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Hurt knee- can't work out- irritated!

Quote  |  Reply I'm just finally getting back in a really good routine of going to the gym, and my stupid knee that I hurt like, 10 years ago, decides to crap out on me. I couldn't get an appt with my orthopedist until next week, and I'm stuck not being able to workout til then. Cardio, at least. Even just walking is putting too much strain on it. I know that I can do upper body and abs and stuff, but I honestly don't feel like I'm getting a good workout unless I do my 30-45 mins of cardio first. 

Anyone have any good ideas of exercises I can do that won't put any pressure on my knee?

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Honestly, next week is not that too far off. I'd wait for the app with the dr. I'd rather go a few weeks not being able to exercise than mess up the injured area of my body and be out for months and/or need surgery!

If you dr ok's it...elliptical, recumb. bike...all means of good cardio wtih little impact on knee. Even the stair climber might be ok...depends on the extent of your injury. In the meanwhile, continue with stretching exercises, upper body [heck,  a lot of men only concentrate on upper body and they still feel they get a great workout ;) ] If you have access to pool, swimming and water aerobics are also easy on the knee and a good source of cardio.

Hope you feel better soon!

 Cardinal rule number 1 is never train through pain, and don't aggravate injuries.

If you feel like you're going insane without a workout an arm bike might be an alternative, but seriously, without a diagnosis and an evaluation by a competent physical therapist you're probably better off with the first suggestion on both lists which is taking some time off and letting your body heal.

you can still work your upper body so its not a huge just have to work on your upper body more til you are fully healed.

Try swimming!  I have a torn MCL that flares up after a few weeks of regular exercise so I swim until it clams down. My mom had knee surgery not too long ago and she was advised to swim for exercise.

If you're doing your freestyle stroke correctly you are kicking from your butt not bending your knee.  Cardio and resistance training in one!

Feel better soon, hope it's nothing too major.

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