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What is known about aerobic exercise and appetite?

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Re intensity, duration, effect on hormones, any compensatory responses, etc.

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For some people it increases appetite, for some it decreases it, for others it has no noticeable effect.


There isn't a one way correlation between exercise and appetite.

thanks for replying, armandouc.

i know it's far from settled, but have read that, eg, women may be more prone to an increase in appetite than men; that after high intensity exercise, appetite may be suppressed (in young fit men), but only temporarily; that formerly obese people respond to food cues (dopamine sys) after exercising, but that always-lean people don't.

For me, glycogen depletion seems to play a significant role in my hunger. It is kind of a complicated subject though. Glycogen doesn't get re-formed as fast as you digest your food, and I'm hungry until it is mostly filled back up. I have to play a waiting game, while that happens (up to two days, ugh).

Luckily, I am a pretty good fat burner. I can get up to about 600 cal/hr without depleting my glycogen, or getting hungry afterward. Yes, there is some utility to that "fat burning zone" that everyone says is a myth (but the machines show the zone/level wrong, if you are athletic at all).

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