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5k how long?/your time?

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I am assuming that 30minutes is an average time for a 5k? 

What is a good time for a 5k?

Those who currently workout running a 5k, what is your time?

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I do 3.1 miles in about 34 minutes or so. Not the fastest, but it's good for me right now.

30 minutes is a good bet.
At a disneyland event they started the timer, but I didn't get to start untill about 10 minutes after everyone else (bad system, traffic, bottlenecking etc.) and when I finished it said 36...I'd say my time was in actuality around 28-30 minutes.
When I'm not with a pack of people I run slower, though.
** the athletes who were in it to "win" had a time of around 14-15 minutes if I remember correctly. I thought that was crazy.
I would say 30 minutes is around average.  My last time was 28, but I was also at the back of the pack, so maybe 27-ish?  My goal for the next one is 25:30 though.
well although i had a good grounding in fitness (gym junkie) i never started running until 1 week ago and today did 3.1 miles in just over 30 mins yey!!
I run a 5K in between 26 and 27 minutes
My first 5k race was 3 months after I started C25K and I completed it in a very HARD 37 minutes.....7 months later, I run it in an easy 30.

I am 37 years old and I do NOT push myself with trying to attain speed, but rather I shoot for increasing distance and have found that the 7 minute improvement was likely due to the natural development of my body strength (with adding weights as a 3X per week aspect of my training) and my weight loss of 45lbs.  I now run consistent 10 minute miles and steadily increase my distance (I'm currently at 6 miles for my long run).

Last September, I ran my first 5km and came in at 48minutes.  That is not too good. I have another 5km this saturday! I hope to be under 40 minutes!!

I completed my first 5K on Saturday....i clocked 33:25 which i was proud of =)  cant wait to run more!

risza.....good luck on Sat!!!

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new to running...currently I'm running/walking 3 miles in 45 mins....:( 

my goal is 30 mins for 5 miles with no walking!!

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A fast walk is 8k/hr, which means 5k in 37-38 mins.  A moderate jog for a relatively fit person is 10k/hr, which gives you your 30mins.  I think that is pretty good to aim for.

When I was running 10k a day, I usually did it in just under 60 mins.  My PB for 5km was 21mins.   Ahhh, the old days, all before I wrecked my knee! :(

A very fit person could run it in 14-15.

My 1st 5k was 28:04.  My 2nd was 24:38.  My 3rd was 25:15 (bad day.)  My next race is a half-marathon, so we will see how that goes.

Original Post by amy4302:

new to running...currently I'm running/walking 3 miles in 45 mins....:( 

my goal is 30 mins for 5 miles with no walking!!


That is rather fast.  That'd put you around a 36-37 minute 10k.  And about a 1:20:00 Half-Marathon.  You might want to readjust your goal a bit. 

I'll second risza! My first 5K last October clocked in at 44 minutes, and it was all road, which I hate (I train on trails). But it was still a better time than I expected!

I've already started training again for a 10K this September, but it's a trail race, and I hope to get it done in 1:20. I'm hoping to do a 5K in July or August to see where I'm at, and I'm hoping to get down to 35 minutes for that.

I have short legs, so my natural gait is only about 5 mph.

Thanks jeremy6201....I really have no idea about times and all that...I've been running for only 2 weeks and can only get about 2 miles in before I have to walk some...I would love to get to 5 miles with no walking in a few weeks, and do it as fast as possible.  I hate that it takes so long to run, but I love doing it.  I'm always short on time so I have to do it as quick as possible.  Is that bad?  Will I get the same results running 5 miles fast as I would slow?

My PB was 19:30 in the autumn. I don't know how fast I run now, though, because I messed up my knees and I haven't been able to run for the past four or five months.

I am really proud of myself today!!!

I have just ran 7 km in 40 minutes!!!!

I just ran a 5k yesterday and clocked in at 24mins 30secs, which is my PB to date. I'm hoping to whittle that down, since I only trained for a week this time. 20.30 is my goal, but we'll see how that goes! 

I've been training for a 5K coming up on May 11th. I ran 3.22 miles this weekend in 31:50. For me being an incredibly slow runner - I am happy with that, especially since I was just jogging around a local lake by myself. I am hoping that on race day I can get it under 30 just with the extra "motivation" and "push" of being in a race.

This past Thursday I timed myself for a mile - I did it in 8:21. About 2 months ago it took me 9:30...

Slowly but surely I am getting faster, but I cannot by any means maintain a 8:21 pace for 3.1 miles.

This weekend I ran the first lap (3.1 miles) around the lake in 9 minutes, but the next lap I was struggling, so I slowed down (even walked for 1 minute)--- by the 3rd lap I got my breath and strength back and finished the last part of the run pretty strong --- all in all coming in at 31.50. I like to start off slow and steady and finish in a sprint for as fast and far as I think  my short stubby legs will carry me.

My PB is 21:58, and that was for cross country :p

so dunno

I just ran one and it took me 27 minutes... I thought it was a pretty good time, considering it was the first time off a treadmill all winter.  Don't try and beat other people: there will always be someone better and you'll just defeat yourself.  Just try to do better than your current best!

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