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Itchy legs while running! help

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does this happen to anyone else?

i usually work out in leggings/shorts and a shirt and i find that after 2 minutes of running the inside of the thighs start to the point that i've drawn up a little blood from scratching. what is this about? and how can i make it stop?!? please help!

not to mention, its kind of embarrasing when i have to stop a good work out to scratch my thighs in the middle of the gym!
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This happens to me as well.  In fact, my legs get swollen, red and relentlessly itchy.  I used to justify not exercising and always joke around about being allergic to my own endorphins but I'm fearing that there may be some truth in it.  Also, as you increase your heart rate, your body is pumping more blood to all areas.  The increase in blood flow could explain the increase in sensation, which to you, is felt as itchyness.  The inside of a woman's thigh is an area with a high concentration of fatty tissue (for protecting baby's head on the way out I suppose).  So, it may just be your tissues and muscles tingling with the extra oxygen...just a thought.   The third possible reason could be that your shorts are irritating your thighs from the gentle friction caused by running.  Or perhaps your spandex are tight around an area that due to the increase in blood, wants to swell and expand but can't.  Try wearing pants and see if that offers any relief.  If not, then it's probably internal.  Good luck and please let me know what you find out.  I've never heard of anyone else having this issue.  So, I'm kind of giggling while responding because  it's nice to have another scratching weirdo out there!!! your nails real short!!!! 
I get it too dont worry but some days are worse than others. A couple of my friends get it as well and unfortunately I think its just to do with the type of person you are-its sooo annoying though!!!! I get itchy all over and I hate it!!!
The easiest fix would be to use a stationary bike instead but thats a lame solution.  This website lists a few possibilities, ?id=3, scroll down to the header "Chafing."  The solution that seems the most friendly is getting some lycra shorts, that should hug the legs snuggly and create a new surface for the thighs to rub against that should hopefully not result in the itchy feeling.
i don't think it's a chafing problem, generalphas.  it's just increased blood flow causing skin irritation.  i get it too.  it's an annoyance, but once you cool down/have a shower it goes away, right?

don't scratch!
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I read somewhere, too, that the itching usually occurs in people who haven't been exercising and then start up. It is due to circulation and should get better after a couple weeks.
Definately lindserita! I used to have that problem when I started running. My thighs just started itching like CRAZY when I ran. But after time, it went away. I guess my legs got used to the circulation. So push through!!! It'll stop eventually. :)
it sounds like you might be experiencing some chaffing or just irritation. i get that too as my thighs touch, but i heard that's sexy so i guess that means this thread is pretty hot. :) but anyways, you might want to try something called body glide.  it looks like a deodorant stick and you apply it the same way. it helps loads. my entire team swears by the stuff.  you can pick it up at specialty sporting goods stores stateside, but i dunno where you can get it in the uk. hope that helps some.
it could be the salt in your sweat is making your legs itch. like salt in the ocean makes my legs itch (especially if i've just shaven).
I have really dry/sensitive skin that itches when I run-like you my skin starts to crack and bleed.

I used Body Glide- it looks like a stick of deodorant and you just apply it before running to the affected really works!  I buy it at sporting goods/running stores.  It's about $9/ stick bt it lasts a while.  Hope this helps!
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I get horribly itchy skin all over when I exercise or walk briskly for a few minutes.  I also get it in the fall and winter from just walking around.   It was becoming a serious problem, as the itching was so intense I would not be able to finish a workout, and I'd end up scratching purple streaks into my skin. 

I've had a lot of relief from the exercise itching by taking an antihistamine about a half hour before exercising.  Allegra, Claratin, and Benadryl have all worked.  I just recently found out that this helps considerably for workouts and am eager to try it out in the winter as well.  I certainly think it's worth the try!

If you get allergy meds over the counter, I would say try to avoid those with decongestants, since they may give you a runny nose while exercising.

