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Insanity Workout/Weight Loss

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I am currently doing the Insanity workout (Just started week 7).  I am 165.2 and started at 165.6.  I am getting very depressed and not sure what I need to do.  I am going to start logging my foods again better but still am very discouraged.   I have not missed one workout either.  Has anyone done the Insanity workout.  My husband is doing it with me and he has lost 20 pounds and is starting to get definition throughout his body.  I started this over 6 weeks ago hoping to lose weight and look better for my upcoming beach vacation.  Any advice, encouragement, or experience with the workout???

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I have done 2 rounds of Insanity starting weight 270. With this program I lost 80lbs. This first month I didn't see the greatest results but once I started logging my food consumption, I noticed amazing results. I also increased my calorie intake as the program was intense. Drink lots of water, watch what you eat and don't be discouraged. Keep going I'm sure you'll do amazing! Good luck on your journey :)
From what I've heard, insanity isn't strictly for weight loss, but making your body look more toned and fit.

I'm just starting week 2 and I've finally down a pound (from my plateau) but I've been counting my calories like a crazy woman. XD

Maybe you should measure yourself to see of you've lost some inches. :) Also, it could be you lost weight and then gained it back in muscle.

Try not to let it get you down!

My husband and I just started Insanity today.  He only agreed to do it with me if I promised not to get mad when he lost weight instantly and I didn't.  I know this is the truth since we have been married for 10 years and all he has to do is think about a diet or exercise program and it seems like he starts losing.    It isn't just about the weight loss though - how do you feel?  how are your fit tests looking?

Original Post by jdasmith:

  My husband is doing it with me and he has lost 20 pounds and is starting to get definition throughout his body.  I started this over 6 weeks ago hoping to lose weight and look better for my upcoming beach vacation.  Any advice, encouragement, or experience with the workout???

aren't husbands the worst for this???? It's very annoying!

Ok.. i have done insanity 2 will NOT make you all that will help you lose fat and if you lose alot you will look skinny fat because you have no muscle tone but I do think it's a good program.

The first month of the Insanity workouts do not really burn that many calories so you are probably over eating.  You are probably only burning 300 maybe 400 calories for the 1st month workouts. The second month workouts are seriously brutal so you'll probably burn a few more cals. You might be over estimating how many calories you burn doing this workout. I would have thought I was burning a lot more calories until i bought a heart rate monitor.

Words of Advice

1. DON"T GIVE UP! you're not going to see results over night
2. Log your cals more faithfully and eat clean and get rid of any processed foods in your diet.
3. Did you take measurements of your body with a tape measure?? Sometimes the scale doesn't tell the whole story

Don' get discourage just because guys do lose fat easier than ladies.

Also, make sure you eat ENOUGH. You think you should eat very little, but actually you probably need to eat MORE than you think. This workout is grueling. If you don't feed your body enough, it will stall on you. Just like a vehicle, if you plan to drive it hard and fast, giving it not enough fuel won't make it go.

So, do make a food log and count your calories to make sure it is enough. I'm 5-2 small boned, petite. During Insanity program I could eat 1800ish and still toned up. I have several ladies friends who complained about the same thing. When I looked at their meal plan, I simply suggested adding 100-200 cal. Grudgingly they did it :) But then they loved it coz the pounds started dropping.

Use inches as another measurement tool of your progress. While losing fat your body also building muscles. So your weight might fluctuates during the program.

In the end, don't we all just want to look good, regardless how much we weigh? The important thing for me personally at least, is how I look, not some numbers that can't be seen. 

It may take more than 1 round of Insanity to achieve your goals but the point is don't stop, keep going, and celebrate your little little achievements along the way :)

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I just got done insanity last week. Started at 167 and today I'm 154. Only lost a few first month, a few more second month and then after lost more! It caught up to me. Hang in there. I ate 1400 to 1500 faithfully! Also used a HRM and logged every workout. My body is in amazing shape..

I have heard a lot of people say they lost the weight the 2nd month

I am in my 2nd week of insanity and i have gained a couple of pounds.  These comments make me feel a little better.  I will try to watch my calories closer and keep going until month 2 hoping for the weight loss. 

Insanity is also about pushing your ability and endurance further. At the end of it, count your achievements not simply by the scale, but also by how much longer you can dig deep, how many more moving push ups you can do, how many globe jumps you started with and how many you can do now, etc.

can't help but comment here.  Speaking as a man who has rode RAGBRAI, ran a Marathon, and today will be leaving for a week on the Appalachian trail with 40 lbs on my back I have to say I'm an exception to the thought that husbands (men) drop weight like a rock.  I wish I could.  Even when I ran the Omaha Marathon back in 2004 my weight was 235lbs.  You'd think training 4 months with the last month having runs like 8, 12, 16 miles in duration I'd have dropped weight, but no, couldn't go there!!?  

Anyway - hang in there.  I tried insanity one session.  Being a bit older now (54) I can understand why they call it insanity.  This program is targeted for the younger folks and those in super shape at older age. (my joints couldn't take it).  I've started tracking seriously now and am seeing some results.  We'll see if it continues.  Good Luck!

