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Hi All,

I've been losing weight for about a year now, and am down to 209.5 from 284 (almost 75 pounds lost!!).  I've also been walking 2-3 miles a day 4x a week, occasionally doing a longer walk of up to 6 miles or so.

I guess I'm thinking seriously about kicking things up a notch and starting to jog.  I've added in several blocks of jogging to my normal walks, usually only 1 at a time every few. 

Has anyone else over 200 pounds--or previously over 200 pounds--started to jog and had any success with it?  If so, what advice would you give me and others who are starting out?

And, if you haven't already started jogging but want to and are over 200 pounds, please reply!  Maybe we can start a support thread for each other in the Motivation section. 

Thanks! :D
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Hi Write stuff.

Firstly OMG congratulations on your wieght loss!!! thats awesome what an inspiration.

I am down 15lb (i think i dont really know waht i was when i started) down to 209 also.

I have also started jogging at the gym on the treadmill. I walk for 2 minutes and then run for as long as i can. I started at 30 seconds im now up to 5 minutes now.

The only downside i find is my boobs, i kinda have to hold em in, But i dont know if you are a man or a women so you may not have that problem.

Id love to be a motivation for you and you for me, seeing as we are similiar wieghts and in the same situation :)
wow, british, 5 minutes sounds great to me!  As for the "bounce" problem, yes I have it (I'm a DD), but I bought a Champion high intensity sports bra, and I'm hoping it will work.  It seems to pretty much squish everything down!  LOL!  :)

I wonder if anyone else over 200 is trying to jog?  There may not be a lot of people responding b/c of our Memorial Day holiday weekend.  Definitely, let's motivate each other, and if anyone else wants to join us or give us advice or tips, maybe they'll chime in, too!  :D

May I add you to my friends list?

Im a guy and I didn't really get into jogging when I was over 200LBs I used to be at my high of 205 and I would jog like 3 days a night i didnt really hurt but made me feel good when I was done.  Try it but remember to breathe in through your nose and then out through your mouth. It helps or Just breathe through your mouth but dont start huffing just do slow breaths.
I never hurt when im done, I dont believe in all that no pain no gain crap!
I go to the gym every day of the work week (gym is literally spitting distance from my work) and i jog a little every day.

So did you do any today writestuff? how is the bra working out for ya? im at the time of the month so mine are a little tender so i literally ran holding them today LOL.

(sorry for making any of the male responders uncomfortable)
I started jogging last summer at 210 lbs, I lost my first 5 doing it and eating terribly before i found CC, started classes and got too lazy to jog til school ended 5 weeks ago. I can tell you this: As you lose weight running will get easier. While you still a bit heavy, pay close attention to your knees/joints. if they ache, rest em a few days or they'll only get worse.

hmmm I do remember them double-D's being a pain in the arse! Some glad they've shrunk to a B! But, at the time I didnt have a sports bra, so you can well imagine!

Good luck to both of you, and anyone else who joins in. It takes alot of courage, determination and heart but you can do it! Just think, in less than a year or two, you could be one of those hot hard-core runner ppl, signing up for every race whenever you can. And all your friends will be looking at you green with envy. haha, oops slipped into fantasy-land ;-)   Good Luck!!!
I also have been jogging for a while.  I am 189, but started jogging at about 200 give or take a couple.  I was just walking briskly on the treadmill for a few months and decided to try jogging.  I started at about 1-2 minutes and can now go 10-12 minutes.  My legs hurt a bit at first, but then I push through it and its not too bad.
I also feel the "bounce"!  Get a good bra, mine isn't so good, but I will invest in one soon.  Also, my pants fall down when running a bit, but thats cause some of them are from January when I started this "lifestyle change" at 33 pounds heavier! that I'm not complaining about though!