Good luck!  I know how horrible it feels.  Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
I get this too every day when I do my brisk walk.  I've always understood it to be that your circulation increases, drawing blood closer to the skin, and it causes an itching sensation.  I also think that its the circulation in conjunction with my never moisturized skin and clothing rubbing against my thighs.  It stops pretty much as soon as I'm done walking.... so I'm pretty sure its nothing more than that.  I'm looking forward to the day when I can walk itch-free.
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I am very sorry for all of you with this symptom, however, I suffer from this, too.  It is nice to know there is a place to go to find out there are more people out there...

  I went to my physician a year ago and she told me to take and antihistamine 30 min. before I ran, however, that didn't help either.  I look forward to trying the Body Glide. 

  It is so strange how this has developed.  8 years ago I had to shave my legs before running and had no itchy problem.  That discipline lasted until I stoped running for 2 months about 5 years ago.  I went to start again and the itchy was unberable...  on my thighs, behind my knees, and under the band of my sports bra...  To this day, this is the way it is as soon as I reach the 10 minute mark while running.  It doesn't bother me with any other form of cardio so I would reccomend the bike or stairs for an alternative, however, nothing really replaces running if you have the running bug.

  Please keep us all posted if there is anything else available to help our misery. 
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I just came back from walking and had this rare occurence happen to myself again. I really hate it cause it's extremely unpredictable. Has anyone tried the Body Glide yet?
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i have the same prob along with my mom and usually happens to us when we havent excercised in a while. my mom normally bears it but i stop and itch which smtimes makes it worst or burns. i read it has smthing to do with the oxegen and blood!
I get the itchy/red thing too.

And I don't think it has anything to do with being out of friend who's one of the most in-shape person I know (six pack, people, six pack) has the PURPLEST legs when she runs and she's ALWAYS trying not to scratch them cuz she's so itchy.

Knowing that, I'm going to create my own theory.

The sexier you are and the closer you are to having a six-pack, the darker and itchier your legs get when you run.

I get this, too. Mostly in the fall and winter and especially if I run.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one. Well, me and my brother have always had this in common. We also get this kind of itching during the winter, just from being out in the cold and coming straight into a warm house. Our hands and feet itch like crazy and they even swell up a bit. Ten minutes later, it's gone. I've always chocked it up to poor circulation. Very weird. I thought we were the only ones.

So I feel bad for you, but now I don't feel like such a freak. Heheh.
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Hi Everyone,

I have this problem too and it is horrible because I love to walk and jog.  The itching and burning was so severe that I would scratch untill I would nearly bleed too.  I couldn'tt walk a good blook in a half without feeling like I was on fire.

My doctor also told me to take an antihistamine 30 minutes before walking.  That works depending on the antihistamine however, I discovered one day when I was out of antihistamine pills that Niquill worked even better.  Yes, Niquill!  I took a little less than a full dose and in fifteen minutes I was walking my course comfortably.  Yes, when I first started this I was a little drousy walking LOL!!! but, it doesn't affect me like that anymore and I haven't increased the dosage for the last year.

I know it sounds crazy..but it works!
Have you started exercising recently?  I have itchy leg troubles when I first start exercising.  So itchy that my legs get all red from scratching!  I found out that if one starts exercising and one hasn't done it in a while, one is increasing blood flow to areas that haven't been getting enough, and that causes itchiness.  The good news is that with regular exercise, these oxegen starved parts will get used to getting all they need, and the itchiness will fade and stop.
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i really am sorry, but you had me laughing so hard. i do experience these and infact it has got so bad that i have just decided to go online and find out the reason why and your contribution was the first i saw!

funnily enough i am very slim but when i walk for even about ten minutes this itchy sensation comes on. i go so crazy i just want to go hide in a corner and scratch. it blows my mind away and i can't even think properly with tears in my eyes when i am walking in town and this itchy sensation starts.

but now i am realising the pattern. when i am sedentary for a few days and then walk that is what happens. i at first thought my skin was allergic to some materials but even with all materials and cotton material this itching starts.

i guess i will have to try and be active each day to prevent future embarrasing conditions and i propose you try to do the same.

it's a hard world.
This is just from my past experience, whenever I shower or shave right before running the itching is much more severe. I think it could have something to do with the soap/shaving cream irritating your skin when you start to sweat.
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