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left leg slightly bigger than the right?! help!

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I was trying on a skirt one day, and I noticed that my left leg was slightly bigger/fatter than the right!! I started to notice it when I put on my jeans and it would feel tighter around my leg on the left than the right. And now when I wear my rainboots, I have to adjust the left boot to make it wider than the right =( Anyone can give me suggestions on how to tone the left one or somehow make it skinnier to match the right leg?! This is so bizarre, anyone else have this problem?
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It doesn't really sound like that big of a problem. I know a lot of people are not completely symmetrical -- one arm longer than the other -- one leg, one breast larger than the other ... Did you try measuring with the tape measure to see what the true difference is? If it's a huge difference, which it doesn't sound like it is, maybe you have something wrong? I doubt it though ... 
do you play a sport? cuz this is normal in fencers - our back leg (my left) is much more muscular than my front leg (my right).  the more you fence, the more pronounced this is. 

just a thought.  :]
it's normal. almost everyone has a leg or arm that is a little "fatter" or more muscular or whatever than the other.

my arms are the same, but my left calf/thigh is an inch smaller than the right. i think it is because i am left handed/left bodied, and i work that side more.
Actually, no one is symmetrical- almost every part of your body has some sort of difference between the left side and the right side.  Sometimes it's not noticeable without actual measurements, but these assymetries do exist.  It's no big deal, and I really don't know what to do to work only one leg, either. 
It's a pretty common issue - wouldn't even call it a problem.  I'm not symmetrical, either.  One leg's larger than the other, and same with my arms, but opposite sides.  It's really not noticeable unless you break out the measuring tape, or I wear skin tight clothes (never gonna happen!).  Could be worse - I've known a lot of people who had one leg shorter than the other, which can lead to back problems, ouch!
You are all right; it isn' t abnormal. My left leg & hands are a little larger than my right; I am left handed, & You do tend to use the side you write with more.
Don't panic! Actually everyone is like this to some degree. My left thigh is quite noticeably (to me) bigger than my right,my left foot is bigger (I always make sure I try on new shoes with my left foot),my right ear is bigger than my left, my right hand is bigger than my left, most women have one breast bigger than the other.

It's not strange or a problem, it is most likely only noticeable to you, and favouring one side in a workout probably won't help much.
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I noticed that my skinny jeans (which used to feel roomy) were getting tight on my right calves. Then my right calves and my right thighs. This was after I really got into Spin & Kickboxing classes so that must be it. It's a little annoying, because I feel like I've gained weight, but my left leg still feels the roominess in the jeans. I do lead with my right side and noticed when I kickbox or do spin, my right side dominates (pedals harder and when kickboxing, my jumps and kicks are stronger and higher on the right. I did worry, but mostly because I thought I was gaining weight! Plus I also felt that I was retaining water due to eating something too salty, or having just a little too much wine the night before. Still figuring out my body each and every day! Aren't we all?

how old are you because you may have lymphedema. its quite common in women and normally only in the left leg, hardly ever in the right. i hav lymphedema and im 15. you can find out in childhood, teenage yrs or around your 30s. my left leg is 3 cm bigger than my right on my thigh, 1 1/2 cm on my knee and 1 on my ankle... luckily my mum is a physio and a specialist in lymphatic massage... i managed to find out quickly but if u leave it it can progressively get bigger and bigger. have u had any injuries recently because i fractured my foot which triggered my lymphedema. Many people do not know they have lymphedema and im not saying u do but i strongly advise u to get it checked out coz it can get larger and larger until it becomes rock solid. i hav to wear compression tights every day.. oh and another thing. primary lympedema is long term and u hav had it wen u were born even if the difference between the legs are unnoticable. secondary lymphedema is due to some kind of accident if u brake a bone for example. pllssse get it checked out because i know a 10 yr old girl who left her leg for 1 yr and now her foot looks like a huge triangle.. its worth it :D xxx

I shatterred my right ankle in January of 2001 which required pins, screws, and a plate.  I arrested during surgery and suffered with some idiopathic neuro-muscular problems which slowly improved over several years.  I was left with peripheral neuropathy, some weakness in my right leg, and recurrent tendonitis in my ankle.  During this time, my right thigh has gradually been increasing in size and is now 3 1/2" bigger than the left.  I am undergoing tests to get to figure out what's going on.  I wanted to ask how quickly your lymphedema developed.?


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