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HRM vs Elliptical machine calories burned

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the CC site and have a question. I have a MIO HRM watch. I entered my weight, gender, age and resting hr. I workout at a fairly vigorus pace on the elliptical maching, doing a interval program for 30 mins. THe machine says I burn about 300 cals while my HRM- which has a program to time your workout, HR and calories burned- says more like 700-800 cals...which one do I trust? CC says 465.  Confused!

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Trust your heartrate monitor - though normally elliptical machines read high not low, so I would double check that you have the HRM programmed correctly (with your height, weight, gender, etc. - accidentally telling it you're male if you're actually female would likely make it read high, for example).

 Isn't the Mio one of those where you have to periodically stop and place your fingers on the contact pads to get a reading of your pulse? Those are notoriously inaccurate to the point where they're worse than a guess. And what Susie said ;)

Yes that is the one...The HR is usually right on with whatever machine I am using, yes you do have to at least slow down a bit to get the HR but not much. I read a lot of reviews on the MIO before I paid money for it and most said it was truly accurate..what is the opinion of the people here? I do have it programmed correctly.

Firstly, it really depends on your weight.  My husband burns about a hundred calories more then me when we do the same workout simply because he weighs about 50 pounds more. 

Having said that I doubt you burned 700-800 calories in 30 minutes.  The HRM might have assumed you were running or just might be very off.  Is it a good model?  It's nice to think that you might have burned that many calories in so little time but the problem is you might feel like you can eat more then you actually can which might result in you gaining weight. 

I did figure out what was up with the MIO. I somehow had changed it from pounds to kilograms on my weight. So instead of seeing me as a 170 pounds it was seeing me as about 380.....or 170 KG...that will make a huge difference. It is now with about 25 cals of the machines at the gym. I know I had set it correctly when I first got it but remember it getting cleared and having to reenter my info. My eyes are not as good as they used to beEmbarassed!


And I was eating more due to this so I had not been losing..


Thanks for the help.

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