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knee pain- front inner (not behind the kneecap) below the knee cap pain won't heal.

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So I've taken three weeks off and doing every non-knee-weight-bearing pt exercises and stretch I can think of or find- and doing them correctly.  Other than walking to my car from work and back i'm off of my knees.

I was running ~5 k 3-4 x/week when the pain started.  It's about two inches below my knee on the inside (as opposed to underneath/behind my knee-cap), and its slightly swollen and tender to the touch.  It doesn't hurt while going down slopes/steps but soon after.  About five steps into a jog and it hurts and I'm limping!  I quite trying to run about three weeks ago.

Anyone have any ideas what this might be?  I thought my knees were strong until now. 

I know, I know, I'm back with another injury.  


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monalisamonkey:  There are many things it could be.  I am not a medical expert, so I am not suggesting I know what it is or what to do about it (other than going to a doctor, of course).  What comes to mind to me, because I had one daughter and a couple of female athletes I coached who had it, is Osgood-Schlatter's.

However, since your pain is on the inside below the knee, it might not be that at all.

Best of luck on figuring out what it is and getting a remedy.

monalisamonkey: glad to see you back, there are so few climbers around here on CC!!! Did your shoulder heal up? Ice climbing this winter?

Sorry. I don't have a clue on lower-inside knee pain. Sometimes, swelling that comes from deeper exudes to that hollow area on the lower inside of the kneecap, but has nothing to do with that spot specifically. That kind of swelling usually exudes on both sides of the patellar tendon though. Does it actually hurt when you press on the spot?


It sounds exactly like what I had a year ago. I ended up having an MRI and it was a meniscus tear that wasn't too bad and I was able to have it treated with just a cortisone shot. Definitely have your doctor check it out, because at least in my case it wouldn't have healed on it's own and it was painful! I was so happy to be able to exercise and be pain free again.

A common cause of non injury related knee pain, especially in that area is IT band syndrome. Since you do a lot of running, your IT band may be inflamed which is sending pain down towards your knee. I dealt with something similar for two months. I was doing hill sprints 2x per week and doing heavy squats and deadlifts. I fell behind on my stretching and foam rolling. My right quadricep and IT Band became extremely agitated and gave me pain right below the knee on the inner part of my shin.

After two months of religious stretching and foam rolling, the pain went away.


ShaneP, I have considered the O-S disease, though I don't think it's that but I have banged my knee several times while rock climbing.

OGR- hello!  My shoulder rocks!  I gave it a full year and now post-surgery I'm finally hitting the weights full on after much pt and continue pt--always the rest of my life.  In fact, my bionic shoulder seems to feel much better than my other shoulder!  hahaha.  Did some great climbing this summer in Uniweep canyon-crack climbing!  And yes, I have a tender mushy spot where it hurts and it does hurt to press on it.  However, it does not hurt when I have the knee brace on.

Freddiesmum, thanks. I have looked into that one too as sometimes other knee strains or injuries can lead to the pan anserine bursitis and/or tibia stress fractures.

Vyper, you always teach me new stuff.  I though IT band syndrom was isolate to the outside thigh and knee area only.  But I have been strengthening (on isolated work-out machines) all thigh muscles and really really stretching them.  I do know several IT/periformis stretches and am doing those religiously.  I also do torture myself on the foam roller too.  I still can't release all of my body weight on that outer thigh just yet on the roller though, holy crap that hurts.  Perhaps that's part of my problem.

So if you look up pes anserine bursitis that's exactly the symptoms and location, but I could be wrong. 


thanks to you all!

Ok, the pain has changed.

After a short run I can confirm this pain pattern: It starts on my outer calf muscles then the pan "radiates" or makes it way to the other spot below my knee to the inside, below the kneecap.

This is what, week 8 of no running, except for twice to test it, and low-impact and other weight stuff that doesn't bother it.

I only feel it after my run, a few hours later.

Anyone experienced this ever?

It sucks ****.


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Hi MonaLisa,

I was wondering if you ever found out what was wrong with your knee.  I am experiencing the same thing...hoping for bursitis and not a tear, although did a pretty strenous hike a few days ago, that I don't think would have been possible with a torn meniscus.

I know this is an old post, but it sounds exactly like what I am experiencing right now, with tightness in my outer calf muscle and pain that seems to radiate to the spot on the inside of my knee below the kneecap.




MonaLisa hasn't logged into her account since last September. I'm not sure she'll see this.

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Hi I'm new here. Just a thought u could try Tommie copper knee wraps. As a long time suffer of Osgood schlatter disease the only things that seem to help are pain meds(Tylenol, advil), R.I.C.E.(rest, ice, circulation, elevation), and a Tommie copper knee wrap. As a framing carpenter in northern Alberta Canada this is the only way I can get through my work day. U could try vitamin e and selenium as well
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