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Learn to Run - Who wants to do this with me??

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*** New People Always Welcome ***

Hey all! A few years ago I started a "learn to run" program at my local running store. About 1/2 way through I got shingles (nasty!) and I had to quit.

Now I want to start again. I am starting on Sunday, March 11 and would love it if anyone wanted to do this with me :)

It's an 8 week course. You should do it at least 3x a week so you're ready for the next week, & don't forget to stretch before & after.  (I actually really like 4x a week & it really prepares me for the next week's numbers)

Take your car & figure out a 3.1 mile or 5 km route & then run/walk for the minutes it says below until you reach 3.1 miles or 5 km.

Week 1 - Walk 3 mins, Run 1 min
Week 2 - Walk 3 mins, Run 2 mins
Week 3 - Walk 2 mins, Run 3 mins
Week 4 - Walk 2 mins, Run 5 mins
Week 5 - Walk 2 mins, Run 7 mins
Week 6 - Walk 2 mins, Run10 mins
Week 7 - Walk 1 min, Run 14 mins
Week 8 - Walk 30 seconds, Run 18 mins 

It also says for week 8, if you find that you don't HAVE to stop running after the 18 minutes, then by all means, carry on without the walking break.


Excellent Running Tips - Compiled by inci_vinci (from suggestions/experiences contained in this thread) on page 46, post # 913.  All new runners would benefit greatly by reading these prior to beginning. Good luck all!!!!!!!!! 

Oh and while you're at it, drop over to the Mission: Run Around the World thread & add your miles there!!!!


GRADUATION LIST: The following people have started this running program (or one similar) & can now run 5K (without walking), congrats to all of you!!!!

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Hey guys,

You have the same thread at the top of Fitness forum. Learn to run - AGAIN. It was started by the same person. It is not that active but i hope it will become  soon. I just strarted this program. This is week 2. So please, keep sharing your progress if you're up for it on that new topic.

Best of luck to you both.


ledenkica - I just started this recently too!  I'm doing week 4 now.  Yesterday I just wanted to see how far I could go and I went for 25 min. straight, I was thrilled!  Now I need some good running shoes, my shins are starting to hurt. 

Keep up the good work and good luck.

Okay, count me in!! I've been wanting to try this for awhile... Can we start with jogging? Or does it have to be a full run? -I'm so excited to have others to do this with!

I'm jogging, not ready for an actual run yet!  I think you should go at your own pace with the jogging at first, then work on speed.  My shin still hurts so I may be sidelined for the rest of this week. 

Thanks! I will definitely do that. -Sorry to hear about your shin. That can be very painful. Hope your back up and at it in no time. - I'll be starting today... will be interesting. If nothing else, it could add some comic relief to my day. Cool

Is anyone still doing this?? I am starting this program today and wanted to see if I could find a buddy...

I have recently completed it.  There's a more recent thread in the fitness forum.  Do a search for "Learn to Run AGAIN" and you'll find it.  Good luck! 

(and if anyone knows a still more recent thread for this program, let us know!)

Good for you you guys!

I have one tip that could save you hours.... go to   

You can plan any route, in any town, from your computer!   Their basic service is free

Happy trails!

I just started Calorie Count and this is the first thing I've seen that grabbed my attention. I think I'll be able to do this! I'm looking forward to it.

I'll be starting shortly and can't wait to see how far I'll come.


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