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How long should it take to run a mile??

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Hi everyone!

I just started a running routine a few weeks ago and I love it!  I really did not think that it would be fun, but its a real rush.  I usually do a t least 2 miles a day 6-7 days per week.

My question is what is a good time to run a mile?  My lowest time so far has been about 8 min and 40 secs.  Is this good? Bad?  Mediocre?
I just need to know what my goal should be for improvement.

If anyone could help I would really appreciate it.  Thanks!
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Whoa!! That's awesome!!! My best is like 10 minutes, I think a good base time for a beginnger is 12 minutes.
I typically run a 10minute mile.  I'm still a running newb tho.

If you're going to run just 1 mile competitively, IIRC in high school track a good time for 1mile was under 6minutes.   LOL I won't see those numbers anytime soon! 
Hmm yeh I am pretty much a beginner to. MY time was about 12 mins for a mile. You're doing pretty good then. :)
There is NO set time to run a mile....every person is different.  I generally run 8:45 per mile in training....7:30 in racing short races.  For longer runs, I go slower.  So, the answer to your question can't really be answered.  It's very personalized.

PLUS...the fastest in the world will break 4 minutes for one mile.  If you're looking for a comparison, that gives you an idea of how speedy these runners are.  Marathoners...professional...will run 26.2 miles in just over 2 hours....that's under a 5-minute mile.

Do what you feel works for you.  Look at race results online from certain races to give you an idea of how others are doing in your age group and distance.  That would be better.

I hope I've helped.
Good advise given so far..  If your looking for comparisons, When I run at the gym on a treadmil, I can do 9 min miles for a distance of 4 miles.  My best time for running 1 mile is 5:08.  It takes patience and persistance.  In today's world, we all want fast results or we get discouraged. 
thanks for the advice evreyone!  I went to do my 2 miles today but I just didnt have any energy.  My time ended up being about 11 mins 20 secs.   which is bad for me.  But oh well...hopefully I will have more stamina tomorrow.
If you ran 2 miles in 11:20, you're doing damned good. The fastest I ever covered that distance was 11:47 during a track meet in high school, when I was 17.

Now I can't run at all (arthur itis in my left foot), so I ride my bike instead.
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my best mile time is a 6.40 and it placed at city. If u r trying to be able to do well in a big track meet or something, you should probably get under 7, but just for excersising, i think you've got a perfect practice pace.

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i run in track and i run 530 ish but i'm gonna try to get sub 520 this year so thats my goal but if ur just running for rec purposes ... don't even time yourself until u've been running routinely. not only will you get a lot faster (i dropped a minute and a half in one season..... ) then u'll see where u are and then where u need to go if u want to run competitively

my longest time has been 7 min. 39 sec.
my shortest has been 6 min. 53 sec.
i think you should keep working up to being in
the 7's.
 Good Luck :]

Original Post by kim712:

my longest time has been 7 min. 39 sec.
my shortest has been 6 min. 53 sec.
i think you should keep working up to being in
the 7's.
 Good Luck :]

If you want to break that record, try slowing down.

8:40 is good.  There are people out there running miles twice as fast and half as fast.  For comparison, my pace in my last race (a half marathon) was 8:42.  Our sheriff's department requirement for deputies is 8 to 10 minutes per mile average sustained for 2 miles.

I think I may be in the minority.  I usually go out for a run and go by time rather than tracking distance.  Say, today I'm going to run for 90 minutes.  For me the rush is just running outside, being alone with myself, occasionally listening to some good tunes.  I have no idea how fast I can run a mile and honestly, I don't think I'm inclined to find out.


i plan my runs and time myself, because i find it helpful in monitoring my fitness gains.  also because if i'm not careful, i'll go out too fast in the first 2k (fine if i'm only running 5, but problematic when i'm going further).

i've never run a single mile (1.6k) so i don't know how fast i'd do it.  i guess it would be fun to find out, but i don't see how it's useful.  i'm working toward 10k being routine (already there with 8k, so i'm well on my way).

i'll be running my first 10k race in may, and i'd like to do it in under 55m.  i think that's respectable for a 42-year-old newbie.

I think to say this amount of miles is good or very good is besides the point. Even if one runs 1 mile in 30 minutes it could still be good for their health depending on what they want to achieve. If your motivation is to stay "heart healthy" then lower mile rates would be expected of you. If your motivation is "endurance training", then higher mile rates per minute will be expected of you. If you are training for "athletic zone", then even higher rates are expected of you. Other factors that also come into play are your weight and age. SO unless you tell us your motivation and goal, running 11, 5, 3, or 40 minutes to teh mile means nothing.

I aim for just running long rather than fast, but if I'm really going at it sometimes I'll hit a 7:30 or 7:00 mile. I run at an average speed of 7mph, but I increase my speed as I go farther and usually end my run at about 8.5mph which is quite fast for me since I'm a shorty.

  I run the mile in 6:22. Thats considered slow to a lot of people. 

It should take a few seconds less than whatever's chasing you.

Thank you sully... The first liar didn't have a chance in this thread. Laughing

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