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Jogging vs Cycling

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I just recently bought myself a bike and im loving it, due to the new england weather though i have had only a few small chances to ride.  But i love it!!  Im slowly working on my speed and stam.

My sister has just recently moved down to my area. 

We both have had children and gained a significant ammount of weight.  Due to calorie count though and disiplined dieting and exercise I have lost over 30lbs, my sis on the other hand is stubbon and has not lost much at all. 

I can not convince her to calorie count, but I can get her to work out with me. 

She prefers to jogg, I prefer to cycle. 

My question is; we plan to go to the high school track so that my speed doesnt seperate us.  What is a more effective work out, 2miles of jogging or 5miles of biking.  We have not worked out together yet, but im estimating I can cycle 5 miles in the time it takes her to jogg 2 miles.

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It seems that you will burn less if you have to slow your pace to stay with her. Also the track I am assuming is flat and will take away from any hills you may incounter from being elsewhere.

I think that you should ride you bike they way you do at a different time of the day and then when the both of you want to be together then you can get the extra workout in with her on the track.   You dont want to slow your self up for her though.

That is just what I think.


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In terms of which one of you burns more calories, it really will depend on how fast she runs and how fast you ride.  I am assuming that it is not so much the distance that you each do, but that you will both be going for the same amount of time, like about 25-30 minutes.  Under the activity log, an hour of running at 5 mph is listed as burning the same number of calories as riding at 12-13.5 mph if it is the same person doing it, but since you and your sister weight different amounts, the total calories each of you burn will be somewhat different.

Anyway, the most "effective" exercise is the one that you are willing to do on a regular basis.  So for you that is bicycling and for her it is jogging.  I say go for it (but check to make sure the high school will allow you to ride a bike on their track).

Thank you, the track is just flat.  And normaly the places i ride are bike paths that are flat.  I try to vary my speeds and do sprints.  I could ride on the road for hills and such but theres no walk ways and I dont want to risk getting hit.

Im not up for dying to look thin lol

congratulations on your loss. 

My 2 exercises are walking/jogging and my hybrid bike which I love.  Funny, I was just sitting here trying to decide which to do tomorrow and saw your post.

have you ever looked up the 'activities' here, to see which burns more?  I've tagged bike riding and walking and on weekends when i have time, I like to log them.

Whatever you do have fun !

Aug 30 2011 20:27
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I reduced jogging to a 1/4 mile per day on an indoor track and increased riding my bike no less than 4 miles per day. I can maintain my weight on 2000 calories per day. 

Assuming you ride the 5 miles miles in the same amount of time that it takes for her to jog the 2 miles and you both are pushing yourself just as hard then the calorie burn will be pretty much the same for both of you.

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