Good Luck at the jogging!
I haven't started jogging yet, but I would like to start.  I'm currently 234 lbs. and interested in upping my workout.  I'm currently walking 2-3 miles a day at about 3.6 mph.  Any faster on my treadmill, and I'll be at a jogging pace anyway.  I used to have the "bounce" problem a couple of years ago, as I was wearing a cup size of "F".  Needless to say, at that time in my life, I didn't exercise in any way that would make them "move".  There wasn't a sports bra in existance that would support them.  But, 2 years ago, I had a reduction done and I'm now a very comfortable size.  Sports bras actually WORK!!!  I just started exercising about 2 1/2 months ago so this is all very new to me yet.  I haven't lost much weight yet...since I don't think that I've been eating right.  So, I adjusted my eating habits last week and I'm hoping that will start to make a difference.  I'd love to join the team and get help with motivation and support to get my jogging started!
I'm just under 240, but I was at or slightly above 250 when I got started running, prompted by this thread. I had a minor muscle strain just under my left knee ater about three weeks, which kept me sidelined for another three weeks. It's healed up and back to 100% now, and I'm doing intervals of 2 minute walk, 7 minute run for 5km (3.11 miles) currently. I've been taking two days off between each run just to be cautious - on the off days I'll hit the ellipticals or just lift weights.

I don't have the other problem you ladies are talking about, but I concur that you should watch the knees - the forces applied there by running can be up to four times your body weight. Since my injury, I've been paying very careful attention to form and trying to always tread lightly. But anyway, if I can handle it, surely you all scraping the bottom of the 200's can handle it.
I've recently started running at about 204lbs and now I'm jsut about 200.  Bounce is awful - if mine bouce I wouldn't run - I wear my normal bra - padded underwired (padded oddly gives alot of extra support) and then a cheap sports bra over the top, and they barely move.  If you#re bigger than me (I'm a 36/38DD) then try two sports bras - I heard about it when Jordan did a celebrity football match and had to wear multiple bras... lol.  Seriously though, no bounce at all with the two bra option!

I relaly enjoy running, and I have noticed a massive improvement in how well I can run - I'd relaly recommend going with someone who can run well for the first few times cause my boyfriend took me running and told me that I was runnign "like an old lady" and once he told me what to change I was able to run for about double the distance and still feel ok rather than nearly passing out after 200metres!  I am seriously not exaggerating!  I used to be an awful runner.

I'm a 21 year old male and I started off in March at about 250lbs. I wasn't in that bad shape per say but I wanted to get a leaner, toner look. Through a combination of distance jogging, weight lifting, and moderation in my diet I cut about 15lbs by the beginning of may. I'm down to 228 now and while my weight has stablized my waistline is still getting smaller.

Here's what I do:
1. Warmup, either by briskly walking for a bit or using a stationary bike for about 20 minutes
2. Stretch
3. Set a distance for myself based upon how I did last time. I initially started off by just trying to do 1 mile, then I'd rest, and do another one. If you get too tired, just walk for a bit then keep going for as long as you can. Try to run/walk/keep your heartrate up for 20 minutes.

I can do 5 consecutive miles now, something I never imagined I could do, and now I'm working on going up and down hills at that distance.

Running is great, just make sure you pace yourself, and don't be afraid to slow down and walk if you are out of breath or if your legs start to hurt; just keep on trying to increase your pace or your distance after each work out.
Hey Jogging is great. I started at 203 and I lost 5 pounds like really fast. I jogged and ran in bootcamp and the first week me and others lost about 5 to 10 lbs the first week. I walk for about 5 minutes to warm up my muscles and then I put a hard rock song on my Ipod and run the rest of the mile. I do this about 6 times a week. It feels amazing after I am done. I haven't weighed my self in like 2 weeks because I do not want to focuse on numbers but mainly my health, but I am sure I have lost weight again. It is an inspiration to know so many of you lost weight by jogging and keep up the good work.
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I am new here.  I just got grabed in through a search engine and was intrigued by your post.  I am currently 247 lbs and have been jogging for about 6 weeks.  I started just jogging for 1 minute at a time and can now jog for 20 minutes straight  -- tomorrow I will do 25.  I have been following this program (Couch to 5K)  I would recommend this program highly for anyone who wants to get started jogging.  Also, in the community on this board Cool Runnings there is always a weekly group started with people (many of them over 200 lbs)  doing the same thing you are doing.  It is great support. 

