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Jilian Michael 30 days shred

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Any reviews on this? I hear she is insane. Any of you like it?
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I just started. Today was my first day.

Holy smokes, is it a trip.

It's super intense, and I've heard really good results. She doesn't come across as insane to me, but I haven't had much experience with other fitness trainers' DVDs or anything... So, not much to compare to.

I like it so far, though it is really tough. I had to stop several times throughout. But, I plan on doing it six days a week, or as often as I can, plus walking on the treadmill as often as possible... Hopefully my endurance will increase sooner, rather than later. 

Would love to hear back from others who've tried it, or are trying it... 

Today was my second day and I'm sore but liking it
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This work out is part of the 30 day slim down challenge. I kept it going for about a year. It definitely changed my life. I went from 209 to 160 pounds in couple of months. Stay with it and monitor your calorie intake and you will definitely achieve your goals. : )!
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