Clean up your nutrition...get rid of the garbage out of your diet.  Eat the right amount of food and if you do that you should see the results you want.  Insanity is brutal and a great program you should follow the diet that is in the book and that should kick start you into loosing those pounds.


Remember the body you want is only 10% genetics, 10% gym work and 80% nutrition....

Yes you said true.i'm also doimg that mistake of eating low calories.but now i eat enough and good nutritions to lose weight and i hope i do it.

I started doing insanity with my wife and we have both lost over 35 lbs. each!!! I have a more toned body and yes, it does help to shed fat but it definitely works on toning your body!!! The way that I did it was only eating around 2000 calories during the whole time. And being careful to eat more fruits an veggies. We would do subway a lot for lunches and/or dinners and I would do a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack to keep my metabolism up during the day. It is hard but keep it up!!! What kind of foods are you eating during the day? How many calories are taking in? These could be the source of your lack of weight lossā?¦
I've just ordered Insanity so am interested by what you've said. I guess just keep going with it, but track your calories as you go. Im going to be doing insanity alongside my swimming and keeping my calories under 1500, we'll see how long that lasts ;) Keep going!
I did insanity. The weight does come off but inches more! Measure your self. I felt great and the more you do it the harder you work. Good luck

Well, in my experience, nutrition is key. You can not outtrain a bad diet. So, count your calories, make sure you are in a deficit and eat clean, natural, unprocessed food 90% of the time at least.

Now, are you measuring your progress in some other way? Like with the tape? You mentioned how much weight you lost, but how about how many inches off your belly or hips have you lost? Any? That's what you should be measuring. Your body fat%, your neck circumference, arms, chest, waist, hips and thighs. That's what you should be measuring. Also, any change on how your clothes are fitting? On how you look in the mirror? Have people noticed your changes and given you compliments about it? All those should be in your mind too, not just what the scale says.

Screw the scale if you're having the results you're after. Keep going at it, you're on the right way. Just modify what needs to be modified and keep going. I wish you the best.

By the way, with insanity I did lose inches and my legs got harder then ever before. So it does work and you should keep doing it.

Don't be discouraged. Just remember that the diet is the most important thing. I am an extremely active women but I am 40 pounds overweight even though I am solid, strong and fit. Its all about diet. If you eat a lot of carbs, especially sugars and white bread, you will not lose weight no matter how active you are. Follow the Insanity Diet Plan. Stay away from the junk and try to eat more protein and veggies. Drink lots of water. Try not to eat any carbs at night or at least not 3 hours before you go to sleep. Remember carbs are your body's main energy source but if you don't burn it, it will turn to fat. You need carbs for energy so make sure its whole wheat and whole grain. Maybe a cup of brown rice, whole wheat pasta and baked sweet potatoes. Track your calories and stay focused! Good luck.

With any exercise program the first few weeks you generally do not see much change. You are learning the routine, and how to do it properly. Once you have some experience in the routine, you will notice that you are keeping up and even starting to put a little more effort into it. ( this is why many quit in the first couple of weeks as they do not think it is working ) Stick to it, the changes that are happening are those you do not see. I bet if your tracking your blood pressure, and heart rate you are seeing a great improvement, not to mention the flexibility you are feeling! Stay hydrated and be sure to get your vitamin and mineral requirements even if this means taking a supplement. If you are keeping your calorie intake down go for the " super" foods. Spinach, green beans, broccoli. These are some that are high in vitamins but low in calories. 

Your body needs vitamins and minerals but it will need some for others to be absorbed in your body. Example - if your iron is low you can take a lot of iron supplements but if you do not have enough vitamin C your body cannot absorb it. This is why a good all around vitamin is better than trying to find a single one is more important. 

Keep moving forward!

I am interested in knowing where are you ordering the insanity? It is off the TV or in a program? 


It has got to be your diet, I have beeen doing P90X for 80 days now, and I started at 305, and today I am at 299.

If you take a long look at your diet, and be totally honest with yourself, you just might realise, as I did, that you might well be, sabotaging your own efforts, with what you have been "sneaking" into your body, thinking that it can't really matter.

Like for example; freezer pops, like the ones in the plastic tube, some are like 10 calories, and others are 50. eat 4 or 7 of the 50 calories ones and you done screwed yourself pretty quick.

Here's another thing to do, get a heart rate/calorie monitor,(watch type) and track how many calories you burn from wake-up to falling asleep, or just wear it for 24 hours. then count ALL of your calories eaten. Also , if you stay at home everyday, instead of working 8 hours a day, that is less calories burned. There is a lot that goes into it. Do as I did, be honest with what you are putting into your body, the amounts and when you are eating. If you get hungry at night, after supper eat watermellon without salt.


I've tried the insanity & it works wonders. If you are at the right weight then you won't see the numbers falling. But you will definitely see the body changing. I dropped a dress size in a month. But weight was the same. What insanity does is it converts the fat into muscle giving your body a lean look but not shedding off the weights. 165 pounds is perfect i guess.

To drop the weight focus more on your diet.



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