27% body fat.

Starting June 3rd, I'm on a new journey to have the healthy body that I've dreamed of. I know what I have to do. I know the mistakes I've made. 

I'm am SO thankful that I've acknowledged this now (otherwise, I would have been in the hospital!).

Good luck to all of you!

Hey everyone. I used to be in the same boat where I was doing a lot of exercise but my bodyfat never really dropped. I was getting really down on myself because I was working my butt off and I was stuck at 19% bodyfat. Then I got on a new program and dropped 7% bodyfat (19% down to 12%) in just over two months and I continue to see results. I have always had a goal of trying to get to 8%. I can share a few tips if it will help.

The first thing I did was re-work my nutrition. I always figured that since I was working out all the time, I could eat what I wanted. I was so wrong. I never realized how much nutrition came into play. Here are the basics - 5-6 small meals per day (1 meal every 2 1/2 - 4 hours) A lot of protein to repair muscle from lifting (1 gram per pound of bodyweight) and carbs from whole grains (whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal) and vegetables. Finally a lot of water and 30-60 grams of healthy fats (Peanut butter, almonds, etc). Pick one day per week, where you have 1-2 cheat meals of whatever you want. That way you curb your cravings and mix up your metabolism a bit. Make sure it is only on that day however. That means no little sweats here and there or cans of soda, etc. Even staying away from diet soda..

You also need to make sure you aren't doing too much cardio and that you are doing the right type of cardio. I used to do cardio 5-6 times per week @ 45-60 minutes a session. Never did anything for me, and it can end up eating away at muscle and making you lose strength. The best form of cardio is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Visit my thread on it here : sity-interval-training-best-ft140800

Finally just make sure to do strength training with intensity 3-4 times per week (45-60 minutes a session) and lift heavy with weights you can only do 4-8 times. This is the same for both men and women.

Hope this helps.. :)

Yeah, guys!  I am so happy you guys are here!  Vyperman is right on the money!  I am training for a figure competition right now and sit at about 9% body fat, so as a female, that's not too bad.  I am 5'5" and about 116-117 pounds.  So, the only thing I would say in response is watch those cheat days!  I think once a week is a bit much, but if you need to for psychological reasons, then by all means, dig in. 5 meals is good, 6 is better, starting the very first thing when you wake up in the morning.  Find out how much protein you should eat at EVERY meal and never cut the protein out!!!  You have to have it!!  I weigh everything out.  I also cut my carbs out completely for my last meal, and this really helps!  I agree, drink a lot of water, I drink over a gallon a day.  I know this sounds like a lot, but you'll get used to it!   As I train for a competition, I don't touch any bread, even the good stuff...whole wheat pasta is good, yams, brown rice and oatmeal, I feel is even better.  Veggies are awesome, especially if they are green and leafy as well as asparagus, broccoli, etc.  I know some do, but I never count calories from veggies.   I would add olive and sesame oil to the list of good fats as well as cashew butter.  Make sure you take a multivitamin, and you ladies should probably supplement some calcium as well, other than that, I'm anti supplements.  I do 30 minutes of cardio in the morning, 60-80% of HR max, 6 days a week.  I do HIIT training 3-4 times a week after my last meal of the day, never more than 15 minutes (not counting warm up and cool down).  And of course, hit those weights! =)  Keep it up, even if it's just for 3 weeks or so and you will see a drastic improvement!  Great job peeps at your commitment to create a better body composition! =)


You are way too modest. 9% for a woman is extremely low. I know a lot of guys (me included) that have never gotten there.  Amazing job!

Vyperman, why thank you!  You seriously made my day!!  It has been a lot of hard work and skipping on some major fun meals, events, etc.  I really appreciate your saying that.  In fact, I think you just helped give me the boost I needed to finish this competition!  Thanks again!

Count me in too!  I'm 32yr F 119lbs 5'3"...not sure what my bodyfat is but I don't care so much about that as I am "looking" leaner.

My biggest problem is getting healthy fats in while keeping calories low.

Stefiann and Vyperman7 - Can you give us an example of what your meal plan for a day?  That would help so much!!

Sure Cheshire!

Minimum 128 ounces water a day, all green leafy veggies I well as veggies listed.

