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How long to wait before lifting weights

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When you lift weights we're supposed to wait 48 hours before working the same muscles. Does this only apply to lifting heavy weights or in general, no matter the how heavy the weights are, we should always wait at least 48 hours before lifting again?
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my understanding is that is right.  Take a day off between strength & resistance exercise sessions that work a particular group of muscles (the next day you could focus on a different group if it was not worked the day before).

the reason?  because the strength and resistance causes little tears in the muscles and the body needs a day to repair those little tears and make the muscle stronger.  If you don't give it the rest, then you keep redoing the same tears and the muscles don't strengthen and improve nearly as rapidly
I second united's response...
No matter how heavy or light the weights happen to be?
If you're doing enough reps to make yourself "feel the burn"... Then it doesn't matter how much the weights weigh...

However, if you're doing 2-3 reps with some 1 lb weights... Go ahead lol
if the workout is very light so that you aren't even sore at all the next day, I think it's fine to ignore the general rule of waiting 48 hours.

some would argue that you would then need to start lifting heavier weights though! 

Feeling sore the next day?

I haven't felt sore in a long time... and when i lift weights I don't mess around either.

So don't use soreness as a factor.   Just wait it out before working them out again.

Also there's plenty of muscle groups that people neglect.   Like guys that only work their arms, chest and stomach.    I used to be one of those guys myself.... but I now work a lot more muscles including some that benefit the stomach and chest.... the back muscles.

So if you are having trouble getting a routine together... google "weight lifting program" and you'll find a lot of peoples suggestions for that.
I always feel the burn when I lift it's my sister who had gone to the gym 3 days in a row. When we go we always do both cardio and strength training and she was feeling really tired. I told her to wait 48 hours before lifting again but then I wasn't sure because I thought it mattered how heavy the weights were but I guess not. 
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