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Any advise on specific muscles to work to get a bigger and wider butt? Or even some exercises. Hip abduction? Specifically weightlifting.

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Leg Press is supposed to help with the Glutes, I believe. But I may be wrong. I'm, sadly, a novice to weight lifting myself.
I was wondering more specifically about muscles within the glutes or that general region.
Gluteus Maximus. It IS the muscle under your butt. :) That's what I was referring to :)

I second the one-legged bulgarians.  My trainer swears by them and he's got an amazing butt. 

Box squats are also a great exercise: /ls9.htm

Step-ups onto a bench while holding weights or plates are also great.  Make sure you keep your foot flat and push up through your heel to isolate the glute.

I wish I could give you some of mine.  I'm a guy, but put weight on my ass and thighs just as much as on my gut and love handles.

It's a lot smaller than it was, but it's one of the last places fat is clinging to.  

Maybe I can get lipo and airmail it to you - lol


Good luck though.  My dad's one of those "no-ass-at-all" types with chicken legs.  I guess we've all got our cross to bear... 

this is my favorite butt/glute article.  good luck!

You could try Potter's routine from his journal: er/168715.html#comments

Hip dominant exercises (deadlifts, strait leg deadlifts, good mornings, etc) are a good way to go.

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