5 a.m. 3 egg whites, 1 whole egg, 1.25 ounces oatmeal, (I make these ingredients into pancakes and add a tad of sugar-free pancake syrup, also multivitamin

Train: cardio 30 minutes, weights

7 a.m. 2.5 ounces turkey breast, 4 ounces sweet potatoes, minumum 3 ounces of asparagus, 1.5 tsp. almond butter (natural, NO sugar) 1000 mg calcium

10 a.m. 3 ounces Tilapia, 2.75 ounces yams, 1.25 tsp. olive oil, minumum 3 ounces of broccoli, usually I eat 2 cucumbers here too.

1 p.m. 3 ounces chicken breast, 2.75 ounces brown rice, 3 ounces fibrous veggie, 1.5 tsp. cashew butter

4 p.m. 3 ounces turkey breast, 3 lightly salted rice cakes, 1.5 tsp. almond butter, multivitamin, 3 ounces min. of fibrous veggie, I also add some stir-fried cabbage here, done in pam spray over high heat (tastes like chinese food to me) =)

7 p.m. 3.5 ounces chicken breast, HUGE salad, 3 ounces of fibrous veggie (minimum) and 1.25 tsp sesame oil

HIIT training after dinner: 5 minute warm-up, 15 sets of 20 second sprints, 40 seconds slow jogging, 5 minutes cool down, and stretching

Another 1000 mg of calcium before bed.

Diet differs on non-training days, for instance, at 7 a.m. meal, I would do 1 ounces of oatmeal instead of 4 ounces of sweet potatoes.

Also, my trainer changes it up a lot to keep my body guessing.  Follow the three hour rule closely as this is super important.  Don't eat between, unless you munch on celery.

Hope this helps!  Good luck!


Wow, thank you!  Yes that does help!

My meal plan is pretty simple. Six days a week, I follow the plan below and Sunday is my rest day where I have 4 healthy meals and 2 cheat meals. One cheat meal when I get up, and the other in the late afternoon before 5PM.


Meal 1 - 1 Cup of real Oatmeal from the tub (not instant), 4 OZ Chicken, 14 Almonds, and a Banana

Meal 2 - 4 OZ Whole Wheat Spaghetti w/ 1/2 cup marinara, 4 OZ Chicken, Apple

Train (Either Lifting or HIIT cardio depending on the day)

Meal 3 - PWO Shake (3 Scoops 100% Whey Optimum Nutrition and 60 grams Dextrose)

Meal 4 - 1 Cup Brown Rice w/ 1/2 cup marinara, 1 Can Tuna, Carrots, 16 OZ Milk,

Meal 5 - 4 OZ Chicken, 2 Pieces of Wheat Bread w/ 2 TBSP Peanut Butter, Carrots

Meal 6 - 2 Scoops 100% Whey Optimum Nutrition, 28 Almonds

* I get about 1 - 1 1/2 gallons of water per day as well.


Wow! This is sooo me!!!  I'm female 5'3, started the journey mid-last year (not really knowing what I was doing until this year).  I started about 115lb I guess and def skinny-fat b/c I have a small frame.  I HATED the rolls on my stomach.  I've never been lean, so I made a promise to myself I would LOSE those fat rolls covering up my abs. 

Soooo, I started running... about 4x a week for half hour, my diet stayed the same, because I hadn't discovered this site yet.  This year however, my diet has changed dramatically!!  I make sure I get enough protein, try to limit sat fats, and watch my calories to create a healthy deficit.  I also upped my cardio to every day to help my metabolism, and introduced a little bit of strength training to keep everything tight.

I am now 107lbs, and my fat rolls have DIMINISHED!!  I'm close to the lean body I have always wanted, and I couldn't be happier!!   :)  

Good luck to you all!

Hi I would love to join in, I believe I totally fall into the skinny fat catogory. 

Apologies to the op if this is slightly highjacking the post but there seems to be alot of knowledgeable people here I would love to hear from.

I'm slightly confused as to what my body fat % is, please excuse my poor descriptions of equipment, but I used a machine at the fitness centre the other day that calualated my bmi, weight, body fat % and hight.  I basically had to grip the handels at the sides of the machine and it printed me a ticket saying I had 19% body fat. 19 bmi I'm female, 28, 5'10 tall.

I was clearly pretty happy with 19% although it would be nice to get it down HOWEVER when I went on a body fat calculator online entering in my measurements I came out at 31%?!?! Has anyone got any methods or clear way of working this out correctly.

My stats are.

F28 , 5'10, 139lbs

bust 34, waist 27.5 hips 35.5 wrist (apparently this was needed) 5.5

Love to hear peoples fitness diet plans. I'm loving that this is less about losing weight and more about body re-composistion.. thanks in advance..

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