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how long does it take for muscle pain to go away(??)

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 i worked out sunday and even though i done a cool down and warm up i still woke up monday morning noticeing i pulled alot of leg muscles and in my arms.its now tuesday afternoon and the pain is still there and i really wanna exercise again but cannot because of the pain.

does anyone know how long it takes for the pain in muscles to go?

please reply x
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Well, it depends. Are you just sore? Or is it more serious pain? If it is really a pulled muscle, it can take a while, and depends on the severity of the pull.

However, I think you're probably just sore, because you say that your feeling it all over and because you say you didn't notice it until the next morning. Did you just start working out, or make a significant change to your regimine? If so, I would say with about 95% certainity that what you are experiencing is delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

The soreness should start to decrease now, it usually peaks a day or two after the workout in question, and decreases after that. It may take as long as 4 days or so to completely go away, but it should be tolerable before that. And you can workout while sore, in fact I generally recommend it because it helps loosen the muscles and get blood flowing to them. Just make sure you warm up good before hand, but everything should be fine.

If you are just generally sore it can take up to 3-4 days!  Especially if you are just starting out a serious workout routine but it will get better, you won't always have this soreness every time you work out.  Try stretching after your next workouts to release the lactic acid buildup in your muscles, and also take some ibuprofen before or after your workout.

im not working out to hard ive just started to do a fitness dvd and i done 2 sections of it (20 mintutes long each) back to back on sunday and i was planning to do it 3-4 times a week so i wanna hurry up and get back into the routine. it was the squats and lunges i think that done it in my legs thats why i carnt do them right now coz they kill if i lean on them but. do u have any suggestions for exercises to losen the muscles up?
Anything that gets blood flowing will help, even just a short walk. Also, stretching the sore muscles helps a lot. When I stretch a sore muscle it sorta hurts, but it feels so good too, if that makes any sense.

Obviously, I don't know anything about the dvd you're usuing, but even if it you're not working out too hard (which you're not, I promise), most people will get sore when starting a new routine.

Another thing, be sure you have a good amount of protein right after your workout.  You need the protein to repair your muscles, and soreness will be more severe and last longer, if you don't get the protein you need.

Sore muscles is just lactic acid in there that develops when you don't get enough water/oxygen when you're working out. Make sure you drink a lot of water and breathe right when you're working out and also, as you keep working out the same muscles/exercises you'll find that you'll get sore less often. When you do get sore - drink lots of water and stretch the muscles, even though it hurts! I rarely get sore anymore, but when I do, usually in 2 days its gone, :). I kind of like it in a way, it's evidence of work that I did, ^.^

A warm bath with epsom salts often helps muscle soreness too!

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