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hundred push- up challenge

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So I found the following website and thought it would be a fun challenge. I sent out a mass email at work and there are about ten of us who are gonna give it a shot. It looks like a pretty neat program and I'm interested to know if it actually works. If it does, you better believe I'm buying the t-shirt.

Also, anyone here heard of this or actually done it?

Anyway, let me know if anyone wants in and we can keep an updated post on here with progress. I need a challenge.... any takers?


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Hey Regs,

I was doing this challenge with two of my CC buddies, but it seems they dropped out on me......and then i dropped off myself after two weeksEmbarassed!!  I actually had planned to start again today.....i can always use a new buddy....i always love a challenge.

It was fun and really doesn't take anymore than a few minutes, you can just add it to your workout routine.  I had started to notice a difference, it really does get easier the farther you get into it.


I'd post it in the Games and Challengers forum too maybe you'll get more takers.

I had pushups as part of my gym routine and always don't do them because I am so weak at it.  Which is a great reason to make myself do a challenge! I am in. I will start this week anyway.  The hardest is how to tell if you are doing a "good form" pushup.  I am pretty sure I am in the 0-5 range because I can only do about one or two "good" ones until my butt starts getting way too involved in the process. Hee!

I didn't have time to read the whole thing over because my boss kept walking by....but I think I'll do it!  I've been trying to work on push-ups so this would be a good challenge!

I just checked out the link and this looks awesome... Count me in!

I'm in too.   I have to do the "test" to see where I am and I will probably end up doing the pushups on my knees, but I am in.  Are we going to have a certain starting date?


EDIT; Starting today too!  Not leaving me in the dust!

I'd be interested in signing up for this challenge.  Can I recommend posting it in the "Games and Challenges" section so people can sign up right away, with a start date of next Monday?  That would give folks a chance to do the initial test and have a couple days to rest prior to starting the actual challenge.  (Maybe ask people to put in the results of their initial test by Sunday?)

Just my $0.02.

This is cool!I'm definitely in!I did the test and I'm in the 1 category :(

wow, count me in!  I love to hate pushups.

ha. sure. I wish I would have put this up earlier because I got some people in my office in on it last week and we decided to start today. No big deal though. If you guys want to start next monday, I'm fine with being a week ahead. Maybe then I could even give some tips or whatever to those following behind. I think this would be fun and I encourage you guys to get your own groups of friends to do it.

The way we are doing it is keep each other updated and when it's done, we'll all get together and show off our sick nasty bicep/arm strength and then eat lunch together. I was actually surprised at how many people wanted to participate...

count me in.. I'll start Today with whomever.. I used to do push-ups a lot.. slacked off on a lot of things too :)

I started the couch to 5k today as well..

I'm good with starting today too. How are we going to keep eachother to task? How are we posting?

I do this three times a week, and have for 18+ years. I do either 100 or three sets of 50 depending on my mood. I hate push-ups more than any other exercise I do, but I do them (traditional style). Laughing They're the only thing that enabled me to finally fully recover from tearing the ligaments of my chest. I highly recommend them as an exercise. I really get a rush out of being able to do them, and they do give you results.

Hmmm.... Maybe I'll do this challenge, too. I have always wanted to work on one-armed push-ups. I need a new way to push my body.

YES..I am in.  I have been working on push-ups for along time...I quite then start up again so this challenge is what I need to keep going.

Do we just continue with this thread to post our achievments or just sign-up on the main website?

Edit:  I started today!

i'll try it!  i just did day 1, and it was hard, but strangely, i felt stronger at each level ;)  it hurts my shoulders, though :/

a tip: if you go to the "print complete program" option and cut and paste it into word, you can get it down to two pages (i did three columns in landscape format, then fitted each week into one column).

I am starting today as i previously stated.....the sooner you start the stronger you will be!  Why put off to tomorrow what you can do todayUndecided??

It really only takes a few minutes a day, three days a week.  You make it fit your schedule....this is your life, live it for yourself todaySmile!

I figured every friday/monday, or just whenever you feel like it, just post results in the challenges board.

I'm in, started today.

Oooh... I know: We can post our current level and then our weekly max (how many we can do in the last level of the third day or in the biweekly tests) like this:

starting level/max:

current week:

current level/max:

What do others think?

I want to do this too!

I couldn't even do a real pushup until last year... only girl pushups...  Until my Jazz teacher told me "we don't do girl pushups" ... fantastic dance instructor :) I had to learn how to do real pushups and fast

I do have a question on the initial test though...

is it consecutive pushups?  Or as many pushups as I can do taking breaks?  

Consecutively I did 20

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