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Lifting weights, but not feeling the "burn"

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I've only been liftintg weights for two and a half semesters at my community college, so I consider myself to be a beginner. I have an attentive and knowledgable coach who makes sure my form is correct, so I know I am doing my sets right.

I make it a point to increase the amount of weight I lift every three sessions if possible; but, even after doing three sets with 8-12 reps of as heavy weights as I can, I never feel that "burn" or whatever pain is supposed to accompany lifting, either then or the next day.

Is lifting really supposed to be a painful experience? Is it normal not to feel the burn, but still be making progress? I can see that my shoulders and biceps are coming along, but am I maybe not making as much progress as I could?

What else can I do?
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The burn is just lactic acid build up due to oxygen debt in the muscles. your reps range might not be high enough or the weights aren't heavy enough.

Being a beginner you might not have that mind to muscle connection, that is when you can focus on that one muscle doing all the work and eliminate any thing else that could take away from that muscle. If your are not truly isolating the muscle you won;t feel the burn, and if you are not getting sore after the workout that is because you are not doing enough muscle damage to cause yourself to be sore. Muscle soreness has always been the signal that you have received a good workout, if you don't damage the muscle it won't have to repair and grow. So it could be holding you back.

The great thing is being a beginner you could go into the gym and just play around with the weights and see results, the more advanced you get, the closer attention you will to give to your workout.

You might be one of those guy's that never get sore!
I take weight class at my comm college too!!!  Some days I can feel the workout right away sometimes its not until the next day that I say Oh I shouldn't have done that LOL

I pyramid my weights.  IE  I will do 10 lb bicep curls for 12 reps then 12 lbs for at least 8 reps - if I can I'll do 12.  Then back to 10 for 12.  If I can do the higher weight 12 times with ease then I know the next time to start with that weight then up it from there.  Usually by the 3rd set I have trouble doing the 8 reps cuase of the muscle fatigue.

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