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So Jillian just came out with this new program called the 30-day Shread. The DVD is only $12.99 on Amazon. It has three 20-minute workouts, each harder than the last. The idea is that you take 20 minutes each day to put in a SOLID workout, and you can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days! She also has a book that includes recipes and dieting advice to go along with the DVD, but you have to purchase that separately.

I LOVE this program. I only bought the DVD. I'm following my own diet (which isn't very strict, just sensible). I'm on Day 6. I've lost 3 lb so far! I'm already seeing an improvement in muscle tone in my thighs and arms. I can't wait to see where I am in 24 more days!! This is exactly the butt-kicking that I needed to get me motivated and back on track!

So yeah, that sounds like an ad. I apologize. But that's honestly truthfully how I feel about it so far!

Does anybody else have it yet?
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I saw a commercial for that video. What kind of equipment is needed? I might have to try it!

I have her Biggest Winner 5-disc set. Its a good workout!

All you need is a set of hand weights and a mat if you're doing it on a hard surface

I have the 5-disc set too - I love it too! But it's amazing how I feel like I can fit in a 20-minute workout so much easier than a 30-minute workout! I guess it's all just psychological! lol

lisad: I don't have that one. It sounds great. I do have her set (The Biggest Winner) and I love it. If you don't have it - it has a video for every day of the week - well business days at least. One front and one back, a kickboxing one and front and back maximize. They are so great and they have a little bit of everything in eash 20-30 minute video. I started doing those videos in August 2007 and I have lost 45lbs since then, yay! I might have to check this one out too. Thanks for the tip!

This out just came out March 18 or something like that. I do have the other ones, but I needed to change things up. I've been having some serious motivational issues over the past few months, but not anymore! :)
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lisad: what were you doing before you started this? Were you sedentary or active already? And did you change your diet at the same time that you started this program?
flower: i was relatively active, but far from in my best shape. It's designed so you can modify the moves to make them a little easier or a little harder, depending on what works for you. It's tough, but it's only 20 minutes, so it's pretty easy to fight through it.

oh, and the format is 3 min strength, 2 min cardio, 1 min abs. The longest you ever do one move is 1 minute.

I have been trying to get back on the horse for awhile, so I was attempting to eat well, but not completely succeding at it. Since I'm more active and am seeing improvements, it has motivated me to be better about my eating :)
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I just ordered it and I can't wait to get it. I have On Demand from my cable company and this workout is free to try for a limited time. I love it, it kicks your butt! I too needed a change and I like this work out. I love the fact that it is only 20 minutes but you feel it when your done. Does anything else come with the DVD?

Jillian kicks my butt in the 30-day Shred!!  I had NO idea I couldn't do a push up or even jumping jacks!!!  After my first 20 minute workout, I was sweating like a pig!  The next day my thigh muscles hurt like crazy!  LOVE THE BURN LOL  Anyway, I'm going to do it again tonight... had to take a day off because I couldn't do one lunge if I wanted to!! 

If you are reading and haven't bought this workout, BUY IT!  It is the best $10 I have ever spent !!!

hey how much space is needed?

I just tried the workout for the first time today. I plan on buying the DVD. I like the idea of Circuit Training.....I was just wondering if you are supposed to do it everyday or every other? I can't find much info. on the program. :)

enough space to do a jumping jack :)

the DVD comes with just the three workouts, and all the space you need it to do jumping jacks, pushups, and crunches

I've been doing every day, but I had to take a day off after 8 days to give my body a rest. This weekend I'm going out of town, so I'm skipping two days.

Has anybody gotten to Workout 2 yet? I just did it for the first time today

I just did Level 1 on the 30 day shred and absolutely loved it!  Does anyone know approx. how many calories you burn doing the 20 minute video???

I would also like to know if anyone has any idea approximately how many calories I burn when I do the 30 day Shred DVD each day? I've been trying to log the calories correctly in my log.

i keep meaning to wear my HRM to get an idea of how many calories burned, but i keep forgetting. i'll try to remember next time i do it!
I am doing the 30 day challenge is day seven and I can't say how much I have loss because TOM came early....continue to do well.

Hey! Does anyone know if any stores carry this video or can you only buy it online? (PS I'm in Canada)

I just did level 1 today for the first time, wearing my HRM i burned about 175 calories - however i have been running and working out 6 days a week for the past two months, so that number doesn't apply to everyone. I would suggest logging it under circuit training or calisthenics.

I have to admit, level one was challenging at times for me, i def felt the burn! It was great.

The recommendation on the video is to do it every day, i think i will get bored if i do it daily...

I just tried it for the first time today and it kicked my butt!!! I never thought a workout DVD would be able to challenge me like that. I was actually groaning when it was time for the second circut of strength training!!

I think I am going to do this every other day, and add a little extra cardio in, but I can tell this is going to be an effective workout!!!

More to come as my 30 day shred continues.....

So from watching the video and reading the reccomendation, it says to do it every day... is that what you girls have been doing? I thought you weren't supposed to strength train daily, of course i'm not using giant weights, so maybe its not a big deal???

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