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Are Jumping Jacks good for Love Handles?

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Trying to get rid of love handles and back fat?

Does jumping jacks or jumping rope help?

I kow they are good for cardio but thats not my question, its for those danngg LOVE HANDLEESS

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You can't spot burn fat, so no, they won't be specifically beneficial for that area - but they are good to do and will increase your burn, leading to overall fat loss (if your diet is in check) which eventually will come from your problem spots.

Or put it another way - they are no better and no worse than any other way of increasing your calorie burn.

Well, the tough answer is, you gotta burn off the fat.  That's what they are.  Whether it's jumping jacks, running, swimming, aerobics, doesn't matter.  You can't spot reduce fat.  Your body has to metabolize it to energy.  No matter what anyone else may tell you, there is no other way.  If you burn more than you consume, the love handles will go away.  Good luck, and don't be in a hurry.  It takes time...............but it's worth it!!

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