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So Jillian just came out with this new program called the 30-day Shread. The DVD is only $12.99 on Amazon. It has three 20-minute workouts, each harder than the last. The idea is that you take 20 minutes each day to put in a SOLID workout, and you can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days! She also has a book that includes recipes and dieting advice to go along with the DVD, but you have to purchase that separately.

I LOVE this program. I only bought the DVD. I'm following my own diet (which isn't very strict, just sensible). I'm on Day 6. I've lost 3 lb so far! I'm already seeing an improvement in muscle tone in my thighs and arms. I can't wait to see where I am in 24 more days!! This is exactly the butt-kicking that I needed to get me motivated and back on track!

So yeah, that sounds like an ad. I apologize. But that's honestly truthfully how I feel about it so far!

Does anybody else have it yet?
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The UPS guy finally dropped this bad boy on my doorstep this afternoon!  Hooray for me!  Didn't get to do it today though as I already did my workout and with a busy day I missed my planned lunch.  grrr!  So I didn't want to get a crazy large deficit going that won't do me any good. 

Anyway, can't wait until tomorrows workout!

So does anyone know if this works for advanced exercisers?

as well, how do you know when to advance to the next level?

I'm advanced and I really wanted to try it.  It's actually fun and nice mix up to the usual routine.  Just up the weights and I also do shred 1 skip the stretches at the end and go right into shred 2 for a 40 min work out.  I could probably do shred 3 right after that one but it's not on my cable on demand menu yet :-P

That's what I do, too, K-Loo ~ I do shred 1 & 2 back to back for a 40 minute workout.

So far, so good! Haven't worked shred 3 in yet, will try to add that next week.
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Hello there,
I found this thread and thought I would pop in. I just starting doing the Shred and I also do walk away the pounds.
I am no where near being able to do shred 1 and 2 back to back- but I guess that is something to work towards.

I see that people have mentioned how often they recommend doing the program. Are you supposed to take one day off - so workout 6 days or do every day 7 for the 30 days?

thanks yvette
what about her book -- the making the cut one.

anyone use that?

I was thinking of ordering that with the DVD

I've though about doing levels 1 and two back to back since its just not enough of a workout for me anymore... i have to try that tonight!

the dvd and book suck. i didnt lose anything following her dumb plans

Last night was Day 1 for shredding.  OMG...I'm aching like woah, but loving it.

I wanted to bump this thread to keep the movement going and motivation. 

I know this is an old thread, but I also am curious to try the DVD. I figure, if it's as effective as everyone says it is, I can let go of my trainer. Or at least cut back my sessions with him to save $$$

Still doing this dvd daily... love it.. my body is cut muscles everywhere.. yeah. so I will bump too.

Like jillian says you don't get a 20 minute work out and get a break...

I think it would be cool if people posted measurements lost or pictures. That kind of thing is really motivating. Especially if you've had good success. BRAG ABOUT IT! You deserve to!

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I picked this dvd up last weekend after listening to my sister-in-law rave about it. I watched all three levels to see what the hupla was all about. Looking at level one i thought" piece of cake". So I Did level one on Monday and Tuesday, "BUT" followed the girl on the left. Didn't ease into it as suggested and paid the price. I had to take a day off for "survival". Verdict, I am Lovin this workout. It is definitely kick butt for me. Oh, by the way, I'm am doing the "modified" girl on the right now. LOL....... So 4 days now doing the workout and feel "nice" and sore. My body is improving, firmer arms, thighs, calves. All over I feel something happening in good way.

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I just bought this DVD just a week ago and I've lost 5 lbs. already and havent really done any major modifications to my diet. i.e. im sitting here eating out of a bag of potato chips (reduced if it matters).  Before my daughter came along and pregnancy did my body a double whammy; I was a skinny little dancer...and used to a good hard work out.  Life w/a toddler hasn't leant itself to workout time and this video has been awesome in the time dept. and my little one likes watching me do it and sit on me during the abs minute (which adds a wonderful extra measure of difficulty) hopefully at 30 days in i'll have the guts to try level 2.  I didn't have the courage to even look at husband made me and agreed he would not be joining me in my workouts!

I just got home from work at 11:30PM and the package was on my bed. I thought it was somethgin else and was excited but then it was the DVD. I was half exceited and half scared. I'd read how much but kicking it did, literally, and knew it would be tough. I popped it in and got started on level one. I haven't worked out in awhile, not since I quit soccer at the beginning of my junior year last year. I'm now in my Senior year. This thoroughly kicked my butt. I had a hard time showering afterwards! This is a great DVD and challenging for everyone. I'm 18 years old, still young and this was difficult for me, but yet again I am WAY out of shape, I'm not heavy at all, jsut got some in the stomach, of course, but I felt the burn. This is a great DVD. Hopefully I'm not too sore for work on sunday. haha. I'd recommend this to anyone, it really makes you sweat, and Jillian makes you want to keep going. Whether you are young or old this will definetely help you. I can't wait to see results, and hopefully surprise my fiance with them. :D (Sorry for any typos, I would read through it.. but I'm exhausted, Jillian kicked my butt).

I've had the dvd for a while now, the first time I did it was pretty hard but not Extremely hard. I’ve done the work out about eight maybe ten times.

I haven’t yet had the courage to move onto the second level it’s looks so scary.

One thing though is that it doesn’t work out my abs as much as I can on my own. Also once I’m done I jump on the elliptical in my room for about 30-40 minutes.

I have this video, and I've don't it only once. Kinda got scared and never did it again, but this has motivated me to start it up again. I love this video. It goes by fast and it seems very effective. I have a cruise in January so I want to get toned by then. I'm going today to get a tape measure and a couple weights. Last time i used candles and it was not very comfortable.

I have been doing workout 2 for 7 days now and I feel great.  I've already started to see results.  It kicks my butt everyday but I love it.  It gives me energy that last throughout the day and it puts me in a good mood.  I'm hoping to start workout 3 next week. It looks really hard though.

After reading so many good things abt it, I finally got the dvd too. mine i think will come sometime this weekend. I hope it works on me as it did for all you.. 

hi everyone, I read this blog last week and decided to buy it for myself. I have done level 1 2x's and level 3 2x's I love it! It totally kicks my butt but I like that, I feel that I am actually getting  a good workout in 20  mins and I can pick the workout that I want. I am really looking forward to seeing some results. Anyone elso have any great results? How long did they take to see? Just curious.... take care!


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