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why does my left butt cheek hurt?

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should i keep running or no?


it hurts like only on one side..... on the inside... muscle i'm guessing?


what should i do about this? why do i have it? how can i prevent it? is it serious?



i THINK i've had it before, but i ran it off in a week or two....
but my xc thing is starting soon, and i dont wanna hurt myself

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What where you doin when the pain started?


Good chance your sciatic nerve is inflammed on your left side.

You could be developing Sciatica -

It's the body's biggest nerve, and it runs through channels of large holes in your bone, and even the slightest bit of inflammation can cuase it to rub inside those holes in your bone.

i was.... i think running probably haha


what can i do about it?

Well it's more then likely not the muscle, since it's isolated to only 1 side.


sciatic nerve irriation can be the sign of some serious issues - 


The fact you've had this feeling before would seriously concern me, as Chronic Sciatic nerve pain can be a sign of a herniated disc in the lumbar of spine -

However, before we jump to conclusions - Also know that it can be cuased by other factors 

Only way to know for sure is to consult with your doctor -

Also you might want to try some Sciatic Exercises heres a source for you /overview-sciatica-exercises

does it matter if it was on my other buttcheek?


its soo annoyign :( what can i do myself? should i keep running?

For whatever it's worth, when I lift heavy for my legs I often feel it more in one leg than the other.  Like yesterday I did leg press @ 270lbs + a bunch of other stuff...and today the right side of my butt hurts more than the left.  Maybe we just weren't working out in a completely balanced way or maybe one side of our body is/was weaker.

You've felt the pain on both sides?


I wouldn't recommend running since this is obviously whats cuasing the pain.

Lets take a look at pain


Pain is cuased by something touching a sensory nerve, wether it being the nerve pinched, or inflammed or another structure inflammed and touching it - 

Either way runnin "Through" it will not resolve the issue if it is in fact Sciatica, and even if it isn't you would have to see your Doctor, and you should.

This can either be an onset to a serious issue, or just a false alarm, but with out more information there is no way to know - and only your doctor will know for sure.

I started getting an intense pain in my butt a few years ago - I thought it was sciatica, but it turned out to be an issue with my hip (related to a shoulder injury from a few years earlier).

I'm the only person I know that at 25 years old had to sit out bowling, because I'd throw my hip out.


There's no way anyone could diagnose your pain over the internet - it's worth seeing a doctor. In the mean time, you probably should take a break from running, in case that does make it worse.

You could have 1 side weaker then the other, or your motor nerves have some issues, would can be resolved by a deep tissue massage, i had a similar issue with my arms - Thorciac outlet syndrom - a "Knot" in my Rh.Major was pinching my Brachial Plexus, and causing weakness in one arm, a deep tissue massage can help relieve the knot.


It is possible to have Knots in your Glueteus Maximus, and Mini - as well as your Deep lateral muscles 


Either way it all comes full circle back to nerves 


See your Doc, or get a nice Massage - 

Which ever your insurance will cover with a cheaper co-pay :P

Probably best to go see a doctor or a physiotherapist. Many people when they start running (or increase milage) will experience a 'pain in the butt' that is related to a muscle weakness. It's not uncomon to be only on one side (often times the other side starts hurting later if untreated). Most people are stronger on one side. Stretch all the muscles in your glute/hip/hip flexor/IT area daily and do some strenght training to help build the muscle.

If it is sciatic nerve irritation you wouldn't be able to walk without screaming pain, if that's the case go to the doctor right now!

That would be because I'm pinching it compulsively.

I apologize. 

Would you like me to start on the other butt cheek just to even things out?

Before you start worrying about hip and sciatic nerve long has it been hurting - this time.  Your apparently a runner...cross country you you favor one side of your body/legs when you run -..partic. on hills.  Have you lifted anything heavy recently ...or when you first noticed the pain, had you lifted anything heavy at that time and/or did you do anything besides running? Is the pain isolated in your butt cheek or does it shoot down your leg and/or up your lower back?

There are a ton of possibilities but as Amethystgirl mentioned, the only true diagnosis would be from a dr. If it continues, it's prob. a good idea to see one!

it started after 1 week after i increased my milage by 1 mile after training @ 5 miles for about 2 months...... so i dont think im over doing it?


i can walk and run... just annoying.
doesnt hurt AT ALL sitting
hurts when i put pressure on  it
um.... i dont know which side  i perfer/ if i lifted anything heavy......
its just isolated in the buttcheek..... NO shooting down leg/ lower back...


urgggg dont wanna bother going to dr :(

Would it help if I trimmed my fingernails?


nerve damage can be lessened by position but overall, hurts all the time. Sounds more like some type of strain. A pinched nerve definitely feels worse when there is activity but you will still feel uncomfortable at all times.

Just stay away from impact cardio..take some ibuprofen and time to feel better.

But, if it is concerning you and/or continues..that dr you don't want to see is probably the next best bet!

its not serious is it?


would it be damaging if i continued running?......... i just really really love doing it to start my day :( but... if i want to stay safe... ya i should break? :( I DONT KNOWWWW




thanks for the info

If youre in pain..stop. running. You DO know just don't want to hear it. [If it helps, I'm the same. I only give good advice....have a hard time taking it!]


i know this is kind of late but......

i kept running with it but it eventually went away :o

i'm sorry


but i'm super fine now ;)

Look up piriformis syndrome and see if it matches your symptoms. It is basically an inflamed muscle on top of the sciatica nerve (no big deal) that can cause pain on one side of your buttock, back, and even down the leg.

There are all kinds of web sites that talk about stretches that help. If this is what you have you should be able to workout at a reduced intensity. It happened to me too.

Hope this Helps

Good Luck

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