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What can I do for my hurting knees?

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I am a regular exerciser and about 4-5 times a week. My workout consists of elliptical most days and about two days of treadmill for 35 minutes with about 20-25 minutes of that being running. Over the last few months my knees have been hurting sometimes while but mostly after I run and I even notice it sometimes on days I haven't ran at all. Can you guys give me any suggestions on what I can do to make my knees stop hurting or even what other exercises would not agitate my knees?  I don't want to give up the treadmill because I feel it's effective and I'm one of those people that thinks if you don't sweat you didn't work out!  Suggestions Please!

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If my knees hurt, I know it is time to buy new shoes and inserts! How long have you been wearing yours? I don't know about working out indoors and the recommended time for "retiring" shoes, but it's worth thinking about.

You can ice your knees and/or take ibuprophen 1 hour before and after another 6 hours for the pain. You should probably have a professional watch you and analyze your gait to see if you have a gait problem, too.

Good luck.


As women, we are much more susceptible to knee issues than our male friends.  Chalk it up to the way mother nature made us.  I have terrible knees (osteoarthritis in both of them - hereditary, but certainly not helped by years of running on pavement in my 20's and 30's).  I know this advice is not what you are going to want to hear, but here goes:  You may be doing more damage to your knees by continuing to run.  A treadmill is much better than pavement, as far as impact to the knee joint, but running is still a high impact activity.  If you want to continue to run, consider doing two things:  (1) consulting with a sports medicine orthopedist to determine the cause of the pain.  If it is nothing serious, it may be related to your gait or running form, which can be helped by suggestion No. 2; (2) consult with a running coach to have your form and gait analyzed.  You will be able to prevent a world of hurt by using proper form and an efficient gait.  This is not something we can usually do on our own -- you need someone with a strong running background to help you with this.  It doesn't need to cost a fortune -- they can usually be found at a local running store -- even a high school track coach with enough running background can help you with this; (3) after consulting with the doctor, ask him or her if they think you can be helped by a good physical therapy program -- this may be all you need.

I no longer run at all since I have no cartiledge left in my right knee and a bare bone minimum in my left.  What has helped me more than anything else has been strength training -- by strengthening the supporting muscles, your joints have more support and don't have to bear the burden all by themselves.  If you are not already doing strength training, you'll be glad if you start.  If you are, try stepping it up a bit on the weights.  For cardio, I mostly bike, but I have cut substantially back on the amount of cardio I do -- weight training and yoga have worked much better for me in terms of overall fitness, pain control and weight management. 

You may want to add a yoga program to your routine also.  I teach yoga, having become a teacher after coming to yoga practice years ago to help with other sports injuries.  It's wonderful.

Good luck!

Thank you guys for the responses.  I have been wearing the same running shoes for over 3 years now.  I definately think I need new ones and if my knees are still hurting after that I know I need to see a doctor.  Thanks again for the advice, it really helped!!

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