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How would you log this?

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Hey all! I saw a couple posts close to this but not quite. ANyways..


I go to a class at my gym called Muscle Fusion. It consists of using weights (barbell) to do a list of strength training moves. Now,   each muscle group series is choreographed to a 5 min song. We do a warmup, squats, chest, back/hams, triceps, biceps, lunges, shoulders, abs.

So, I'm not really sure what to log this as in my activity for the day. I do sweat a ton, my heart rate goes up and I do get slightly short of breath. The movement is almost continuous and we are encouraged to add weight when we can providing that our form is not suffering.


What would you log this as?

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yea i'd also say calesthenics   or  circuit training although it doesn't sound as if you are doing cardio intervals buts the calorie burn may be closer to this.

If it's continuous and keeping your heart rate up, I'd go with circuit training (if you're using any weight at all). Otherwise, I would lean towards calisthenics as well.

Thanks for the replies people! I logged it last night as calisthenics but had previously logged it as weight training low/moderate effort. But I'm pretty sure that I work much harder then the amount of calories that says. So I was wanting to switch it up and try to be more accurate. I wavered between circuit training and calisthenics, but as Kassay said, there isn't really any cardio. I definitly get my heart rate up and sweat enough to soak my clothes, but it doesn't have that cardio feel, ya know?!

I really appreciate the help!!!

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