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Jogging + calories???

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This is going to sound silly, but I'm new so forgive me!!!

Yesterday I logged all of my calories for the day, which came to about 1000. I'm on 1200 per day, leaving me with 200 remaining. So I decided to go for a jog/walk (50 minutes!) then come home and treat myself to a 160 cal greek yogurt to finish off the 1200 for the day, but when I came home and logged my run, it suddenly gave me an additional 350 allowable calories.

Am I supposed to be eating 1200 calories + the amount of calories burned during work outs? I thought it was 1200 calories no matter ...

I'm confused, please help! 

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When you increase the amount of calories you burn (exercise), you also increase your calorie deficit. Too large of a deficit and you don't take in enough energy. That's why CC is telling you to eat more.

That being said, very few people should be eating as little as 1,200 calories to lose weight. I know that's probably the number that CC is giving you but you should probably be eating at least your BMR. Here is a calculator.

Very petite, elderly, sedentary women are usually the only ones that should be eating so little. You're obviously not sedentary and I doubt you're elderly.

Edit: Goodness! I just saw your stats from another post and you are severely undereating if you're only taking in 1,200 calories a day. Your BMR is 1,700 so that's the MINIMUM you should be eating in order to lose weight.

I used sedentary for my analysis because I have a desk job and I wasn't working out. Since joining I've been walking/jogging every day for at least 30 minutes, and taking quick 10 minute walks on lunch breaks whenever I can. Is this enough activity to be considered moderate? I'm thinking I'll just log my activites in advance and add that calorie amount earlier in the day.

wait you log 1000 calories worth of exercise per day?!

Hi there!

1200Cals is the minimum a female should eat in order for the body to function properly, eating this alone without excercise will help you loose weight if you are heavy, if you do additional excersise on top of that, you will burn more calories, you can then chose to eat the amount this burns, or not, its up to you. Depends if you are hungry  or feeling low on energy. The point is that you are putting the minimum fuel in your body for essential bodily functions, so dont eat less than the 1200, but you can burn off as much as you want via excersise, but if you feel weak then you shoud eat ( its better to excerise to achieve a large cal deficite than to not eat/eat less that the minimum, that way you also keep your metabolism up)


When I came across your post, I couldn't help but feel like I was experiencing dejavu!! I recently posed the same question as I also work a desk job, but work out about 30 minutes per day. I assumed this meant I was sedentary as well, so I had cut my calories back to 1300 per day. When I had started to notice weight GAIN instead of loss, I became irritated and searched for information on whether or not I should increase my calories.

After doing some digging, I found that I should have actually logged myself as being "moderately active". I received similar responses as the ones you did - such as 1200 being only for someone very tiny, old, or in a coma. I've read time & time again about people who weren't losing because they were taking in too few calories. Never did I think twice about being one of those people...but I was!!

Earlier this week, I adjusted my activity level and found I should be taking in about 1750 calories at the BARE MINIMUM. Then if working out, I need to take in even more. Bascially, as long as I pay attention to my defifict and make sure that is between 400-600 calories, I should see myself losing.

I'm by no means an expert on this, but would suggest you try the same and see where that gets you!! GOOD LUCK!!! :)

Thanks, April!

Since I posted this I have been on 1400 calories per day (by recommendation of the sports medicine doctor I work for). I will say, each week of eating 1200 I lost 2 lbs per week and I was happy with that- but the strange thing was- my first week on 1400 I lost 4 lbs. I always thought that was a myth, but there you have it.

I have cut back on the work-outs a bit lately (not on purpose, just been busy) but it hasn't seemed to change the loss.

10 lbs down in 4 weeks, and my next weigh in is on Wednesday. Wish ,e luck :)


GOOD FOR U!!! Keep it up :)

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