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Jillian Michaels 30 day shred

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save me, call 911.... she asked for it i delievered! I almost passed out, i almost puked, i kept moving the only thing missing is i didnt die (got really close). This is the most intense 20 minutes I have ever encountered!!! WARNING!! (and i thought buns of steel was a tough one, HA!)

ok im literally laying on my carpet typing this review..... time to crawl to the bath tub, im not sure my legs will hold me in the shower......

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Did you just finish day 1?  I'm actually just starting up 30 day shred and looking for a shred buddy if you are interested.  I finished level 1 earlier this year.  However, an injury put me on the "do not exercise" list.  i'm finally cleared for exercise and am ready to tackle it again.

That would be awesome! Did my measurements last night. Would love to see this through!!

Great!  I added you as a friend.  I'll do day 1 later today.  

I know there are some days that I won't be able to do it, but my plan last time was to not miss more than one day in a row.  So if I couldn't do it on a Tuesday for whatever reason, I definitely had to do it on Wednesday.

I stay at home and fortunately also have anytime in the day/night I can do it. so we can totally do this together on your days, just, let me know. :)
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Just an FYI there is a 30 day Shredd group which communicates under the Motivation tab. If you all are looking for a support group as opposed to one to one.
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