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I remember reading somewhere that jumping rope can be really good for you. I was wondering if any one does it, and if so has it really helped? Does it tone certain parts of your body?
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I "pretend jump rope"  basically do the moves without the rope - its an awesome cardio work out.  Not sure if it helps certain body parts but it'll burn cals like no body's business LOL
It's an awesome exercise, and amazing for your calves! ^^

It really does help, and I totally recommend it- it burns tons of calories in a very short time.
Thank you guys so much! Its good to know that helps.
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Can be great for your calves but shattering for the ego! I actually was just challenged to a "jump off" by my daughter and her friend that is sleeping over. I was a jump-a-holic in school so was being smug...  oops! 

Silly question perhaps but... is skipping rope as beneficial in calorie burning as actual jumping?
Yeah, I jump roped everyday for about 20-30 minutes and I noticed a difference in my legs and it even tones your arms and abs.  Plus, I was still losing 2 pounds a week after replacing that with tons of running!
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I absolutely adore running, but as a college student, found little time for actually fitting in a good 1-2 hour run into my schedule.  I heard that hearty jump roping for 10 minutes would equal the physical effects of running for a half an hour, so I picked up a cheap $3 jump rope from the local Meijer and had at it.  Now, I can get in a congruent cardio workout of running for an hour in only 20 minutes each morning.  I was a little skeptical, but between that and dieting and cutting out ALL sweets and "bad for you" foods, I have been able to lose 7 lbs in just 2 weeks! Granted, the jump roping is 7 days a week and also goes along with weight training and ab work, but it is all so much fun and is really gratifying to see myself losing that summer weight that came from working 3 jobs and grabbing a quick meal whenever available.  Even though I miss running everyday, I have noticed a much reduced pain in my hips and lower back that, I assume, came from running too much.  Try it and have fun is all that I can tell you! You will see results if you jump rope for 20 minutes nonstop (until you are sweating, in my case, profusely).  Great and fast workout!
wow, sounds great! i'm gonna try some jump roping now...
I can't beleive how taxing jumproping is, I remember very vividly when I was about 7 years old, my sister got a new rope and I was inside all day jumping around, trying to come up with fancy ways to swing the rope around, etc. I remembr this very clearly, I was playing with that thing for hours.

Fast forward 15 years, and I hear jumproping is great exercise-apparently all the elite boxers do it-and so I went and got me a jumprope...all the while having a picture in my head of me jumping gaily around in the sunshine with flowers and puffy clouds and rainbows, totally carefree and having a merry old time...oh boy, was I ever wrong! I do 100 jumps, with 1 leg at a time (as opposed to jumping with both feet leaving the ground at the same time), and I am absolutely spent! I can only do it for a couple of minutes at a time, and that is when pushing myself hard.

1 thing I find surprising is how much it seems to work your arms, they are always sore afterwards.
Jumping rope is a great exercise. Has anyone ever seen or tried the weighted jump ropes? Here's a couple that Walmart has, but I like to use one's that are a little heavier: duct_id=4183610
Cool, thanks for bringing up the idea. I am going to buy a jump rope this weekend. It would be perfect warmup before using my punching bag, or if done for an entire 1/2 hour, would be a workout in its self. Looks like it burns plenty of calories on a moderate effort.

bill (affraid of how tired I will be after only ten minutes)
I do jump rope everyday for only 15 minutes including gym work... i havent seen any results so far because i don't do it vigorously enough.. i tend to trip up a lot even though i keep my head up.. i guess i just need more practice.. and it is a hell of a lot of fun !!
Jumping rope is sooo hard!  Ive also read several times over the years its a great way to reduce cellulite!  I have a rope and really need to start using it again.  Its just so dang hard!!!  :)
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