Good Luck!
I managed 6 minutes today I couldnt believe it, I start running and put my towel over the minute counter so i cant see, finally when i had to peek i had been jogging for 5 minutes already and I made it to 6!!!!

When i tell ppl i can jog for 6 minutes there like wooppyy doo!! but its a huge big deal for me! LOL
There is actually an entire forum at CoolRunning dedicated to Athena and Clydesdale runners.  Don't hold me to this, but I think many races consider the Athena category to be women over 150, and Clydesdale to be men over 200.  I've seen some that go as low as 135 and 170, although I don't really see the logic with that.  The idea is to allow runners of similar stature to compare their race results.  Now I do know many woman who would qualify as an Athena runner that are insanely fast, much faster than I am!  But it spoils the purpose, to me, of having an additional category if you make it that broad. 

But, I digress...
britishvixen21 - that just goes to show that a towel is the most massively useful thing you can have!
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Good shoes, a good, high-impact bra, and non-cotton socks will save your life on those runs, especially as your milage gets higher. I am currently 201 (down 16 lbs), and never thought I would call myself a runner, but I am. I am running a 5k (3.1 miles) on Saturday (National Race for the Cure) and I have set my goal at running a marathon. I signed my husband and myself up for the Disneyworld Marathon in January so we have plenty of time to train. I will be 39 in July and I always wanted to run one and figured I better try this goal before I'm 40. Last Friday I ran 3.2 miles and walked .80 miles (to equal 4 miles), for the 1st time, and I try to run 4 to 5 days a week. The main problem, I am HUNGRY all the time, lol. Now I am trying to balance enough nutrition to run, and a low enough intake to keep losing weight. Keep running, if I can, you can.
Congratulations Ericab, I cant wait to get to that point, I am the same way, just 8 weeks ago i wouldnt have run for the bus, and now i am tottally addicted to it, i go at lunch time and run, but i find myself in the evenings wanting to run again. the rush you get is amazing!!!

Id like to do a run for charity.

Im also finding the more I run the more hungry I am too, i guess its all about balance.
LAst night i was at home and i was ancy so i said to my hb that i was going for a run, so I started out just walking and then i started running, and i was tottally out of breath in like 2 minutes, now granted the air quality here in Toronto is terrible so that could atribute for that, and then my knees were killing me!!! but im putting that down to the hard pavement were as im used to the treadmill.

All in all it was a bit of a disaster really LOL I walked for most of it and ran in spurts.

So im sticking to the treadmill for now :)
I just have to say first to british, any attempt is not a disaster.  Its just a marker to pass the next time you attempt.  I never consider any workout a disaster,  because at least I am doing something.

As for running, I am a 34 yr old, 220lb male who hasnt ran in years.  I made a couple attempts recently and felt OK.  I started biking a couple of years ago because my knees hurt to much to try running and there is no impact.  But since I have made a couple of attempts, at about 1 mile each, and feel ok; I am going to pick up running again.  My goal is to do a 5k by the end of this year and a marathon by the end of next year. 

Also, I found out I am diabetic about 3 months ago and changed my diet and exercise habits and have lost 16lbs since then. 
You can definitely run over 200 lbs. I ran a marathon in the 240s.  Here are my suggestions for anyone taking up running..... #1 Invest in good sneakers.  Seriously, go to a running shop instead of a chain store, and talk to the people about how you run. It is such an important only get one pair of feet/ankles/knees/ legs.  There are different sneakers for different foot types and for heavier runners.  Talk to the sales people about motion control shoes - which are good for people w/ low arches and heavy runners. 

#2 - go easy on yourselves and your running.  one of the main reasons people don't stick with running is they try to do too much too fast.  Try Wogging as I call it...intervals of running and walking.  Start slowly, walk 2 minutes run 30 seconds...and keep building up.  But if you start getting pains in your knees stop and streatch!   Streatching is very important.....

Okay I will get off my soap box, but enjoy running. I am jealous. I am nursing the after effects of a broken ankle, so no running for me.
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