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how do you know what pace your walking at ???

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when i try to figure out how many calories im burning while im walking i dont know what to go i dont know what 3 mph is lol how do i figure this out ?...because they will have things like this to choose from:

  1. Walking, 2.5 mph
  2. Walking, 3.0 mph
  3. Walking, 3.5 mph
  4. Walking, 3.5 mph, uphill
  5. Walking, 4.0 mph
  6. Walking, 4.5 mph
  7. Walking, 5.0 mph

    so how do i know the difference...i dont know what to choose!!! help !!!
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Well there are a couple of things you could do. 

1) buy a pedometer which shows either the speed you were walking, or at least the distance (so you can work out the speed yourself)

2) Look on google maps (or similar) and measure how far your usual walking route is. Then use the time it takes you to figure out speed.  (this is very approximate)

3) If you walk around your neighbourhood, zero the counter on your car and drive where you usually walk (to get distance).  Then work out speed from the time it usually takes you to walk. 

The second 2 arent easy.. i'd use a pedometer.  

OR - if you use a treadmill or go to the gym, those machines would also tell you. :) 

ahhhh yeah the secind one is good !!! i never thought of this one !! thanks !!!

I just walk and don't worry about the speed but I keep an eye on the time and remember which streets I'm walking on... then when I get home I open up and put my walk in there and it tells me exactly how far I went and how fast I was going on average. Then I come to and put the time and speed into my activity log to find out how many calories I burned...

You can also map on googlemaps (I did before I found the walking site) but then you have to do the speed calculation by hand... does it all for you!  

They do have pedometers that are about $12 - you can attach, and that will monitor your speed.

The other method is by 'talking while you walk'.  If you can talk easily; conversational, it's 2.5 miles an hour.  If you're walking 3 miles an hour you'll find it harder to talk without interrupting your talk as you try to breathe.  If you're going 4 miles an hour, you won't be able to talk; just walk very fast and breathe.

Once you've 'talked to yourself' (or someone else who might be with you), you'll pretty well gauge the speed from having practiced it enough to know.

If you like to sing, sing softly - again, how easily you can sing determines the approximate speed.

I gave up on the pedometers because you have to set them first - you take average steps; then you set the meter.  If you go faster than the average, it will take that into account, and give you a pretty accurate reading.

Don't forget to give yourself credit for time walked while 'window shopping' at the mall.  Count the speed when you're shopping at the grocery store (when it's not crowded - if crowded, you can't gain much speed).

If you don't like setting as 'distance' (such as one mile down the road, and one mile back), keep your walks close to your home; just repeat the path you took by 10 or 20 times 'back and home', etc.  I like this approach so if I get tired, I'm not so far away, that the trudge back is tiring.

When I traveled in my line of work, I'd jog the perimeter of the hotel parking lot (x) 30 = I never found a parking lot that didn't give me the room I needed to walk or job in.

I like the school playgrounds; the basketball courts where I play basketball and/or walk the perimeter.

Walk the length of the football field (it's 300 feet long), so 18 times (9 down; 9 back), will give you a mile.  You can always take a break; go back and do it again after you've rested.

The good news is walking DOWN a hill gives you a good work-out; if you have a route that takes you down hill, but you don't want to come back up, create a route that brings you back at less of an incline.  Fortunately where I live, I can go down-hill; keep on walking - come back up where the climb isn't as steep.

I have a condo' - there are 3 flights/stories.  I live on the bottom story; I walk up and down the stairs outside my door - then to the next building, and repeat.

I never take an elevator or escalator; I park way out in the parking lot so it forces me to walk to and from the car.

Hope these give you some ideas of how I manage my walking.  I'm 65, and not overweight; keep in shape by mixing my activities and of course, eating tasty recipes that are not high calorie (I never have dessert; muffins, or put sauces on my foods - those will spike that calorie chart significantly).  Diane

GPS baby! I can't live without mine!
I used google maps to figure out how far it was from my school to my apartment and walked it, then calculated it based on the time. lol. I found that I am an INCREDIBLY fast walker and that I walk at the pace of a run.


rate = distance / time

Or in other words: mph = miles / hours

If you know how far you're walking then just time yourself. If you're on a treadmill it should tell you how far you've gone. Just remember to divide the number of minutes by 60 in order to get your fraction of an hour.

If you're not on a treadmill then just get in your car and drive the walk using the trip odometer. 

So if you walk 2.3 miles and it takes you 40 minutes then first divide 40 by 60 to get the time in hours. That's 0.667 hours. Then divide 2.3 by 0.667 and you'll get 3.44 mph.

If you walk on trails and can't drive your walk then try this. Let's say you walk 40 minutes every time you walk. So for one day walk along the street for 20 minutes in one direction. Then walk 20 minutes back to your starting point. Then drive that exact same trip using the trip odometer in your car to figure out the distance. As long as you are able to walk approximately the same rate than you walk on the trails then you're good to go. All you're looking for here is an estimate anyway. There isn't an amazing difference between 2.5 and 3.0 mph in calorie burning. 

I took the car and mapped out different areas that equaled 3 miles.  We also have some man made lakes that I walk around. Most are about 2.5 miles so I add on another 20 minutes. I try  to walk for 60 minutes.  That is usually good enough for me.  
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