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Jacked Girls...Attractive?

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Alright.  Many women want to be toned/defined.  But is there anyone else on here that would like to see themselves look strong?
Maybe not body-builder strong, but I would LOVE to be able to go to the gym and show those boys how it's done.

Does anyone have a good role model that has exceptional definition and physique that I could borrow?  (you know, those men have "The Thinker" why can't we have "The Totally Jacked Baby Maker"?)

And for the men on here-Is it UNattractive for a girl to be strong? 
(I happen to feel that it's a representation of a cultural shift into a society that excercises TRUE equality for women, but that might be a different thread!)
Please let me know what you think!
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Well, I am a girl and I could not agree with you more. I think the strong the women the more attractive. I am strong and my arms are bigger then my husbands. They are not flabby though. lol. I lift weights for bulk, I arm wressle  guys in the gym, and I am sexy with a rough look. I do not want to look all girly and stuff, that is not my style but i admire any other women would like to show the guys that we are not weaker. A good role model for me would probably be my dad who was a bodybuilder. Me personally I like Sarina Williams body. I do not know too many women who chose to do what I do. Go on and go to the womens section to see different routines and workouts to use to get stronger. I strongly recommend all women to do it because it is attractive and appealing, and by the way I dress like a girl so I am not manly or anything. I just like the idea of a women kicking butt. lol. Good Luck
Hey brooks,

I totally agree with you.  I'm excited for the day my arms look cut up.  I enjoy lifting weights far more than I enjoy being on a cardio machine for an hour.  I would love to bench 100 pounds--I'm only 30 pounds away from that, one day i'll get there.  But yes, I too want to be strong.  I want to know that I can outrun any "badguy" or kick his butt if he makes me feel uncomfortable.  I like that I can carry the groceries in and push a heavy wheelbarrow around.  My husband sometimes gets "words" from his mom when she sees this, but I tell her, it's the way I want it!  So I am certainly on your side (not sure if there really are sides here :-) )
I am with you also, my wife is a bodybuilder and can lift more than the average man, her back is wider than mine and her arms are only an inch smaller than mine, I think female bodybuilders are sexy as long as they don't over do the roids. when her voice is deeper than mine and can go to the bathroom standing up, then I am really not liking that! But besides that gross thought, i am with 100%
How about Laila Ali, she's smokin' hot and built like a brick you know what.
Laila Ali is SO HOT!

Thanks Tom, I think we have a winner!  well, except the I'm not a Boxer and know exactly nothing about it part.
I have an ectomorphic body type, which means I could lift weights all day and never get big. I weight lift now, and have done it a lot in the past, and while I can get super strong and lean, I never have a lot of definition.

If I could, I would love to have a body like Madonna or Linda Hamilton in the Terminator 2. I'd love bigger shoulders! However, I would never want to be hulking or have no boobs like some of the women in the weight lifting magazines.
I think a strong woman is definately sexy! I aim to be a balance between thin and muscular. somewhere right in the middle. I think that the only point where a strong woman is no longer sexy (and this goes for men too) is when it stops being natural because they have started using steroids and stuff to bulk up. Then they just look gross. 
A lot of the female boxers in my gym are pretty attractive. They have pretty good muscle definition but they still have curves. My two cents.
I definately want to be a jacked girl.  As long as I keep most of my curves.  I think the women from T-2 is HOT....I just want bigger boobs and butt.  Not sure if that possible with that low of body fat.  I could handle having a sexy strong boxer's body though.  Those strong arms and all.  I definately enjoy lifting more than cardio.  so much fun
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I agree that strong women are sexy, the only thing I object to with a lot of the bodybuilding women are the fake boobs.  The 3% bodyfat and silicone donuts are a turn off to me.  Women's curves with a subtle muscle training body is hot.  There is a woman who does Muay Thai Boxing that is really strong but fem at the same time.  Those are some bad ass girls!
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